Tired of these people
Tired of this town
Tired of the fake smiles
And the cries when no is around.
Emotions are raw and we shouldn’t conceal
Why is it a crime to feel how we feel?
I’ll let you know what the problem is
And you’ll turn around and tell her or him
The gossip flies like wildfire
And this chain only increases my burning desire
To get out of this place and away from you,
To start over somewhere completely new.

Diario di una disoccupata #1.

È demotivante quanto la società ti giudica per il tuo aspetto fisico sopratutto nell'ambito lavorativo. L'ho notato nell'ultimo anno a portare curriculum in giro, con il risultato di avere avuto solo due colloqui e non essere stata assunta. Se non hai una bella presenza, l'80% delle volte viene scartato del processo di selezione perché magari preferiscono una più piccola di te ma che magari ne dimostra 25, è super magra, alta ecc.. (e non è una mia discriminazione o odio per quelle magre, solo un'osservazione) mentre io 23 anni ne dimostro 17, nella media, alta un metro e na caciotta, più simile a una polpetta invece a che una ragazza. Addirittura nel centro commerciale dietro casa mia, un negozio di vestiti non assume se porti una taglia superiore a una 44 perché scherzi, devi attirare il cliente maschio e quindi se i tuoi rotoletti interferiscono, non sei la benvenuta.
Io non so più che fare, mando curriculum e non vengo chiamata e poi vedo gente più piccola di me che lavora e quindi puntualmente ricado nella solita domanda “cos'ho che non va? Riuscirò mai a trovare lavoro? A farmi un futuro?”
È demotivante, deprimente, umiliante, stressante, angosciante.

you, unfinished

You are not a metaphor.
Not a simile, not a slant rhyme,
nothing short of
I have tried to fit you into
neat boxes and ten-line poems
with a volta in the middle,
but the only real turn
is the twist of your hips as you spin
down Fulton Street.

We climb through Queens and Brooklyn,
and on the subway home,
after our first kiss,
I try to capture it in a sentence.
Sea-salt lips and skylight eyes,
the steel drum of your heart as I held your waist
and buried my nose in your hair.
But those are just words,
and you are just you.
So as long as we split one-dollar pizza on the pier
and pretend that I like you
only means I like you,
I am perfectly content
to live in the moment
and let the words fall away
like water sliding off the dock.

anonymous asked:

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

my favorite thing about this joke is its ridiculous in two ways.

1) both statements are similes and the first statement is a well known idiom. its meaning: time flies swiftly as does an arrow. the second statement follows and the mind sees fruit flying through the air, much like a banana would. if fruit flew, it would fly like a banana.

2) the complexities of the english language make it so that the first and second statement are also about two types of insects, specifically time and fruit flies. Time Flies enjoy arrows. Fruit Flies enjoy bananas. 

thank you English language for your abundance of multifacedted pun-opportunity

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Un ragazzo mi ha chiesto di uscire e mi ha detto che lui al primo appuntamento fa di tutto (bacio, preliminari ecc). Gli ho fatto capire che non sono il tipo che scopa con chiunque e mi ha rassicurato che non lo fa solo per una scopata, ma perché c'è interesse. Cosa dovrei fare secondo te?

mi sembra assurdo, è solamente il primo appuntamento, ragazzo placa gli ormoni.
non devi chiederlo a me, devi chiederlo a te stessa, se ti senti pronta per una cosa simile o se ti sembra esagerato che al primo appuntamento faccia altro, oltre al bacio, quando magari ancora dovete conoscervi. se fa qualcosa, o ti dice di fare qualcosa, che a te non sta bene non farti problemi a dire di no, solo tu controlli la tua persona. nessuno può importi le cose.

anonymous asked:

La mia migliore amica vuole farmi conoscere questo ragazzo perché dice che abbiamo un carattere molto simile dato che siamo entrambi molto timidi. In più lui è una persona seria e non uno di quelli che "oh zio ma dopo un mese si molla la ragazza", anche perché non ne ha mai avuta una e io la trovo una cosa dolcissima. Mi piacerebbe conoscerlo ma non so come potrebbe andare😅 tu cosa dici?

buttati e vedi come va,io che ne posso sapere?

anonymous asked:

- non mi trovo più bene come prima... la cosa che ho notato è che non mi chiedono mai come sto io... Da una parte mi fa piacere perché contano su di me, ma dall'altra parte no perché non voglio essere usata...

anche io mi trovo in una situazione simile e sai è meglio parlarne e se è un rapporto che ormai non può più sistemarsi, la cosa migliore da fare è chiuderlo questo rapporto. starai meglio.

5 Tips for Creating Great Metaphors & Similes

Aaaah, metaphors: they can be a writer’s best friend, or worst enemy (see what I did there?). When done well, they can add a whole other dimension to your writing. But you can’t necessarily just compare sadness to road kill and be on your merry way. Metaphor creation is a honed writing skill.

Before we hop to the 5 tips, let’s learn some terminology with the help of our buddy John Green, and our favorite metaphor from Looking for Alaska:

“So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”

The best definition of a metaphor that I could come up with based on others I read was “a comparison that shows how two mostly dissimilar things are alike in a contextually important way”. So though people are not drops of water who fall from the sky, we learn that Miles feels “subdued” compared to Alaska, because we know how drizzle relates to a hurricane.

Metaphors have two parts: a tenor and a vehicle. The tenor is the actual thing being described—in the above quote, people, Miles, and Alaska are tenors. The vehicle is what the tenors are being compared to: rain, drizzle, and a hurricane, respectively.

Okay! Now that we’ve got that down, let’s get this show on the road:

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The Signs As Similes
  • Aries:as bold as brass
  • Taurus:as stubborn as a mule
  • Gemini:as busy as a bee
  • Cancer:as smooth as silk
  • Leo:as proud as a peacock
  • Virgo:as wise as an owl
  • Libra:as fresh as a daisy
  • Scorpio:as hot as hell
  • Sagittarius:as free as a bird
  • Capricorn:as cold as ice
  • Aquarius:as mad as a hatter
  • Pisces:as gentle as a lamb

I am not a loud lover.
You will not be tagged in multiple statuses with the hash tag WCW or WCE.
The pictures we take will be few, so even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to saturate people’s feeds with our affection.
And no my dear, it has nothing to do with you, I’m simply not photogenic.

I am not a loud lover.
My displays of affection do not come in lavish gifts worth an Instagram post or make out sessions in subways.
You will know my feelings when you catch my eye.
You will hear my love for you in my laugh, in the gentle ways I tease you.

I am not a loud lover.
My poems will be loud for me.
My metaphors and similes will join the war against your insecurities, entering with a war cry you would never hear directly from my mouth.
Their main goal will be penetration of your darkness; at times they will use blunt force and at other times they will caress your mind while I caress your skin.

I am not a loud lover.
I won’t Tweet about the dates we plan to go on, or the afternoons we spend in each other’s arms, but it is then that I will let the fire you cause overtake me.
I’ll let my hands express exactly how much I’ve been wanting to touch such a relentless masterpiece.
My lips will be a whisper away from your ear and I will explain the countless desires you instilled in me just by walking into the room, the curiosity that assaulted my mind the minute I saw your smile.
And then they won’t; they’ll be against yours, and I hope that then you will understand my dear.
I hope you understand that love can be just as strong quiet as it can be loud; I hope you understand that just because I don’t publicly proclaim it doesn’t mean I love you any less.

I am not a loud lover.
I am not a loud lover.
I am not a loud lover, but I will love you.

—  maxwelldpoetry, “Loud Lover”
Northern Wind
  • Northern Wind
  • City and Colour
  • Little Hell

You’re the Northern Wind
Sending shivers down my spine
You’re like falling leaves
In an autumn night

You’re the lullaby
That’s singing me to sleep
You are the other half
You’re like the missing piece

Oh my love
Oh my love
Oh my love
You don’t know
What you do to me, to me

You are all four seasons
Rolled into one
Like the cold December snow
In the warm July sun

I’m the jet black sky
That’s just before the rain
Like the mighty current 
Pulling you under the waves

Oh my love
Oh my love
Oh my love
You don’t know what you do to me
To me
I’m the darkest hour
Just before the dawn
And I’m slowly sinking
Into the slough of despond

Like an old guitar
Worn out and left behind
I have stories still to tell
They’re of the healing kind

Oh my love
Oh my love
Oh my love
If I could just 
Find you tonight
If I could just find you tonight
Oh my love

Do do do (5X)

What’s interesting about this little piece of language structure is the fact that the author’s choice of comparison in a simile is reflective of the book’s voice. A simile is a true piece of creative language–what you can see compared in a simile, you can attribute to a personal choice made by the narrator’s persona. Sometimes a narrator is a character. Sometimes, the voice is attributed to the author. Either way, at the point of a simile, a very important writerly decision has been made.

This means that a strong simile can make a line unforgettable. And unfortunately, a bad simile can make a line infamously unforgettable.