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Russell Simmons wants to fight Islamophobia with his “Today, I Am A Muslim Too” rally

  • Russell Simmons left his mark on the hip-hop world when he co-founded Def Jam Records, but now the influencer and entrepreneur is leaving behind a legacy as a powerful organizer and activist.
  • On Sunday, Simmons will be on-the-ground in Times Square in New York City between noon and 4 p.m. for the “Today, I Am A Muslim Too” rally to protest President Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim policies
  • The rally is in partnership with Jamaica Muslim Center’s Imam Shamsi Ali, America Rabbi Marc Schneider and on behalf of the nonprofit organization Foundation for Ethnic Understanding
  • New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Muslim activist Linda Sarsour are expected to attend. Read more. (2/18/17, 8:13 AM).

Anonymous asked: did you record the video of elizabeth talking about the fitzsimmons kiss? if so can you post it please?

Elizabeth Henstridge and Chloe Bennet - Wizard World Cleveland 2016

I apologize for the horrible video and audio quality (the sound was not that great to begin with), but take from it what you will! It’s only a couple minutes and there’s bonus commentary from Chloe about the rules for kissing on television. :)

The KISS Sign through the years (Circa 75’, 78’, 84’ and 86’).
I love seeing the classic logo used during the ANIMALIZE Tour.
There’s a certain magic to seeing such an iconic piece used in production for the last time.
Such cool history…