xocodeinecup asked:

5, 23, 25, 26, 27, 77, 79

5. Did something stupid in front of someone you liked?
I spoke and random stuff just came out.

23. Smoked a cigar?
I’ve smoked cigars about four times. But I couldn’t finish the entire ones so I handed them over to my cousins.

25. Ever had a crush on one of your tumblr followers?
Yes. Many times.

26. Eaten sushi?
Is this a trick question? I fucking love sushi.

27. Met someone because of tumblr?
I’ve met a bunch of people because of tumblr, but none of them in real life ;A; If you meant as in boyfriend/girlfriend… no.

77. Thrown your phone?
It’s a big part of my daily routine. Loljks. But yeah I have.

79. Rode a horse?
No. I want to though.  

le me..иначе казано - моя милост.

Снимката ми не е с перфектното качество, нито пък със супер яката обработка. Не съм от тези супер красиви тъмблър момичета с перфектно тяло и стил на обличане. Аз съм си аз. Get over it.

Haters gonna hate.