And then me and Fish went to Simmo’s and Jess came a bit later and I got rather fucked and I remember spinning in circles 10 times, being scared of an ironing board, sitting on the bathroom floor for a while, “legit” eating 4 slices of pizza, being amazed by one of those electricity ball things and pretending to be a car with Luke. And almost falling asleep giving Dan cuddles. Fish died. I hope he is okay. Then I stayed at Jess’s. I had a good day/night

I’m so excited about my new job! I fit in there so well too! You literally have to be a geek/gamer/movie buff to be given a job there, it’s even says so on their website. I’m glad that I was deemed worthy! Their faces when I listed my gaming history and all of my other likes, I don’t think they expected it :’) Being so hardcore about my passions has finally paid off. I passed all of the roleplay tests which I’m surprised about. I’m so glad to have money coming in again, I can finally go on nights out and mini breaks (Simmo and Rachie, girly holiday!) again. I’m very nervous as I haven’t worked since last May, so I hope I settle in really quickly. Definitely my kind of people, all so bloody cool. My discount is definitely going to get abused, I’ve already picked out a few things I’m going to buy! Woot woot. In a few days I’ve been scouted to be a model and got a new job, karma is being beautiful to me! There’s the downside of the whole being disowned by my parents thing and putting on more weight, but heyho. I wish I could afford some sparkly to celebrate!

How does Rabe do those expressions? HAUNTED eyes…

Simmo´s not there, Joan!

Soothingly tucks those stray hairs behind her ears….

Ma chi te cride d'essere…nu ddio? Ccà dinto,‘o vvuo capi,ca simmo eguale?… …Muorto si'tu e muorto so’ pur'io; ognuno comme a 'na'ato é tale e quale".

'A livella