I loved the kimono jacket that came with TS4 Movie Hangout, so I decided to cut it up and have it in my TS3 game :) 

It’s available for young adult and adult males and has three channels (the edging and a gradient body). Set to show for Everyday, Sleepwear and Athletic.

I pretty much created this for @titosims‘ Jaime. He is one of my favourite sims by another simmer by far and the TS4 version seemed like it was made for him. Now it is!

Credit: @simlicious and her tutorials, for without them, neck gaps would be a thing!

100 Followers Gift: Burlesque Posepack!

As promised, I have a special treat for you to celebrate 100 followers! I don’t know why the followers counter has three followers less, I have 101 followers now… Anyway, here is your goodie!

I created a set of poses for my burlesque contest picture and now I want to share it with you!

Poselist included! For those who like to type the pose names directly, they are noted under each picture.

There are 8 solo poses and 3 group poses. The group pose is inspired by the movie Burlesque. The other poses are mostly inspired by Dita Von Teese.

Click here to view bigger pictures!

Download here

              The Shivers, I Got ‘Em

Outerwear dump! Some of my favourite outwear pieces and where to find them. For a selection of my favourite boots to go with them - look here

1. Simlicious - Woolly Tights

2. ShaTsai - Scarves

3. April - Leggings

4. Sims2fanbg - Jacket

5. Newsea - Scarf

6. Julies7821 - Coat

7. Natef005 - Wellington Boots

8. All About Style - Coat

9. Orange-Sim Club - Coat

10. All About Style - Accessory Turtleneck

11. Myos - Coat

12. Ms. Blue - Jacket

13. Malsun - Jacket

Coming next - selection of accessories!



February Collection by spectacledchic

Finally I learned to create clothing meshes (YES!). 

Big thanks to all the tutorials made by cc creators especially loubellesims, simlicious, mimisapje and simsncoffee.

Another big thanks to j-urassica and littlemsim for answering my numerous questions. :)

Note: I’m still a new mesh creator, there might be flaws. So if you don’t mind, you can proceed by clicking the button below.

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WIP Test of IKEA’s TRENDIG Cart & Box + simlicious Pattern & Baker’s Invisible Rug again ♥

I like it very much, this cart will be so useful! I forgot to see the second preset. The boxes are amazing because you can store things there, pretty much the same than ATS3’s chest like but with a different script, but I think I will make the multiplier bigger because the geometric base game patterns look… Ugly. Simi’s patter looks the best OMG I love it ♥

There are some issues in the textures I need to fix for both items of IKEA. The rug worked perfect, I cannot see it LOL And I think I need more slots on the table plus one slots on the boxes :}


Hello, all my precious followers :)
It’s time to thank you - wow, 150 followers! I honestly didn’t think I would get so many when I started my tumblr. Thank you so much, each and every one of you.
I hope you like my gift to you - all my pictures from the Sims3Community Model Contest, framed for your game!

Some more details:

  • The frames are new meshes, cloned from basegame frames - so they should work with all game versions.
  • Made with TSR Workshop and Photoshop
  • There are three meshes, with several variations/pictures. The longish one only has one picture, the vertical one has two and the square one has six. You can see previews of all the pictures above.
  • I made them high quality (the texture map is 1024 x 1024px), so the images do not look as pixelated as other ingame images often do.
  • The frames are shiftable and recolorable!
  • I pay a lot of attention to detail, that’s why the metal plate on the back that you use to hang them on the wall is recolorable. And you might notice something else, too if you look there :)

You can reuse the meshes for your own pictures, but please give credit to me and send me a link to your creation, I would love to see them :)

Download the 150 followers gift here!