L’uomo serio, e sostenuto, oppur modesto, e affabile, senza pretensioni, e senza ardimenti, l’uomo che non si getta punto alla donna, o perché non sappia né ardisca, o perché non voglia, l’uomo ritirato ec. fa molto maggior effetto nelle donne dissipate, franche, avvezze alle galanterie, solite ad esser corteggiate ec. che in quelle di carattere simile al suo. Anzi a queste egli dispiace a prima vista, o viene a noia fra poco, a quelle viceversa.
—  Giacomo Leopardi, Zibaldone
Speaking Between The Lines: Discussions on the Fundamentals of Poetry

Hi everyone! My name is David ( and I am the newest member of Tumblr Writers Directory. I have been posting on Tumblr since 2010 and one of the features editor for the Poetry tag since 2012. I spend a lot of time reading through the poetry tag trying to find great poets with few followers, and offering help and advice to those who need it. I’m excited that TWD will give me the chance to go further in this!

While being a member of the TWD team I will write a twice-monthly column titled “Speaking Between The Lines.” It will be a series of articles examining the fundamental, nitty-gritty aspects of poetry writing that offers an explanation and conversation of all the features of poems, and how poets can use them to illuminate their writing. I hope to discuss features such as: the line, rhymes, metre and cadence, sound units, metaphor and simile, voices and much much more.

I want to make sure as much as possible that these articles offer a clear and objective description of poetic elements, so I also welcome all questions and comments concerning the topics. With so many different writers and styles of poetry it’s simply impossible that my perspective would serve them all adequately—so I hope that in between articles I can also make posts answering questions and posting discussions of other poets on Tumblr, in order that the column is truly a discussion of all the features of poetry. Provided enough people are interested, I will post these the week after a topic is discussed.

My first article will concern line-endings and line-breaks and will be published this Wednesday. In the meantime, please find below some suggestions for other books and articles that concern the basics of poetry writing.

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