A tip for writers trying to describe settings or actions

I get lots of questions from people asking me how I describe settings and actions so beautifully, and make it feel like they can actually see everything in the scene like it’s right there in front of them.

Honestly, I almost never use similes and metaphors. I think I can count one instance in the entirety of Embassy and one instance in all of Resonance where I use a simile. That’s my advice. Don’t describe a place, or a sight, or a sound, or whatever it is you’re describing by then describing *something else* and hoping the reader just gets it.

If you’re trying to describe an old house in the middle of suburbia, show us the wind-worn shutters, the blackened chimney, the rot on the walls, the creak of the front door, the leaky garage….then go on and do a simile/metaphor, if you must.

Don’t introduce us to the house by saying it’s like that misplaced stalk of corn from yesteryear growing in a field of beans. WHAT??? hOW iS tHAT aN oLD hOUSE? What am I looking at?

That’s how I construct my settings. Just describe the setting in the simplest terms possible. But remember, it’s just my personal preference. If you have a flowery way of describing, and you can do it well, then by all means, full speed ahead! My way is just how *I* effectively communicate.

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Your blog is like walking into an air conditioned room on a sweltering, muggy day. So thank you.

Positive vibes today, you’re welcome, I loved the simile & you’re very kind

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similated bj's...want to experience having one but wasnt sure if it really is arousing to "receive" one. Any thoughts on the experience?

I love blowjobs. Of course I wish I could feel it but the visual of it is so fucking sexy. And they can touch you while they’re doing it or kinda do a combined bj/hand job and move your prosthetic against your anatomy as well if you’re into that sorta thing 👌

Shaw loves her similes

I am 100% convinced Shaw likes to say things for effect. Like: “A good soldier does both”?

It is an awesome capper and it rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it? Its better than “ A good Marine does both.”

Also, Shaw is probably the only character who was a Marine who isn’t all gung-ho about being one. (Well, okay, her and Olivia Dunham). She’s not attached to being a Marine.

Then again personality wise, she won’t be. But I digress: Shaw has a series of clever and snarky one liners she’s just ready to reel out.

Just like: “I’m a pragmatist, John. I go out, have a fun night, or three. And then, uh, I move on, you know? No muss, no fuss.”

Look at that, don’t tell me that isn’t a really good line? She doesn’t have monologues like Harold or Root but she does have these colorful lines to say.

beast-of-the-sea said: {This story omitted to make room for Jean-Claude’s 25th lovingly-described fashion disaster}

That must be my problem: I haven’t even mentioned anything about what the hero is wearing for about a hundred pages! Not only that, but I don’t write line after line after GODDAMN LINE about hair. Even though I’m writing a romance novel! If only I cared more about describing the exact precise shade of my hero’s eyes with tortured similes that are like but not like things, I bet I’d be able to make “pages” with no problems ever too.

His eyes were like dirt, not dry dirt but wet dirt, wet dark dirt like when you dig up the garden and feel earthworms crawling around in your hand, except without any worms, if dirt could look at you like it was wondering if your battery had run down while you were thinking about it.

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"Professor there's someone here to see you," Minerva's TA says white as a sheet and shaking. "Send him in," Minerva replies conjuring up a pot of tea and some fancy biscuits. "Hello Minerva," death similes and sits down. "Hello old friend," Minerva replies, "tea?" "Yes please," death nods. "I'm so glad you've finally stopped being afraid of me," Minerva says as she pours, "it makes your visits so much more enjoyable." They spend the next hour chatting about all the people she's outlived.

Unless you’re Minerva McGonagall as this post states

A flower washed upon the calm shore
wilted and deteriorated
A simile for our love story
just a damaged flower that brought tears
trickling down my cheek
I’m not exactly sure
But the ocean is an endless body of water
and my eyes should run dry pretty soon
from the countless nights where my head
was smothered in a damp pillow
Would it be selfish of me to ask the sea
to share some of its contents
or would I be denied of such
just like the time I asked you to stay

I was that flower, as metaphorically as ever
You were the roughness of the oceans
And I was that flower
just riding the waves until becoming
completely wrecked
Washing up to the coast
waiting to be engulfed by you yet again

I plucked the flower from the moist sand
and held it in between my fingers
as it died from dehydration
while my heart ached from our separation

- Maya Ann

Mai avrebbe pensato che le loro conversazioni potessero raggiungere un simile grado di freddezza, che due persone che erano state così vicine arrivassero a comportarsi come estranee. Com'era possibile?
—  L'uomo che credeva di non avere più tempo

Bastava così poco.

Mi chiamo Peter Pan e vivo in un modo surreale che visto da fuori sembra fantastico. In realtà è frustrante alzarsi ogni mattina e sapere che qualsiasi cosa faccia nulla cambierà, nulla. Resterà tutto esattamente come il giorno precedente e quello successivo. Volare, fare qualche capriola nell'aria senza possibilità di cadere e farsi male. Prendere Capitan uncino per il culo senza possibilità di essere catturato e ucciso: anche la sua vita senza di me non avrebbe più senso. Quando scesi giù sulla terra rimasi affascinato. La gente invecchiava, la gente si ammalava, la gente moriva. Poi Wendy.. Wendy era una ragazza così simile a me, se non per il fatto che lei era felice; io prima di allora non sapevo cosa fosse la felicità, prima di allora non conoscevo la paura di perdere qualcosa o qualcuno né l'ansia che ti morde lo stomaco quando non sai qual è la cosa giusta da dire. Wendy l'amavo, era l'emblema di tutto ciò che ero e non sarei stato mai. Anche lei inizialmente restò affascinata dal mio mondo, provai in tutti i modi a nasconderle la verità perché volevo che mi restasse accanto a costo di perdere tutto ciò che aveva lì, sulla terra. Che egoista sono stato, a trattenerla anche solo un giorno in più. Il giorno più brutto della mia vita fu quando scelse di andare via. Non ho mai provato un dolore simile, muto, eppure così pungente. Qui tutto è rimasto com'era prima del suo arrivo, anche io, non sono cambiato di una virgola! Stesso cappello, stessi vestiti, stessi capelli chiari, stessa altezza, stessa età. Solo il mio volo è diventato pesante, un movimento triste. Ogni tanto torno sulla terra per vedere come te la passi. Qualche piccola ruga ti segna il volto, ma io ti trovo più bella di prima. Chissà se ogni tanto guardando il cielo ti ricordi di me, o se ti sei convinta che è stato tutto un brevissimo sogno, Wendy. Se solo avessi potuto, avrei lasciato tutto per invecchiare insieme a te. L'altro ieri mi sono lasciato catturare da Capitan uncino, e non mi ha ucciso. Ci siamo seduti entrambi a prua, e abbiamo pianto.

F. Maneli
Dove troverete, ditemi,
un amore simile al mio,
un amore che né il tempo,
né la lontananza,
né la disperazione
possono spegnere;
un amore che si accontenta
di un nastro smarrito,
di uno sguardo perduto,
di una parola sfuggita?
—  Alexandre Dumas
A Lesson in Looking – Korosensei’s students, old and new

When one examines in-depth the original Japanese text, they will discover that Matsui Yuusei actually has very good writing skills and chooses his vocabulary wisely. For example, as highlighted by Lynxian’s Mangatopia Scans from Chapter 1 to 55, the series is full of “kill” puns.

Additionally, similes and metaphors are traditionally considered writing techniques, and we all know how outrageous the visual metaphors of the series can be.

One text metaphor that’s worth highlighting however is the act of “looking”. I’ll like to spotlight this particular metaphor, because it relates to how Korosensei treats his old and new students, and in turn, how he has changed from past to present.

Will contain major spoilers up to Chapter 137. Furthermore, this will be a mid-length post.

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Amerika'yı Fethe Gidiyoruz !

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