The Voice Coincidence

For the battle rounds, Adam Levigne brought in Cee Lo Green to help out his team. Cee Lo was Juliet’s coach when she was on The Voice.

One of the contestants on Adam’s team looks a lot like Ben Affleck. And who did Ben Affleck act as? Batman. Andy’s favorite superhero.

And the title of the song they sang? Amy. Also the name of Andy’s mother.

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quite the opposite, really


Behind the scenes of The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords
(Part Eight)

Excerpt from Doctor Who Magazine #385 - article by Benjamin Cook:

[filming in a very cold slate quarry]
The Master, John Simm, is coping more admirably with the sub-zero (well, almost sub-zero) conditions.  He’s standing atop a mound of what’s almost certainly slate, striking poses for on-set visual effects supervisor Barney Curnow, who’s recording them for posterity’s sake on a digital camera.  “Comedy pose?” offers John.

“Best not,” chips in David Tennant, “It’s gonna be made eventually.”

Indeed, these snapshots are so that Barney and his colleagues at The Mill can create a CGI statue of the Master. Possibly doing a Basil Fawlty Nazi salute, at this rate. Or a classic Bruce Forsythe pose. “Or how about just a fig leaf?” offers John.

Barney opens his mouth as if to say, “Enough with the comedy poses already,” but snaps it shut again as John straightens up and postures, as the Master might, with arms folded and a steely glare. “Now, that’s more like it,” grins the man from The Mill.

Thank you to everyone who shared set photos!

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