simon and lewis


#let us just appreciate #that all the shadowhunters and magnus are all ready to fight #all looking like fabulous warriors #and then theres simon #even though hes a big bad vampire #with fangs #he still recoils in fear #even though hes just as dangerous as iris #hes still a tiny terrified muffin #poor simon is so damn scared #maybe he should get raphael to comfort him


Get to Know Alberto Rosende in 60 Seconds!

I don’t understand the people saying the climon sneak peek was more intimate than the Malec scene. That. Was. Not. An. Intimate. Scene. That was a comedic scene. Simon and Clary literally pop their heads out of a canoe, Clary is fully clothed, they don’t kiss and the only reason Simon is shirtless is so Jace can throw a shirt at him for cheap laughs. They barely even speak to each other. I know the Malec scene wasn’t perfect, but it was emotionally intimate. An episode can only be so long and obviously the writers have to make sure the romantic subplots fit logically into the main arc. I’m sure that we’ll get a shirtless Malec scene perhaps when you know the protagonist isn’t on the brink of being murdered. I would love it if the show was about Malec, but it isn’t, wanna blame someone for that blame CC and stop acting like the writers are the devil. And please stop throwing the word homophobic around  What the show has done with Malec is nothing short of fucking incredible so give them a break, politely tell them what you as a fan would appreciate and put your toys back in the pram.


Shadowhunters 2x09 “Bound by Blood” Sneak Peek - Jace confronts Clary and Simon in the boat house.

Oh my god people SERIOUSLY. Stop with all this hate. If you ruin it for the rest of us and the show gets cancelled I will burn down your houses. I understand everyones opinions and everyone has a right to express them, but not like this. Like common guys. The shadowhunters fandom is better than this.


Shadowhunters 2x09 “Bound by Blood” Sneak Peek #2 - Valentine threatens Dot.

This is city of Ashes. But they are allowed to do more things since the characters are older. I ship Sizzy and Clace as endgame but Climon is here, for now. At least until 2b when we get the Seelie kiss!!!! ❤️❤️ and Simon (and Clary) realise they AREN’T meant to be more than friends. For now, like Kat and Alberto, I’m just enjoying the ride. People are upset I get it. You don’t think I’m upset? We barely get Sizzy and I’m not raging on the characters, writers, and producers. I’m letting it happen because it’s suppose to happen.