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One Over - Part 2

Thanks for the extraordinary response to this very short, angry peice one-over-part-1.  I was very surprised with the interest.

It’s another short one so I thought it would be silly to tag the whole list so I’ve tagged the people that showed a particular interest; @lilaviolet @nenita1978 @lovinglifeandlivinglove @milllott @justagirlnamedkayla @tinakegg @kneekeyta @parisgirly93 & @ililypop let me know if you want off of this crazy ride?

This might be a little distressing.  It mentions previous self harm and it’s pretty angsty.  

I apologise for the typo’s - I decided not to burden the lovely @nemo-miracle-grow with these as she has limited internet at the mo’.

One Over - Part 2

Rae was so angry she stomped right out of the college and all the way home. She replayed her previous encounter with the bully squad over and over in her mind as she lay on her bed with her head buried into her pillow.

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I was tagged by @roamingpixels@mixedharmonysimz and @galxysims(THANK YOU) to do this dating oc thingy :3 

Dating Cardinal would include - 

- being woken up at sunrise with tons of kisses
- and sex
- breakfast in bed
- indulging in sweets and unhealthy foods together 
- cuddles, hugs, just constant affection 
- blowjobs after a long day
- sex, literally anywhere, anytime, all the time
- being spammed with pictures of kittens
- good advice
- wearing any outfit you ask her too
- lots of kinky shit you probably aren't ready for
- dirty jokes
- deep meaningful conversations
- back rubs
- beating you in video games
- letting you win in video games
- playful arguments
- inside jokes
- fighting people 3 times bigger than her to protect you
- tea parties
- boobie pics
- weekly visits to petting zoo’s
- dealing with her insecurities
- pouting
- her getting jealous af
- constant attention 

BONUS: baby bird

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