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The clown outfit episode was fucked up! The scarecrow clown was obsessed with sad clown linda.

the whole show was fucked up! but i have suspicions that it contributed to a generation of young weird australians so i’m cool with it. full disclosure: my parents have the entire series of round the twist on DVD and it’s my go-to viewing when i go visit them :’)


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Eight: Ever had a near death experience?

there was this one time. I was on an obscene amount of drugs and freaked the fuck out. like physically there was nothing wrong w/ me, but mentally I was gone. I was like screaming at the people around me and all I could think about was that after it was all over I was going to be dead. the only thing that went on in my head was the worst case scenario for every situation possible. hospital beds, iv drips, padded cell walls, stretchers, ambulance. it was the most scared I’ve ever been in my life.