come on, come on, collide…
I bet it’s just like heaven


inspired by: Cassiopeia - Sara Bareilles
space photo credits: x x

for the AOS Advent prompt “stars”


Cassiopeia - or, one of many stories I want to write but probably never will

Ancient myths have been long forgotten, save by those who study them…or who study their marks in the sky, the constellations. One such is Dr. Jemma Simmons, acclaimed astrophysicist and astrobiologist.

One day, Doctor Simmons reads an anomalous stellar flaring occurrence and atmospheric activity, but when she goes to see it on site, she finds a woman. A woman with a mysterious past and no clear idea of where she’s from…or so it seems, as her attempted explanations are written off as mad ramblings.

Curious, affectionate, and increasingly protective of the woman they have dubbed “Skye,” Doctor Simmons provides for her, and relentlessly searches for more effective communication. Meanwhile, “Skye” is just as determined to communicate in return, to learn about this planet that was once her home, and the woman who she believes may have somehow called her back.

  • AOS writers: What a nice OTP you have there
  • Fandom: oh god
  • AOS writers: It'd be a shame if
  • Fandom: stOP
  • AOS writers: One of them had a serious mental disability and the other left because she couldn't stand to see him that way so he was forced to hallucinate her because she was all that kept him sane
  • Fandom:
  • AOS writers:
  • Fandom:
  • AOS writers: And this is only episode one

Wait wait wait


Lopez is very clearly not just a robot, dude’s got emotions. Even if they are predominately exasperation mixed with anger and the general disillusionment of life. So I’m pretty sure he’s an AI.

So Sarge created an AI from, essentially, scratch. Then Sarge does it again, with Lopez Dos-Point-0, only that one went insane with rage and tried to kill them all. This alone points out that Lopez Dos-Point-0 was also an AI, just one more prone to losing his shit as opposed to Lopez the Heavy. 

So Sarge created not one, but two AIs. From scratch. Where the Director could not.

Not only that, but let us not forget the fact that Grif was mortally wounded and Sarge was able to pull a Frankenstein and then make Simmons a cyborg out of spare parts. Therefore, he has more medical expertise than Doc. Except he doesn’t, because he had to use a chart for the names of the parts of a cow.

And it is possible to be a genius in a league nobody’s ever heard of, but not know it due to inadequate education. 

So this all brings me to the point that I’m fairly certain Sarge is an unregistered supergenius or some shit who refuses to acknowledge it because fuck it he ain’t some fuckin’ nerd.

So the Red Team is a group of incredibly talented underachievers. Except Grif



 DA/ Patreon

I couldn’t thank enough Rooster Teeth for inspiration, my redesigns of Grif and Simmons from Red vs Blue amazed many people at my varnissage!
I got to have an awesome interview with an incredible studio and oh la la though, I had to explain what was Red Vs Blue and show picture of the show…
Or more like Halo the game?

It was confusing and I’m still unsure what were their opinion on that,
but at least it was their favorite piece of my portfolio!

What made me laugh the most was that one of them said, pointing at Simmons, “we can already see that between the two, he’s the smartest one” and they had no idea what RVB was OH MY WOWZAH

And as you may have guessed, the drawings where they cuddle weren’t in though HAHAHA!!! Also, I looooove the idea of Hawaiian Grif plus with tattoos!
I didn’t know that he was Hawaiian or that he comes from Hawaii >< Anyway sorry for writing so much on that post, I don,t usually do that, BUT I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED!

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That’s the kind of person that’s worth sticking with.
—  J.K. Simmons in Juno