Coulson: “So what happened when I was gone?”

Mack: “Fitz turned into The Doctor and programmed a robot to shoot me in the thigh and hold Jemma and Deke at gunpoint.”

Daisy: “I got my powers back against my will when Fitz forcefully operated on me without anesthesia and my consent which I’m still in physical and emotional pain from and trying to process.”

May: “My daughter who can see the future is here. Also, I love you.”

Deke: “FitzSimmons are my grandparents! And Jemma might be pregnant with my mom right now.”

Mack: “Jemma almost drank phosphoric acid to prove that she’s invincible. Elena thinks she can’t die because she saw her future self. They locked me in Fitz’s cell and flew out of the country.”

Piper: “I’ve been reading Wikihow articles for my medical training.”