It’s like in your chest there’s a magnet, a magnet not for metal but for a substance not available on this planet. So that it is constantly pulling […] at something it will never draw close. Must be where they got the expression aching for something. Because it is a kind of ache. To want something and want something and. After a while you begin to feel intimate with the missing part.

Aleida Rodríguez, from “Exile,” Garden of Exile: Poems (Sarabande Books, 1999)

you were the boy in class
with bright eyes the
color of the sky
and a beautiful broad smile

and I was the girl
with glossy, brooding eyes
the color of seaweed
and a forced smile that
wasn’t the least bit convincing

the teacher had to
continually tell you
to please be quiet
but I had to be begged
to even make a sound

you were happy and laughing
and I was deep in thought
and hiding my wrists
which I painted red
with a razor at night

we sat in class
at the end of the day
you were ready to go home and chill
but I was waiting to go home
and cry alone in my room

you were always making jokes
with your excess of friends
while I was sinking into my chair
feeling more and more alone
every single day

just a couple of fifteen year olds in english class
we were opposites
we couldn’t have possibly
been more different

I admired your happiness
and adored you from afar
it sounds creepy but
english class became my favorite
because I got to watch you

I sat in the back of the class
and noticed you every day
you probably never noticed me
you were so far away
but I wished to be happy and
innocent and in love with life
just like you

but I knew you could never
notice a sad, quiet, worthless girl
who sat alone in the back
and wished to be dead

we were opposites
with absolutely nothing in common
and way too dreadfully different
for our paths to ever cross
you were the sun, bright and shining
bringing light to everyone
and I was the moon
standing alone in the darkness
sometimes only partially there

we interacted one day
for an activity in class
and I adored you
but I looked down at my feet
while speaking to you
because I am awfully insecure
but you looked straight at me
your penetrating eyes pierced mine so deeply
I was tongue tied and tripping
over my every word

our paths crossed
and it was like a thousand roars of thunder
and a billion bolts of lightning
all at the same time
and the caterpillars which always
made me sick to my stomach
erupted into butterflies
and I felt like I was floating

that was the beginning
of something beautiful
yet tragically treacherous
and I never expected it
to turn out the way it did

we finally collided head on
crashed into each other
like the waves crash into the shore

you were my first
first love
first kiss
first to know all there is
to know about me and my dark world

you were my sun
everything revolved around you
you were the center of my galaxy
and you brought light
to my dark days

but I took your light
and all I could give you
in return
was darkness
and I am sorry for that

it turned out we are
a lot more alike than I thought
we aren’t opposites
and I still remember you saying to me
“we’re more similar
than you think”
and I remember being terrified
because if you’re anything like me
I knew I would grow to hate you
because I hate myself

but I didn’t hate you
not even for one second
I loved you with all I am
and I think that’s because
you taught me how to love myself
but I taught you how to hate me

and opposites may attract
but once we realized
we are not opposites
I think that’s when we began to repel

and you said we are done
and I tried to act
like it didn’t hurt
but it felt like a billion knives
in my chest and
a thousand shots to the heart
and I couldn’t breathe
and my ribs collapsed on themselves
and my knees quaked
and my heart ached
and my seaweed eyes filled to the brim
with all the water of the ocean

and your ever bright eyes looked triumphant
as you took the butterflies
from my stomach
and you began floating
in the sky that was breathtakingly blue
just like your eyes
because you got to take back
all the light that I had taken from you
and you shoved my darkness
back at me
without giving an explanation
without letting me speak
you shoved it in my mouth
shoved it down my throat
and created a lump there
which will remain forever

-k.t. (Jun. 9, 2015, 7:43p.m.)

—  the story of the sun and the moon

I wanted a love as deep as the 


                                                  but all you gave me was a drop of 


Being in love feels a lot like drinking hot tea or coffee
When you’re in love you start to feel all warm and cozy
But this isn’t just what love is all about
For like a hot beverage, it can burn you, get cold, or just simply run out
—  kdr