simmering rage

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*Antonyms of Slytherin*

Excuse me?
I’m about to disprove every single one of these so make a cup of tea and get ready.

1) Friendly 

You can’t just dismiss ¼ of wizards and witched as ‘unfriendly’ simply because of a stereotype. Since when did being ambitious and being friendly become mutually exclusive? Yes, there are some Slytherins who are particular assholes, but what about other houses? You’re saying that in Gryffindor, a house that values bravery and all around cockiness people were always friendly? As well as that, the house that is known for valuing kindness is Hufflepuff. Are you saying that Hufflepuff and Slytherin are opposites? Yes, the people who make up those houses have very different personalities, but as always, there is some overlay, or Slytherpuffs would not exist. For example, Narcissa Black was almost sorted into Hufflepuff because of her fierce loyalty towards her family. Kindness is a basic human emotion, missing only in the mind of psychopaths, which is not the word I would use to describe Regulus, Slughorn, and the great Merlin himself.


So practically ¾ of Hogwarts hates Slytherin and believes them to be heartless monsters, but it surprises you that they don’t seem open? Okay, Slytherins tend to hide their emotions from most people, but within a Slytherin’s small group of friends they will not hesitate to tell them everything, because unlike some other houses, a secret stays a secret. This is one of the words I could potentially agree with as I have found myself closing off from other people when I do not want to burden them, but my best friend knows everything about me as we keep no secrets from each other, something former members from the Gryffindor house (dumbledore) could not say, having kept a certain boy-who-lived’s inescapable early death from him for more than 7 years.

3) Optimistic

Yeah, okay I can see where the author of this is coming from with this one


Okay we need to stop using common traits of Hufflepuff as antonyms for Slytherin! If there is one thing Slytherins are not accepting of then it’s bigoted behavior because “everyone else may think we’re evil but we will not sink to meet their expectations.”

5) Warm

Just because Slytherins will not pour their heart out to anyone who knows them doesn’t mean they are soulless. Slytherins may act distant from the other houses, but why would they have any reason to share their feelings with anyone who thinks that they are evil? We always know what to say to our closest friends, and have such big hearts for those willing to put in effort to try and find out.

6) Mellow

Okay so Slytherins may not be the most mellow, but like hell any non-slytherins would know, because if anything, we are good appearing calm and collected, but simmering with rage and hatred beneath the surface. Also, just because we fight fight for what we want instead of just waiting for the opportunity to fall into our lap doesn’t mean we’re hotheads.

7) Reserved

Slytherin’s may voice their opinion when they think something is wrong, because someone needs to speak out, however only if we think it will give any impact, or benefit. If someone acting really homophobic, of course we will tell them to sit the fuck down and rethink their priorities, but if you do so every day, it will lose its effect. We pick and choose our battles.

8) Laid-back

Laid-back is definitely something that comes with age. If you look at the first year Slytherins, then yes, you could say that they are not at all laid back, stressing until 2am about a homework due the next day. However as they get older, the fucks being given get less and less, until eventually they have perfected the art of needing a constant base layer of stress to function, and can therefore relax and not think about their fast-approaching essay due date until the night before, whereas a hufflepuff is running up and down the library halls with stress. You see, every house procrastinates, but it takes talent to be able to relax while putting off work.

9) Kind

This is the last one, and I believe the worst. Yes, may protect their emotions, but that doesn’t mean we are not kind. it is about time that people stop predicting our entire personality on Severus Snape, a guy most Slytherins didn’t even like, just pretended to because duh, extra credit. Please stop dismissing us as unkind, just because we have a slightly cruel (but admittedly hilarious) sense of humor, or occasionally enjoy intimidating people. Everyone knows this can be fun, we’re just the only house to admit it. These small things aside, just because we are not kind to you, does not mean we are without kindness, it just means we didn’t think you were worth being kind too, especially if you come up with this sort of bullshit list and all of your prejudices.

That was all my fellow slytherins x

he likes to read

(this wants with all its heart to be a multichapter fic but i need instant gratification sooo)

He likes to read.

He likes to read and Kent likes him, and he really doesn’t know what to do about this fact.

Kent ran into him – well, ran past him, really – on a morning jog, in a usually deserted area of the community park where trees have been planted and are carefully watered to give the appearance of a verdant, lush grove in the middle of sunny, dusty Nevada. He was standing against a tree and reading, and when Kent jogged back to ask what he was doing, the man laughed and pointed to his book. Walden.

Kent’s never read it. The man shrugs. “It’s about a man who gave up his whole life to go live in the woods,” he says. “I used to go to Walden Pond and re-read it once a summer. But now I’m here and, well… this is as close to the woods as I can get.”

His name is James. He’s a high school English teacher. He shakes Kent’s sweaty hand and asks his name, what he does for a living.

Kent blinks at him hard. “You…” he starts. He was about to say, you don’t know?

“Me? You do me?” James cracks a smile. “Is that a pick-up line?”

His smile is sunny, and Kent breaks a little bit inside. He finds himself quickly enough to say, “Would it work?”

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The Accents of the Seven and Reyna and Nico and Calypso

Percy: He lives in Manhattan, for fucks sake. His accent is loud and very thick, but you wouldn’t expect it because he’s mostly quiet since the Stoll bothers started to make fun of it. Tartarus made him even quieter, to the point where it’s barely a whisper. Now, he barely has an accent

Annabeth: After living in Virginia for some time, and I know what the accent is like after being there myself, it’s a dignified, subtle southern accent. She tries to hide it when talking, but getting very emotional or sleepy brings it out heavily. Like Percy, Tartarus has basically wiped it away as if it weren’t there to begin with

Jason: Living in California for 16 years doesn’t go away, I also know that because I’ve lived there myself for 15. It’s a cool, sorta laid back accent. But after being with the Legion for nearly literally his whole life, he has it clipped and you could barely hear it when he was praetor. Now, the fucker could be a surfer kid for all you know

Piper: An Oklahoman accent is a little tricky to spot. It’s not as twangy as a Texan accent nor as drawling as a Virginian accent, but somewhere right in between. It kinda reminds you about summer days and warm nights even when it’s below 0

Frank: He’s Canadian, so unless he’s flustered, you don’t hear the stereotypical accent that most Americans poke fun at. You do hear it on occasion in his Z’s and long O’s

Hazel: She lived in New Orleans, Louisiana for quite some time. That accent can never go away. A friend of mine told me that it’s called Sweet Southern. Because when you hear it, it sounds like honey being dripped into your ears. Supposedly

Leo: Even though he’s lived in Texas most of his life, I like to think he has a bit of a Spanish accent underlying the Texan twang he has. It’s not obnoxious, but you do kinda expect some Spanish guitar to come in out of nowhere when he gets worked up over an invention

Calypso: She is as Greek as you can get. The arm/hand gestures when she gets passionate in her conversation, the thick Grecian accent in every syllable that has Leo hanging onto every time she talks. It’s not going away, even after 3,000 years

Reyna: Since she’s from Portugal, she has a thick Portuguese accent in her English. And since we all know how terrifying it is to hear Spanish being yelled at you, just imagine hearing Portuguese being calmly spoken to you with rage simmering underneath

Nico: He was raised in Italy for a while in his youth before the Lotus Hotel and Casino. Don’t even try to get me to think that he doesn’t do the hand thing when he gets frustrated by Will when Nico needs to have a physical done

it took me so long to write this i honestly should have broken this up into multiple parts lmao.  also i’m a slut for daveed diggs’ tjeff.

title: serendipity
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 4010 (WTF YA’LL???)

“I’m not going to flirt with the TA for a higher grade, Angelica!”

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anonymous asked:

8 for feysand maybe???

Fighting Headcanon:

  • The first time Rhysand and Feyre get into a fight it strikes fear in the hearts of the Inner Circle. 

  • The High Lord and High Lady are deathly quiet as they go about their day.

  • They also close of their minds, because their thoughts are simmering with rage that threatens to boil over

  • Remember that little magic love note? Now it’s the passive aggressive note.

  • “To the High Lady who keeps sending her snapping water wolves outside as a method of watering the flowers please note that not everyone is inclined to having the wolves track mud back in the House of Wind.”

    “To the sensitive High Lord who is afraid of a little mud, maybe you can tend to the plants since your little wings manage to knock them down every time you come in for one of your so called “majestic” landings.”

  • Eventually Feyre decides to fly to the Summer Court in order to get some relief. She does so without telling Rhysand and since their walls are up he can’t tell where she is going.

  • After spending a few hours with Cresseida and Tarquin while basking in the sun on the beach they all hear a great boom in the distance.

  • Suddenly a shadow flies overhead and before they can stand from their chairs Rhysand lands in a spray of sand not far from where they are.

  • Rhysand rushes to Feyre and for a moment the High Lady believes something terrible has happened at their court.

  • “What’s wrong? Is everyone safe-”

  • Feyre’s worried questioning is interrupted when Rhysand engulfs her in a hug. His arms wrap tightly around her and he takes deep breaths. Inhaling the scent of his mate and making sure she is safe.

  • “I didn’t know where you had gone. Your walls were up and I couldn’t reach you - I thought you were taken from me. Again.” The last word is a broken whisper.

  • Feyre assures Rhysand that she is fine. More than fine now that he is here, because she wants to apologize for their fight.

  • Rhysand merely shakes his head and says they were both at fault and should have talked about it instead of letting it cause a rift between them.

  • “So…why don’t we go home and just have great make-up sex?”

    “Feyre darling, I positively love the way your dirty mind thinks.”

  • So the High Lord of Night Court winnows them away back to their townhouse where they indeed spend the rest of the day and night having a glorious time in the bed, against the walls, on the tables and also in the bathtub.
King and Reaper

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Allura had told them once that Voltron was their destiny.

If anything, Keith thinks, Lance had proven that while finding the lions might have been on the dime of some greater plan, compliance to their supposed fate was not strictly required in any remote sense of the word.

In fact, by Lance’s standard of doing things it was all rather bullshit.

(Or: The story of the destruction of Earth and its aftermath, feat. questionable science in regards to weapons of mass destruction, gratuitous Star Wars references, theoretical chess games with the emperor of most of the known universe, explosions, the greatest bromance of all time, the worst romance of all time, far too many guns, concussions, extreme misuse of the French language, awkward flirting, and Lance in an overly-dramatic trench coat.)

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Relationships: Keith/Lance, platonic Lance & Hunk and Keith & Hunk

Characters: Keith, Lance, Hunk, Allura, Shiro, Pidge, Coran, Nyma, Rolo

Written for @klangst-week‘s Day 7 Prompt: Destiny/Choice. A couple days late, but in my defense, this was a nightmare to power through.

Full thing + content warnings are under the cut.

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Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Description: The reader finds out why Carl hasn’t been talking to her/him and an argument ensued
A/N: This is hella sad so warning. also it’s a bit short and not as angry as I planned but enjoy c:

Originally posted by heartbreakhur

“Carl?” You ask, your voice quiet in the loud house. You didn’t want to just barge in on him, but he hadn’t been talking to you and he hadn’t responded to your texts. It was at this point that you were genuinely worried. He never went a whole day without talking to you. You usually got a “good morning baby girl” text, way before you even woke up.

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Fast-Forward: Part 2

Find part one: HERE.

Bright light flickered above her as she shifted underneath the heavy quilt. Claire was hot, warmer than she’d ever been in her life. The heat stifled her as she tried to dig her way out.

Seeing her distress, Jamie gently pried the duvet from the sides where Jenny had tucked it in tight. He’d been with her all night, watching and waiting as if to assure himself that she was safe.

Jenny and Ian had been raging when he’d driven home, his sister’s face alight with fury as he’d pulled his car to a stop in the drive. Rushing from the porch, Ian had tried to pull her backwards, his gaze apologetic as she’d waggled her finger at her wayward brother.

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She has been feeling it for awhile now - that sense of awakening. There is a gentle rage simmering inside of her, and it is getting stronger by the day. She will hold it close to her - she will nurture it and let it grow. She won’t let anyone take it away from her. It is her rocket fuel and finally, she is going places. She can feel it down to her very core - this is her time. She will not only climb mountains -

she will move them too.

—  Lang Leav

i’ve spent a lot of time on the Thomas Jefferson wikipedia page while writing this, lmao.  i also went into this part thinking it was gonna be a shorter installation but here we are 3000 words later.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also i swear i’m gonna write for someone other than tjeff but i’m stupid obsessed with writing this.

title: homecoming, pt. 3 (or, pillow talk)
       ( part one, part two )
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 3495
tagged: @notalwaysfair @hamiltrash-life @aeichajoanes @polymath-pain-in-the-ass

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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This Is Heaven in Hiding

(Direct any additional yelling and feels to @gleerant and @femininenachos for completely egging this on! And by yelling, I mean thanking them profusely.)

The tap-tap-tap of Clarke’s stilettos echo around the empty hallways, the simmering rage she felt since late last night when the papers were delivered fueling her stride. She goes deep into the belly of the building, old tile and smell of cleaner from the night crew her only companions.

It’s early. Way earlier than it should be, but she knows she won’t be alone when she reaches her destination. 

When she turns into the long corridor she knows so well, it’s dark save for one lone light at the end. Her pace picks up and her blood boils as she approaches, the door wide open and soft keystrokes coming from inside.

Clarke throws the file on the desk, nearly knocking over the mug of steaming coffee that sits next to the computer.

“What the hell is this?”

She doesn’t look up, doesn’t acknowledge anything amiss. Simply keeps typing, eyes on the screen. Face lit in soft lamplight.

“Good morning to you, too, Clarke. Is there something I can help you with?”

“Cut the crap, Lexa. What is this?”

 Lexa finally looks up, her hair down and relaxed over one shoulder. Not pulled back into the bun she usually wears in court. Her sleeves rolled up to her elbows, her face stoic and guarded as usual.

 “It’s a plea deal. I thought you’d be familiar with them, seeing as how you’re a defense attorney.”

 “That’s a plea deal? Ha, good one, Lexa.”

 “That is what the DA and I felt was reasonable considering the charges.” Lexa doesn’t look upset at the disruption to her morning. If anything, she looks bored.

 “Oh fuck off, that’s a shit deal and you know it.” Clarke huffs, her fingers tingling.


@youre-on-a-starship - “I’ve got to get my two cents in for this request event: Can you write a Bones fic in which he and the reader finally meet over a communal meal (a holiday perhaps?) and end up bonding because she’s got a rare medical condition that he’s interested in? I love your writing so much; I am unabashedly jealous of the realism you cultivate in your discussion of medical situations. It’s absolutely mind boggling and your writing is exceptional. Lots of love ❤️ ” I will also need to do a little research on this one, but the thoughts are flying fast already.

Word Count: 1892
Author’s Note: I found researching OI pretty interesting, and I definitely have a better idea about it now. I hope I did your request justice :) (And thanks for answering all my questions!)

“Y/N, were you in medbay today?” Your roommate, a nurse who would have known if you’d been hurt, asked as she came into your shared quarters.

“Obviously not,” you replied. “Why?”

“Bones was reading your chart. I thought maybe you’d gotten hurt,” she offered.

“Uhura to Y/L/N, are you free?” You dug your communicator from your hip and flipped it open.

“I’m kind of precariously balanced on the wire rungs of the J-tube, but sure, Nyota, what can I do for you?” You knew she would catch the sarcastic tone.

“I was just checking on you. Medical accessed your personnel file this morning, and I was worried that you’d had an accident,” she responded. “Back to work, before Scotty finds you goofing off!”

“Y/N, join me in my office,” Scotty gestured to a storage closet. It was the running gag, that he’d converted his actual office into a workshop of sorts. When he needed to have official conversations with any of the crew under his command, he’d pull you aside into a secluded corner, a closet or take you down to water reclamation, where it was so noisy, you were guaranteed privacy. You stepped in ahead of him and waited as he found the lights and shut the door behind himself. It was close quarters, and you arched your eyebrow when he started fidgeting with his hands. It was a lot closer than you were used to.

“Scotty, what’s up? Is it the repair on the -”

“No, no, nothing about your performance,” he cut you off. “Are you quite healthy right now?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you assured him.

“Your zero grav sessions are helping?” He pressed. Part of the reason you’d been assigned to a ship instead of grounded was because it was easier to access the therapy your body required to maintain health. As a toddler you’d been diagnosed with a mild form of Osteogenesis Imperfecta. There was a genetic treatment available, and your parents had taken advantage of that, which had strengthened your ability to create the collagen that was absent in OI patients, but you still needed regular physiotherapy to ensure adequate bone density. Space was a crapshoot because the artificial atmosphere meant there was constant real pressure on you and your bones, which was both emotionally and physically draining. But the opportunity to spend a half hour every evening weightless, floating in the safety of an empty cargo bay was one that you were unable to pass up. For a half hour, you were free, with no cares, no worries, no risk. And each session, somehow, for reasons you didn’t understand, strengthened what little collagen you did produce, making your bone density improve enough that you weren’t terrified of scampering up Jefferies tubes when necessary.

“Yeah, Scotty, life is good,” you confirmed. “What’s this about?”

“Doctor McCoy was down here asking questions. I know M’Benga did your intake physical. It made me wonder if you were declining and afraid of telling me,” Scotty explained. “You know you’re too valuable to let go, Y/N. Even if you need to be on light duties for a while, I will be keeping you here in engineering.”

“Really, I’m fine, Scotty,” you asserted. “I trust you. You’re the first person I’d tell if anything were up.”

“I’m not pulling your leg, lass,” he asserted. “If you need extra time away from shift for physiotherapy, or would like reduced duties -”

“Scotty, I’m fine,” you interrupted. “Really. I appreciate all your support. But there’s nothing any worse than usual happening.”

“I’m relieved to hear it,” he nodded, and suddenly realized how cramped the closet was. “Let’s be out of here before people assume the worst.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, and you winked as you walked out ahead of him, deliberately adjusting your skirt just to give him a hard time. He sucked in his breath to protest, and then coughed, drawing even more attention to you both. It was a good thing that everyone in engineering was used to Scotty’s unorthodox use of whatever space he could find. No one even blinked. “Are you headed to the Federation Day celebrations this afternoon?”

“If you think I’m going to pass up real food, you’re out of your mind,” you replied. “I saw the quartermaster’s delivery while I was fixing that malfunctioning door in the cargo bay. There were bananas. Real, perfect, honest-to-god yellow bananas. And I heard a rumour about steak.”

“We’ll see you later on then, Y/N. Save some bananas for me,” Scotty laughed.

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My Big Rant About Wuthering Heights:

So the topic of conversation about Wuthering Heights that I always get stuck with when I mention it to other people is the romance, or Heathcliff as a flawed romantic hero, or the toxic romance, or Heathcliff as a flawed romantic hero who kills a dog, and here’s the thing:

I have never once read Wuthering Heights as a romance. I was stunned by this discussion that served as my first impression to the book within the first 50 pages. Of course it’s not romantic. It’s not about love. 

Guys, Wuthering Heights is about child abuse. 

The entire childhood of Cathy, Hindley and Heathcliff was centered on severe emotional and physical abuse that was perpetuated by Mr. Earnshaw, starting well before the day he brings Heathcliff home. Just by the action of slipping another child into the family dynamic sets up a struggle of favoritism that set the kids off in violent competition towards each other. Of course Hindley hates Heathcliff, his own father brings him home after twelve years of raising Hindley and treats this new child like he’s the favorite. Of course this child was living while simmering in rage and self loathing. Of course they’re going to pile up on each other. 

Heathcliff, of course, is surviving on one man’s kindness, and his station in the house is unpredictable, so of course he trusts no one, especially when Cathy’s favor towards him shifts based on her emotional needs. Of course he wants revenge through complete and total dominance of the people around him, treating them like pawns and toys, because he was a pawn for Mr Earnshaw and received severe physical beatings because of it.

The best example of his emotional abuse is his last words and his relationship to Cathy. The man dedicates his dying breath to ensuring his daughter will be as bitter and self-loathing as possible, basically telling her that her behavior makes her so hard for him to love her. “I would love you, but you make it too difficult for me” is a parent abusing an authoritative and nurturing stance and putting all the consequences of their failings on their child. That’s textbook emotional abuse, and some so familiar I started crying when I read that scene the first time. Of course Cathy gravitates to people like the Lintons, who she literally has wrapped around her finger until her ability to cover up her demons starts to unravel, because she can have a sense of agency in a boring relationship instead of a continued cycle with her family. People do not give Cathy enough credit for trying to get out and break that cycle, an action she directly references trying to help Heathcliff get a ‘normal’ life outside of The Heights as well. The Lintons are bland and snobby but they all at least can go without screaming at each other, at least when they’re fighting as Cathy and Heathcliff watch it’s over typical sibling stuff, not killing each other over the bait their father set up for them. 

Nelly as an unreliable narrator implies how she is complicit in that cycle, the strategic favoritism is not lost on how she views the children, with Hindley regularly demonized, Cathy as a flawed angel who was trying to earn her father’s love, and Heathcliff as the dark horse in the running. A child isn’t one thing. They’re growing, they’re adapting, they’re learning; and when you teach them that this is what they are, they are going to cram themselves into that mold. 

Cathy and Heathcliff’s “Romance” is their coping mechanism. Adaptations like to fixate on “Cathy and Heathcliff Fucking on the Moors” and while that may have happened in the novel, it’s left mysteriously vague what they were doing, they were also around 12 years old as these scenes are happening. Not two full-grown adults. Children. So sure, I would say early sexual activity was possible or even likely, as it is between children or siblings in abusive households, and of fucking course this is not a romantic observation, these are two children who are trying to be everything to each other in regards to what they do not have nurturing them. It’s not romantic, it’s tragic, it’s why they can’t quit each other or move on, it’s why they lash out at each other when hurt. Cathy and Heathcliff are each other’s siblings, friends, partners, parents, lovers, enemies, and punching bags because they become whatever the other person needs and use the other to fulfill those same needs. 

Guys, stop pretending you’re geniuses by classifying a book by its misreadings. Of course it is not romantic, it is about horrible, broken people who never had a chance to develop into well-rounded adults, and how their attempts to do so are what enable the next generation to free themselves from that cycle. 

The Efficiency of Pants

Try as I might, I will never stop writing Nesta fighting, kicking, and punching her way through an Illyrian war camp. It was just meant to be. 

Summary: Nesta finally wants to train and does she ever.

This is the fourth installment of my challenge. Follow the one shots here or on AO3, comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated

“Till I Collapse” by Eminem

Nesta liked to watch him train.

It wasn’t for the muscles that threatened to rip out of his chest, if he was wearing one, or the bronze gleam that made even the most celibate sweat. It wasn’t the hair that spilled from his tie, or the way his chest moved rapidly, up and down, to compete with his racing heartbeat. It wasn’t even for the smirk she saw dance its way along his face when he noticed her wandering gaze.

She wasn’t immune to male attractiveness, not when that male was 6 feet of sweat and allure, but it wasn’t the reason he had caught her attention.

Nesta watched him for the way he moved his feet. The way they moved to counter attacks, instill fear, and prove he was the greater, the faster, the stronger. The different weapons he chose to use, from his glimmering sword, polished to rival the sheen of diamonds, to bow and arrows, sharp enough to cut one.

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Reaction to Your First Time Not Being Consensual. . .


Anonymous said: Hello! I was scrolling through your blog and saw that you did bts’ reaction to your first time being non-consensual. Would you mind doing that for EXO and got7 as well?

Reaction to Your First Time Not Being Consensual…

[BTS Reaction Here >click, Exo Reaction Here >click]

A/N the last one of this reaction! hope you liked Anonie!

Kai Eonni ~


We all know that Jae has worked really hard on his temper, and he especially tried to control it in front of you, but this would be that moment, while you’re explaining that night, that he would find it incredibly hard to keep his temper under control. He would say something like, “You don’t have to think about that anymore. I’m here, and I wont ever let something like that happen to you again.” As he rests his hand on your shoulder while stroking the  edge of your jaw with his thumb. He would suddenly grow soft as his anger and rage simmers down and he realizes he needs to be your rock at the moment. His eyes would grow soft and he would offer a weak smile as he assures you he is still insanely in love with you. After hearing this news he would grow to be ten times more protective and watchful of you. He wouldn’t want you to go out at night unless you were another one of the members. He would always check up on you when he is one break, making it seem like he was just asking you a question, but in reality he just needed confirmation that you are okay and somewhere safe.


While listening to your story Jackson would be listening with a blank expression, the only emotion showing would be his eyebrows that would furrow at intense moments or when you express the fear and pain you felt that night. When you’re done there would be silence, and finally Jackson would clear his throat and speak softly to you while asking if you’re okay, even if it was years ago. It would be like he’s feeling your pain, though he always has the “tough-guy” act, he would be really sensitive at a time like this, and you would be able to see the tears threatening to spill from his eyes. However he wouldn’t let them fall and would pull you into a tight hug. Days later he would still be very affectionate with you, but would speak to you normally, continuing to joke with you, continuing to make you laugh with his silly antics between himself and Mark. He would make sure that everyday from the day you opened up and told him about your past he makes you smile.


He’d receive this new information with the most control and maturity. He’d keep a straight face but would nod when needed and would keep his intense eyes on you to show that you have his full attention. When you’re done he’d offer a hug, allowing you to choose whether you want the affection or not by opening his arms to you. After hearing this he’d keep your relationship the same, not letting the new information about you affect how he interacts or sees you, in fact it doesn’t. He still loves you for the you he knows now, and will accept your past without hesitation, knowing that that’s a part of what made you the beautiful person you are today. He’d still be the witty and funny person he is to you, showing you he loves you so you wont ever have any doubts.


This would be that rare moment when you see Mark’s anger and rage. He’d have an aggressive look in his eyes as he silently listens to you explain that nightmare of a night. He’d have a lot of questions for you and would try his hardest not to snap them out at you, asking if the person who did this to you is locked up? Do you have nightmares about it or flashbacks? He’d want to know everything so that he can be prepared for anything. He’d become so overprotective of you after learning this news. He’d always have a hand on you when you were around and would constantly text you when he can. He’d want to be with you when you go out, but knows that can’t happen all the time, so he’d want texts from you every so often just to know you’re okay and safe. If you don’t text him, when you get back he would be annoyed and frustrated, but would calmly ask why you didn’t text him. Just know it’s all out of love from him.


This would really break this poor boy. You’re someone so special to him, and for anyone to that’s special to him hurt him, but to be hurt to such an extreme would be too much for his sweet heart and mind to take. He’d be shedding tears, but trying really hard to hold them back, because this moment is about you and not him, and he wants to be there for you. If you guys have been dating for a while he’d pull you into a hug without hesitation, but if you’re still in the early stages of your relationship he’d place a hand on yours and give  a firm squeeze to show that you’re not alone and he heard you. After learning this he’d try really hard not to see you any differently, but he’d have a hard time. He’d see you in a light of awe and admiration for getting through something like that, nothing bad, but he’d feel a little guilty for letting this information sway how he views you, even if it wasn’t in a negative way.


Usually BamBam has a lot to say and would say it, but he also knows when to be serious and just listen. He’s been through his own hardships and knows that usually when people disclose important and personal information to another, they just want the recipient to listen, and so that’s what he’d give you. After you make it clear you’ve gotten everything off your chest he’d pull you into a gentle hug, cradling your head in his large hands, making you feel safe and protected. He’d treat you no different though. He’d still act out and joke around with you, pushing your buttons. He knows that after you tell someone a deep secret it’s your way of trying to move on, and so he’d help you with that, making sure that you move on with a smile on your face, knowing that he’d always be there for you – no matter how goofy he is – when you really need it.


It’d be hard for him to figure out how you want him to respond. He wanted to do a lot of things, pull you in for a tight hug, ask questions, cry, shout, throw something, but he held it all in and went for the safer response which would be silence. He didn’t want to react the wrong way and either offend you or hurt you. However he would eventually hold your hand, not wanting to push you too far by hugging. However, if you ask for a hug or pull him in for one yourself, he’d gladly return it. He wouldn’t treat you differently though, he’d imagine if he were in your place and he wouldn’t want you to treat him differently for something that happened in the past, and therefore he would continue to treat you with all the love he can give and all the jokes he can make, keeping you as his partner in crime against his Hyungs. Though he’s young, he’s very mature in serious situations like this because of the great work his Hyungs did at raising him.

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If it's not too much to ask, can I have a Bakugou scenario where his S/O's ex (who S/O broke up with for cheating) tries to get back together with her?


The common room of Yuuei was relatively calm except for the random dance battles that happen, mainly because Denki and Eijirou were very competitive when it comes to break dancing. At the moment, though, no dancing was happening and the aura of the room made you feel at ease. Katsuki lay beside you, his head on your lap in a light sleep, while you played on your phone and listened to music. You had one earbud out so you could still hear the world around you as you zoned out into beating Candy Crush.

The relationship you had with Katsuki Bakugou was confusing, intense, and perfect. Your last relationship ended bad, with him ending up cheating on you with a close friend of his. You heard they broke up a couple of days ago, which may or may not have made you a little happy. What can you say– karma’s a bitch.

While you swiped your thumb to make matches, someone had slunk into the common room and walked towards you, their hands in their pockets. You looked up from your phone and glared at the figure standing in front of you.

“What do you want, Monoma?” you asked, your voice lacking any emotion.

He flipped his blonde hair out of his eyes and smiled. “I was in the neighborhood and wanted to say hi. What, am I not allowed to be in the common room of my own school?” his voiced hinted at his never ending sarcasm, which would make you laugh, but at this moment in time, it made you angry.

“That’s not what I’m saying, don’t twist my words.” Your eyes traveled down to the sleeping boy on your lap, making sure he hasn’t woke up from the dispute you were having.

“That’s what it’s starting to sound like, Y/n.” he shrugged with a smirk. “But you caught me red handed, I do have something to ask of you.”

You rolled your eyes, “Well then spit it out, Monoma, I don’t have all day to play the mind games you enjoy inflicting on others.”

He chuckled, “So hostile,”

“I’m serious! You just can’t come up to me, joke around, and expect me to be happy-go-lucky. If you need to ask me something, ask me. If not, please leave me alone; I really don’t want to see you right now.”

“Ok, ok, way to cut to the chase.” He leaned down to eye level, his face showing his trademark smile. “I want to get back together with you.”

You sputtered, “Excuse me?”

“Yes, you heard right, my dear. I miss your company, and I wanna date again.”

Before you could harass the blond haired wonder boy, Katsuki raised his head off of your lap and glared harshly at Monoma.

“Do you really expect Y/n to take you back? Are you a fucking idiot? Does stealing other people’s quirks make your brain function like a toddler who’s been waterboarded too many times? You were the one who went behind Y/n’s back, chased after your best friend’s ass like a damn dog in heat, and after you fuck her you dump her. Y/n isn’t a dumb broad who’ll go back to any shit stain who cheats on her.”

Katsuki was flared up, his fists were clenched and his eyes fiery. You inwardly smirked, but your face held a passive frown. You didn’t need anybody knowing you were eating Katsuki’s rant like candy. Monoma’s eyes shifted from side to side, seeing students stare at him being verbally assaulted.

“Get the fuck out of here before I make you wish your mom swallowed you.”

Monoma, strucken by insults and humiliated, left the room without a final glance to anybody. You looked at Katsuki, whose rage had simmered and he plopped his head back down on your lap. You smiled, looked down at your phone, and continued playing Candy Crush, even happier than before.

Change of plans! (And title, too). I had started a piece for @mores2sl based around Katniss as a street musician and Peeta as a street artist. While I plan on finishing that at some point, the muse went on a picnic and got distracted by THIS. Take that with a grain of salt as I’ve already done some hefty edits to it, but that is basically the first draft of the first chapter for what I’m hoping to finish in time for the August submission deadline. So here we go, another preview:

Spiral & Collision

SUMMARY: With all the empty space between planets and stars, one would think that two galaxies colliding is a fairly peaceful process. What if it’s not? What if life complicates the process as once distant planets become neighbors? Populations of species vanish. Others colonize new worlds. And some pick up arms against fellow living organisms as resources shift and change, become scarce. And humans…we take war with us everywhere we go…

Meridia: A planet caught between strictly adhered to ancient rituals and customs, and the questions and progress that inevitably follow scientific advancements, the people of Meridia have been fighting a war to protect their sovereignty and that of their neighboring systems for over sixty years. Peeta Mellark, one of three Crown Princes and the future General of Meridia returns home after sustaining a severe injury in combat, but he’s not allowed to stay for long as his father sends him back across the galaxy on an errand that promises to be far more difficult than he initially thought and will test his loyalty to family, king, and home.

Arcadia: A colony of humans on a vibrant planet, intent on protecting their freedoms and their valuable resources from falling into the hands of Coriolanus Snow, self-proclaimed emperor of two still merging galaxies. In a desperate attempt to push back and end the fight once and for all, the Lady Katniss Everdeen reluctantly agrees to what she believes is a marriage of convenience in exchange for troops and allegiance from the military might of Meridia. But just because she agreed to the marriage doesn’t mean she’ll go quietly. After all, it’s more than just her life affected by this arrangement.

WARNINGS: RATED E, for explicit sexual content, sci-fi themes and elements, violence, character deaths, arranged marriages and associated dubious consent and general fuckery, also polyamory. Oh and Peeta’s bisexual and there will be a few scenes of him with someone who is not Katniss. M/M, M/F, and M/M/F scenes. Don’t like, don’t read. Inspired by a word prompt: Agelast - A person who never laughs.

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So, I’m going through the Deception Arc and I completely forgot about THIS SCENE.

Holy. Crap. Holy crap. Y’all. I completely forgot Anakin made Rex cover for him when he ran off to catch/kill Hardeen!Obi-Wan.

And Rex? He does NOT sound happy about it. But what other choice does he have? Anakin put him in this impossible situation; either betray his general or refuse to cooperate with the Jedi-freaking-Council.

Rex is only spared because Palpatine swoops in to explain the situation.

That’s when I realized the significance of the troopers in the background. They’re 501st.

Let me repeat that. The 501st is protecting the Chancellor. Not the Coruscant Guard, whose exact job description is to protect the Senate and Chancellor. Yes, Palpatine is under threat of being kidnapped for like the 5th time that month probably, but still. That’s kind of par for the course.

Doesn’t anyone on the Council find it unusual that a specific division headed under one Jedi is protecting the Chancellor? Like, maybe Anakin assigned the 501st to Palpatine because Obi-Wan just “died” and Anakin doesn’t want to take the chance he’ll loose another mentor/friend? Doesn’t that raise any “forbidden attachment” flags? Or has the Council completely turned the other cheek at this point?

And then the communication ends with this, and I can’t tell you how much it creeps me out. Like. Again. Why is Rex all of a sudden Palp’s personal bodyguard? The Council isn’t at all concerned by this? Rex is second-in-command of the 501st, not military police.

(I love how Palpatine makes it sound like escorting him home is an option, like he doesn’t know damn well that Anakin ordered Rex to stay with him at all times.)

Anakin, what are you doing? Oh, right, this. Literally seconds before Windu calls Rex.

Right in front of his Padawan too.

Considering how messed up this arc already was, I’m shocked it somehow got even worse. I knew Anakin was devastated, but the 501st thing really hit me. Anakin clearly needed help, emotional support, something, and the Council was too busy putting Obi-Wan through the wringer to stop and think of the consequences of their actions.

The only person who spends a good amount of time with Anakin after Obi-Wan’s “death” is a teenager who isn’t emotionally equipped to deal with his grief and anger, because she’s never really had that support herself. Even after Anakin is told Obi-Wan is alive, he has this simmering rage just beneath the surface, and Ahsoka has no idea how to help him.

So, we get our first little taste of Vader/Emperor/501st Legion all in one arc, and I am not okay.

Incorrect Bleach Quotes
  • Ichigo: How long is Rukia gonna stay mad?
  • Renji: I've seen her stay mad for years. I've seen her- it's not like pitbull mad. It's this disturbing, simmering, quiet rage. But she likes you. She'll stay made for less time.
  • Ichigo: Days? Weeks?
  • Renji: What's the other one? After that one?
  • Ichigo: Months?!
  • Renji: Yeah, that's the one.