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shadowhunters characters names in italian
  • alexander gideon lightwood: alessandro gedeone lucebosco
  • jonathan christopher herondale: giovanni cristofolo aironevallata
  • clarissa adele fairchild morgenstern: clarissa adele bimbinagiusta stelladelmattino
  • lucian graymark: luciano marchiogrigio
  • isabelle sophia lightwood: isabelle sofia lucebosco
  • magnus bane: ilgrande tormento
  • sebastian morgenstern: sebastiano stelladelmattino
  • simon lewis: simone luigi
  • lydia branwell: lidia cruscabene
  • valentine morgenstern: valentino stelladelmattino
  • hodge starkwheater: contadino meteorigido
  • maia roberts: maia roberti
  • jocelyn fairchild: gioselina bimbinagiusta
  • victor aldentree: vittorio ontano
  • raphael santiago: raffaele santiago
  • camille belcourt: camilla bellacorte
  • aline penhallow: alina pennaconsacrare

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10 combined with 14 +jimon please?

send me a ship + number and i’ll write you a fic!

(sequel to this because it was too much to resist)

After the disaster that was falling into Jace Lightwood’s arms, Simon had been blessed with the summer break, which meant he absolutely did not need to confront the blonde god ever again.

Or something like that.

In reality, Simon managed to forget all about the most mortifying incident in his life until his return to school. He was a senior now, one step closer to freedom. Not that Simon had any idea what he wanted to do with that freedom, but it had to be better than dealing with the monotonous, clique ridden hell hole that was Idris High.

At least, he forgot until he walked into his new science lab for the year, where Jace Lightwood was relaxing at the back of the group, gossiping with his little clique.His brother Alec went everywhere with him, like some sort of tree like shadow. Then there Raj from the football team, and Lydia, who captained the girl’s lacrosse team. There were others on the fringes, of course. Aline Penhallow, Helen Blackthorn… the cool kids, as it were.

Jace looked up when Simon walked in, and met his eyes. There was some sort of joke, because everyone was laughing. Simon flushed, mortified. Jace had probably forgotten all about it by now. Right? Right?

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Okay headcanon where Alec and Magnus have to go visit two of Magnus’s really old time friends who happen to be lesbian warlocks they’re all talking and Alec asks what all the flags on the wall mean when in reality their Lgbtq+ pride flags. Alec growing up in the Institute having no idea those existed. After one of the warlocks finishes explaining. He nods softly and goes “I should get one.” and the girl warlock looks at him and goes “which one?” and he kinda blushes and goes “the gay one.” and she gets up walks over to the wall unpins the flag folds it and hands it to Alec and later on the EP we see it hanging on his wall.

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Don't you love that Jace is canon bi and in love with simon? Wow

listen, I love my bi son jace so much he’s so soft and deserves so much happiness and I also love his pansexual boyfriend simon like they really are in love with each other, it’s so beautiful

Alberto isn't homophobic

Okay, guys something is bothering me.

Alberto liked a comment on Instagram that said, in short “Saphael isn’t going to happen, Raph and Si are both straight and that Sizzy is endgame.”

Now, let me share MY OPINION on this matter, because some people don’t know how to handle this and send hate to Alberto.

In my eyes, this is not a homophobic reaction and it doesn’t make Alberto homophobic. He never said he HATED Saphael and neither did the person who wrote the comment, he just stated a fact (That Sizzy is endgame and that, no matter how much I want it too, Saphael is not becoming canon). Alberto is simply agreeing with what the person said regarding Sizzy being canon, relax. Please.

Now I know some of you are confused, and maybe hurt, because obe of the executice producers, I think it was McG himself? Or he was tagged into it? I don’t quite remember, said at the beginning of 2A, “All the Saphael, Sizzy, Climon… Let the pansexuality begin” (or something along those lines, I don’t quite remember)

I am just as confused about that as you are, and I’m deciding to not touch this subject because I don’t want to hurt anyone. I’m pan myself but since I find this situation quite confusing regarding Simon’s sexuality, I don’t dare to make any assumptions on it. (Because canonically, and again, no matter how much I want him to, in the show he didn’t come out as Pansexual, so therefore it isn’t 100% canon showverse wise…)

I said this before but let me say it again, Alberto does not hate Saphael. He just might not see it going in a romantic relationship as we see it and that is HIS view on it. It’s his opinion, and he’s allowed to have that, just as much as we are allowed to have ours. It does not make him homophobic, from what I’ve seen of Alberto he is the most sweetest, open and supportive guy I know. I can say that for 100% he does not have anything against the LGBTQ community.

I am also not telling you you’re not allowed to ship Saphael, god that’d be hypocrite of me to say, all I’m asking is.. try to understand where Alberto is coming from, from a professional kind of view. I know the writers tease us with Saphael and that alot of you hoped it would be canon, hell I hoped so too, but apparently it’s still a senstivie subject to you guys to joke about and it makes a lot of you feel hurt and offended. And that’s okay.

I tried to be as friendly as possible (unlike some of my other rants, yikes. Even I’m embarrassed by those) and I sincerely hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, that is not my intention.

Please don’t send hurtful and hatefilled comments to Alberto. Saphael might not be canon ROMANTICALLY, but we can hope for a trusting, tight friendship, one where they can count on one other and work together as a team.

And remember, you are unique, you are beautiful and you should be proud to be yourself. You are who you are, don’t ever change for anyone.

All the love x.