simmons wedding

“Don’t you think Happily Ever After is a cliche theme for a wedding?”

“We’re best friends that fell in love, our whole love story is cliche, Jemma”

“Ugh, Fitz”

Annnnddddd the final installment of the Elementary School Teachers AU! Once again. ruthedotcom does not know the context of what she is drawing. Sorry not sorry Ruth ♥

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Six months. Six months of stolen kisses in the break room, the occasional double date with their respective best friends, and countless inquiries from small children (the best of which, Jemma was fairly positive, was when one of the five year-old’s asked if Mr. Fitz kept his face ‘prickly’ because that’s what happens to boys when they have a girlfriend. Fitz took this as a sign he should shave. Jemma told him not to). A summer of working together on articles about classroom learning techniques and marathoning Doctor Who. Getting Jemma’s science classroom ready and preparing for new students. And, of course, co-babysitting, from time to time. 

Yes, Jemma had never been happier, she thought, daydreaming while she cleaned up after a thrilling (and messy) class that involved both first graders and earthworms. 

Which was when Skye barreled into the room. “I’ve decided to marry Trip,” she announced. 

“Antoine Triplett? I thought you were getting married to Grant Ward?” Jemma asked. 

Skye shook her head. “It turns out he has cooties. But Trip loves me. And he gave me pink flowers.”

Jemma looked over from her desk. The little girl was simply nodding, as though what she said was a big deal. 

“Pink flowers means you are engaged.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize,” Jemma said, trying to keep her tone serious. “It must be an American custom.”

Skye nodded. “They were for pretend. Cause only grownups give each other real flowers and get married for serious,” she paused. “What was it like when you got married to Mr. Fitz?”

Jemma practically choked. “We arent. Skye, sweetheart, we’ve only been dating for six months. We aren’t married. Not even engaged.” 

Skye thought about this for a moment. “You mean, Mr. Fitz hasn’t given you pink flowers yet?”

“Definitely not.” 

Skye’s little brow furrowed, as though she was thinking this over, before heading straight out of the room. And walking to Fitz’ class. 

“Mr. Fitz,” she started. “I need to teach you about flowers.”

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But like, Grif admits to Tucker back in Blood Gulch that he and Simmons are fuckbuddies but he has romantic feelings for him but isn’t sure they’d be reciprocated so he doesn’t want to say anything but at the same time he super likes Simmons, okay, he wants to get gay married and have gay space babies with the dude, okay

And Tucker is like dude you guys are my otp ngl and they start talking and three hours later Grif and Tucker have planned out Grif and Simmons’ wedding together. Tucker has declared himself best man because obviously he’s the best man for the job

I’ll Be There For You

Part 1 of the Agents of Shield Friends AU, cowritten with the ever so lovely fitzsimmmonsy :)

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The One With the Rehearsal Dinner

“I was laughing,” Simmons comforted, a hand quickly brushed against Fitz’ knee. His best man speech had not exactly gone over well (she was fairly positive everyone else simply misunderstood the joke about the interrupting coefficient of friction… though the one about the group of monkeys was a bit too farfetched for her tastes).

“Out loud?” Fitz grumbled.


He sighed, looking over at his best friend. “So, how are you doing?”

She shrugged. “My mum’s driving me crazy. You’d think that two PhDs would qualify as a life well spent… but apparently my scientific endeavors have hindered her chances of more grandchildren…” she rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. “But Lance is getting married and I’m happy. I’m not going to let anything spoil that.”

Which was just about when a rather drunk party guest walked over… and spoiled it all.

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