There is a well known simile about a monkey trap of the kind used in Asia- a wooden container with a small opening. Inside lies a sweet. The monkey, attracted by the sweet, puts his paw into the opening and grasps the sweet. When he wants to draw his paw out again, he cannot get his fist with the sweet through the narrow opening. He is trapped until the hunter comes and captures him. He does not realize that all he has to do to be free is let go of the sweet.
That is the way we live our lives. We are trapped because we want it nice and sweet. Not being able to let go, we are caught in the never ending cycle of happiness, and unhappiness, hope and despair.
—  Extract from “Be an Island” by Ayya Khema (1923-1997)

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Quando sono in giro e vedo delle ragazze belle sono molto attratta da loro. Secondo te vuole dire che sono bisessuale? Mi è venuto questo dubbio perché io guardo molto le ragazze quando sono in giro. Ma comunque io ho sempre detto di essere etero anche perché non mi sognerei mai di stare con una ragazza,cioè non potrei avere figli e boh,non mi piacerebbe. Tu che dici?

Anche a me accade una cosa simile.
Cioè, quando vedo un ragazzo “bello” (ma anche brutto che io considero più bello di me) lo squadro dalla testa ai piedi.
Io non lo faccio perché la cosa mi eccita, ma perché provo una vera e propria invidia nei suoi confronti… Del tipo “ma perché non sono così?”.
Ovviamente con le ragazze la cosa è diversa.
Quindi magari non sei bisessuale, sei solo… invidiosa, come dire.
Oppure sì, sei attratta anche dalle ragazze, ma di certo non basta questo dettaglio a definire il tuo orientamento sessuale.

The Signs As Similes
  • Aries:as bold as brass
  • Taurus:as stubborn as a mule
  • Gemini:as busy as a bee
  • Cancer:as smooth as silk
  • Leo:as proud as a peacock
  • Virgo:as wise as an owl
  • Libra:as fresh as a daisy
  • Scorpio:as hot as hell
  • Sagittarius:as free as a bird
  • Capricorn:as cold as ice
  • Aquarius:as mad as a hatter
  • Pisces:as gentle as a lamb
The birth of metaphor
  • THREE:I once met a four.
  • TWO:Really?! What was it like?
  • THREE:It wasn't really "like" anything. It just was.
  • TWO:Well, did you like this four you met?
  • THREE:There wasn't anything to "like." But there was a lot to love. It's hard to explain.
  • TWO:So this four was lovely ... as lovely as what? Give me an example c'mon!
  • THREE:Hmm. Not "as" lovely "as" anything else. It just <i>was</i> love, you know.
  • TWO:So you met a four. Oh, man, that's all I need to know.
  • THREE:Yeah, it <i>was</i> beautiful ... <i>met a four</i>.
  • litglob © 2015
  • ("met a four" <i>is</i> a metaphor)

So I just idly picked up Pyramids and read through the start (because there’s only so long one can learn endless lists of Latin vocab before their mind starts wondering and I thought it’d be nice as a little quick break-)

And h o l y f u c k i n g c r a p.

That use of language, ye gods - Terry Pratchett creates a cinema screen in our mind and fills it with cosmos and comets and stars upon stars - and then smashes through it with pickaxe and unapologetically announces it is really merely just “what will charitably be called civilisation”.

And then we zoom out like someone’s picked us up by our collar and yanked us backwards through time and space and we find we’re staring at something huge and un-understandable and, frankly, absurd - yet it is intricate enough to be “dusted with the frost of dead comets” - it is intricate enough to be real.

Cue an explanation for every surreal/fantastical element of this 380 page long book summarised in one line:

“Much that is weird could happen on a world on the back of a turtle like that.”

Cue a three word temptation the size of a mountain:

“It’s happening already.”

How could anyone possibly not turn over the page after that? On the very first page alone he has created an image of the Creator’s windscreen - funny, relatable, novel, and yet somehow epic at the same time - which he then mercilessly smashes, like the glass of windscreen itself suddenly hit by a truck of Pratchettian rhetoric, before jumping us backward so fast we instantly, almost accidentally, accept the fact that a giant space turtle actually exists, and through accepting that fact, we accept everything else in the book to come, before he leaves us teetering on a knife’s edge -

And that’s not even mentioning how in the midst of it all we also have the wonderful line “No one knows the reason for all this, but it is probably quantum.”

A literary critic named Lodge once described the opening of a novel as a “threshold” to the action within - the opening to Pyramids isn’t so much a threshold as it is us having an entire house dropped on our heads, being smiled at mischievously by a grinning face in a black hat, then having the house built up around us with a mere click of Terry Pratchett’s fingers, and looking up to see another house above us ready to be dropped-

And yet, somehow, that’s just the first page…

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È inutile che ti fai il figo tanto sei un cesso.

Ripeto la mia risposta che ho dato tempo fa ad una simile affermazione:

“Non è colpa mia, io volevo essere una doccia.”


The maker of Lido Sim, Milo Targett, spoke to The Plus about the making of- and the newest projects of Animade.