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50 Questions for your oc

(i got bored and made some questions to ask for ocs. Not much but something to get gears going. Ask away please).


  • 1)      Age?
  • 2)      Gender?
  • 3)      Romantic/Sexual Orientation?
  • 4)      Height?
  • 5)      Race?
  • 6)      What do they look like? (i.e, hair color, eye color, etc).
  • 7)      Any disabilities?
  • 8)      Is there a meaning to their name?
  • 9)      What makes them, them? 
  • 10)   What do they want to be when they grow up/what do they want to do with their lives?


  • 11)   Do they have parents? What are they like and how do they act with their child(ren)?
  • 12)   Do they have siblings? How do they interact with them? If not, do they wish they had siblings?
  • 13)   Extended family? Do they see them often?
  • 14)   Do they like where they live? (Is it a safe place?)
  • 15)   Where do they live? Are they wealthy? Poor? Middle-Class?
  • 16)   Do they have a lot of expectations/pressure on them from family to do great?
  • 17)   Do they have pets?
  • 18)   Who do they look up to the most/are the closest to in their family?
  • 19)   This there anything special about their family?
  • 20)   Do they wish they lived in a different family/household?


  • 21)   Best Friend(s)?
  • 22)   Who was their first friend?
  • 23)   What is their friend group like?
  • 24)   Do they have a love/hate relationship with any of them?
  • 25)   Do they consider any of their friends to be like siblings?
  • 26)   Have they ever hurt a friend or lost one?
  • 27)   Do they have a crush on any of their friends?
  • 28)   Do they share classes with good friends?
  • 29)   Whom do they go to the most when they need a shoulder to cry on?
  • 30)   What would this person do without their friends in their lives?


  • 31)   What grade are they in? If they aren’t in school, how come?
  • 32)   Do/Did they like their teachers? Was there a good one? Bad one?
  • 33)   Do/Did they listen to their teachers or are/where they goofing off a lot?
  • 34)   Are/Where they a good student grade wise?
  • 35)   Do/Did they need extra help?
  • 36)   What is/was their school like?
  • 37)   Do/Did they have bullies in school?
  • 38)   Have they ever gotten into a fight at school?
  • 39)   Have they ever done something stupid/embarrassing at school?
  • 40)   How far do they plan to go with school? If they dropped out, do they want to go back?


  • 41)   Are they dating anyone? Do they want to date? Are the married? Divorced? 
  • 42)   What is their favorite hobby? Do they keep it a secret?
  • 43)   If they could have one thing in life, what would it be?
  • 44)   Do they work? If so, what is it? If not, are they looking for one or even want one?
  • 45)   Do they use social media?
  • 46)   Have they ever been in the hospital?
  • 47)   Do they believe in the supernatural, that there is more than the eye can see?
  • 48)   What do they do when they get angry, stressed, or upset?
  • 49)   Would they consider themselves as a good person, bad person, or morally grey?
  • 50)   Does this OC have any part of you in them? (I.e, personality traits, similar background, etc)
Your personality based on your witch calling
  • green/garden witch: You are very nurturing in nature, very protective of your friends. Some of your favorite things are being alone except for nature around you. You probably want to be in a field of some sort of biology, healthcare, public works, or medical technology.
  • traditional witch: You are an old soul, and you probably are very wise and smart. You have deep thought, and you love history. You probably know everything there is to know about history and politics. You probably want to be in a field of history, art, politics, or even archeology.
  • hedge witch: You are someone who is very aware. You feel the strum of the beat of the earth, and you connect to animals very easily. Almost all animals love you. You probably want to be in a field of biology, environment, veterinary care, or public works.
  • cosmic witch: You feel a deep connection with the otherworldly. You love conspiracy theories, and you are are always deeply curious. You probably want to be in a field of engineering, flight, aeronautics, astronautics, astronomy or physics.
  • lunar witch: You are the friend who always says "oh my god look at the moon!!", and you feel a deep connection to the goddess, or your own femininity. You're very similar to the cosmic witch.
  • divination/psychic witch: You have an endless supply of crystals, tarot cards, black mirrors, pendulums, ouija boards, orical cards, and so on. You are extremely intuitive, and you love watching people and making hypotheses about who they are. You probably want to study physics, geology, public works, or teaching.
  • storm witch: You have a fiery personality and you're not afraid to show it. You can always tell what the weather is going to be like. You are very ambitious. You probably want to study meteorology, law, accounting, poltical science, or statistitcs.
  • sea witch: you feel the tides of the ocean circulating the globe. You are a very ethical person, and you have a slight "OCD" or perfectionist personality. You probably want to study marine biology, marine science, environment, ecosystem, law or poltical science.
  • eclectic witch: You are a little bit of everything. This also means that you have a hard time making up your mind on some matters because you find interest in everything. You tend to fall hard in love. you probably could be/study anything!
  • spirit witch: very similar personality traits to the divination/psychic witch. You are intutive, and you are a great listener.

Sam/Jack + similarities | part 1 of 2

Gift Picture and Head canons ^_^

So a friend of mine was having a really hard day so I thought it would be nice to do some art to cheer them up. 

One of my personal favorite head canons is that after Hawkmoth is defeated (assuming that Gabe has gotten his act together and we get the redemption arc I am desperately hoping for, cause I love long drawn out redemption plots) after a year or two of salting Marinette would end up totally getting over everything and bonding with her fashion idol/mentor where as Adrien will continue to be snarky and bitter for ages (understandably so) 

So like- as they grow up Gabe and Mari end up getting along really well because they have a lot of similar interests and personality traits while Adrien is just- “I don’t know Dad, do we have time to go to the theater with you this week or will you be too busy collecting butterflies? What? You want to know my favorite color? But I could have sworn I mentioned it at all those  family meals you didn’t show up for because you were hanging out in your secret lair.” 

Bonus Sketch cause I couldnt’ help myself: 

Anyways enjoy your present @sinfulpapillon and feel better ^_^

The reason why Torso was called Torso was because he cut of his victims limbs and head, only leaving the torso. This was Torso`s attempt to “re-create” Minomi, or at least her body after it was dissect by his horrible father. Everything revolved around this. The reason why Torso was after people that had scars was likely because it reminded him of Minomi`s bruises(which she likely got because her parent hit her) and etc..

Now, since after 114 it was revealed that Tooru has some sort of strong pull towards Haise, l wonder if Tooru did something similar as Torso? We know that he has likely killed because of the smell of human blood. What if after Kaneki stopped mentoring the Q`s and after the Cochlea/Rue arc, while being on the hunt Tooru targeted people that remind him of Haise, either of them possessing similar appearance or personality traits, and then done something like this to them:

It would cast a parallel to between Torso and Tooru, both sharing an preferred “target” (Torso = a person with scars, Tooru = traits in common with Haise) and an specific “trait” that connects the killings to one person (Torso leaving behind torsos and Tooru possibly removing his victims tongues/injuring the mouth part. )  

anonymous asked:

Why does everyone think Acxa is a time traveler?

i have three questions like this in my inbox. you guys brought this on yourselves.

why keitor is canon and acxa is their time traveling lovechild:

i noticed this first. it’s highly suspicious. she’s basically keith with lipstick, lotor’s skin, and a perfect mix of lotor and keith’s hair in length, color, and style. even the jawlines. i had to dig deeper…

using a highly scientific morphing program, i was able to deduce that this is what a lotor and keith lovechild would look like. i then compared the lovechild to acxa:

acxa is lotor and keith’s time traveling love child. this is canon. but how?

first, it’s extremely likely that team voltron and lotor will eventually make peace. they have a common enemy in zarkon–or whatever is possessing zarkon. lotor has the intelligence and ability to rule fairly, something which other galra have mentioned (to his discredit). lotor already has his own plans independent of the galra empire. so far team voltron hasn’t been able to maintain the security of planets they free. lotor is an easy solution.

we already know keith is obsessed with lotor, and we know lotor has a soft spot for non-pureblood galra. they’re both the current leaders of their respective groups. basically they’re on a perfectly equal footing right now and exhibit many similar personality traits and even have similar dialogue in many scenes. also they’re both really good at sword fighting. please note, sheith is also canon. keith has two hands.

aaand we learned last season that alternate realities are canon. time travel is part and parcel to alternate universes.

anyway keith and lotor are going to team up and fall in love and acxa is their child?? it’s real.

Some things from Story and Song Part 2
  • Travis’s voice crack when he asks Griffin if the voidfish are okay! The ruffboi is also a kindboi. 
  • Full disclosure: I fucking love Travis’s “Girl from Ipanema plays in all elevators all the time” goof because it always reminds me of when Griffin did the shittiest/best cover of it AS MOTHER FUCKING UPSY back in the Crystal Kingdom.
  •  "Hey… Lizard.“ Magnus’ fucking wonderfully shitty comeback to Carey made me choke 
  •  Travis’s roleplaying during the training scenes with the bear was absolutely incredible. Everyone was on fire this week, natch, but this was incredible and basically thank Travis for Travis. 
  • Speaking of incredible roleplaying, it would be remiss of me not to mention Taako’s interactions with both Kravitz and Joaquin, which both had incredible weight and perfect characterization simultaneously. Even though they obviously share the same wit, Taako and Justin are probably the least similar player/character duo personality-wise out of the THB* and it blows my mind how good Justin is at making Taako so incredibly complex while also always making sure he stays true to the character. (Also, bless Justin and Griffin for giving us Taakitz kiss scenes despite the fact that it must be real weird to talk about smooching your bro) 

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i have two guy friends who have very similar personality traits to eric and dylan so here’s some headcanons based off of real life experiences


- will never tell you when he’s having problems or if he’s sick. like ever. for some reason he likes to suffer alone?? you’ll only know he had surgery because he’ll text you weird shit while he’s high on drugs and then have to explain himself the next morning

- is the most sleep deprived person on earth and overworks himself. constantly taking late night shifts and is completely out of it half the time

- the most painfully shy person alive. literally. this boy will not talk to you unless you approach him first, and even then you will have to initiate all conversation for like the first few weeks of talking to him

- once you’ve actually become close friends to him, he’s THE SWEETEST GUY ALIVE he’s so selfless and caring and is honestly such a gem. will walk you back to your house if you’re afraid of going alone in the dark

- a great listener. gives surprisingly good advice?? also is really fun to have conversations with once he’s let his wall down bc he’s really smart and has cool insight on music and politics and LiFe and such

- the BEST GIFT GIVER ALIVE. holy shit. spends WAY too much money and makes you feel inadequate. remembers things you said offhandedly in a conversation five months ago and buys exactly what you wanted. also really sentimental? like he’ll buy you a star and shit

- hates taking selfies or having his photo taken. you seriously have like one photo of him and you’ve been friends for three years. is he a cryptid?? who knows

- if you end up dating him, then prepare for him to reveal his Secret Goofy Side™ and to just send you nonstop memes

- he’s always worried he’s annoying you, so if you’re the type of person that is also afraid that all your friends secretly hate you, you will both be constantly reassuring each other that you actually enjoy each others company 

- a great friend to make offhanded jokes about wanting to kill yourself and disappear into the void with bc like,,, he Relates

- he’s Too Nice and people will take advantage of his kindness

- if he hates something or is annoyed, he’ll suffer in silence for a long time before eventually reaching his limit and starting to mutter insults under his breath

- he gets genuinely upset that his dog doesn’t seem to like him

- you have to remind this boy to eat bc he gets so wrapped up in his thoughts that he’ll forget like TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF DUMBASS

- when he gets sad you wouldn’t ever really be able to tell except that he gets a little quiet and more pensive than normal

- he doesn’t smile that often, so when he does, you feel proud of yourself for making this ACTUAL HUMAN EMBODIMENT OF SUNSHINE happy


- if you don’t know him, he’s intimidating as fuck. like he glares at everyone, and gives off a vibe of Rebellion™ constantly. wears edgy t-shirts. does not hesitate in telling people he doesn’t like to go fuck themselves

- has anger issues and a huge problem with authority. if he feels like a teacher has a power complex or that they’re emotionally abusing students he will tell them TO THEIR FACE

- because of this, he gets detention a lot, adding to the intimidation factor. never actually shows up though, will drive off campus to get fast food instead

- is THE ACTUAL SMARTEST GUY ALIVE!!! but you would never know if you weren’t friends since he kinda keeps to himself. frustrating because he will fail classes on purpose if he doesn’t like the teacher, but is smarter than literally everyone else at school

- once you’re friends with him, his demeanor does a full 180. like holy shit. turns into the biggest lovable dork alive

- constantly tripping over himself. his legs don’t work. i don’t know what else to say

- treats his girlfriend like a princess. constantly planning fancy dates and helping your mom out with dinner. the type of guy to actually remember your anniversary and to pick you up from work and stuff

- kind of a closet nerd that is obsessed with video games, post apocalypse books, and d and d

- if you’re friends with him, he is the SWEETEST AND MOST CARING GUY!! like if you tell him you’re sad, he will drive over to your house to talk even if it’s super late. the kinda guy to bring you a hershey bar when you’re having cramps

- goes on so many rants. literally half of your conversations are just him ranting about INJUSTICES and POLITICS and HOW MUCH HE HATES [fill in the blank] but honestly its pretty endearing

- gets so mad if he finds out one of his friends is being bullied or sexually harassed. will go up to said harasser and tell them to stop or he’ll kick their ass

- if you somehow piss him off, you won’t know what hit you. he will GHOST THE FUCK OUT OF YOU and leave you on read until you figure out he hates you now and will never tell you why

- a total latch key kid. somehow did a great job raising himself?? like he pretty much has zero parental guidance and yet still managed to come out of it being the kind of guy who opens doors for people constantly

- actually really funny? like you’ll be laughing so hard you cry

- when he gets sad you can tell because he gets really withdrawn and if you try to pull him out of his funk he gets pissy and yells at you. pls LEAVE HIM ALONE!!

- the type of guy that thinks it’s funny to teach swear words to children

- will take every chance he has to ~make fun of you~ but in a fun way, not maliciously. he constantly rubs people the wrong way because of this though. like he will never forget that time you walked into a glass window at school

The Signs as Self Love Tips

Aries: make a list of things you dislike about yourself.  don’t be hard or cruel to yourself, but keep it simple.  write down as many things as you can think of.  decorate this list with whatever you wish, using colors and objects that maybe you don’t like so much or that bring negative thoughts to your head.  now, in a very safe manner, make a fire and toss in the list.  watch it burn away all of the negative thoughts and energies.  after it is only ashes, create and decorate a similar list, but of things you love about yourself, and keep this one.

Taurus: make sure you feel comfortable in your space.  an important part of self-love is having an environment that makes you feel serene, happy, and healthy.  decorate your room (or whatever your safe space is) with colors and objects that make you feel good.  get rid of anything that holds bad memories or that you associate with your points of insecurities.  don’t be afraid to move things around and try a new feel for your space every once in a while.  arrange and rearrange until you feel completely wonderful in your space.

Gemini: write about yourself.  try doing so in third person, perhaps with a different name and identity as you.  however, give this person similar traits as you.  write about them, in any setting, going through a journey of self-discovery.  elaborate on their (your) good traits, and make sure they live up to your full potential.  take their (your) not-so-great traits (or points of insecurity) and write about how they overcome these, use them to their advantage, or learn to accept and love them.  try using what you wrote in your life.

Cancer: don’t be afraid to cry.  the idea that crying is a weakness is a social standard in today’s society, and there is actually much benefit that comes from crying.  read your favorite book, watch your favorite movie, hug your favorite stuffed animal.  gather all of the harmful thoughts you have about yourself and cry.  let all of those thoughts channel out through your tears, and visualize them leaving your body with every drop.  when you’re done, treat yourself to something you love and write down a few positive things about yourself.

Leo: every morning when you wake up, or every night before you go to sleep, look in the mirror.  stare at yourself, at all of your wonderfully human features and beautiful imperfections.  say “i am beautiful” (with variations such as handsome, pretty, gorgeous, good-looking, etc) three times, or write it down three times.  say it even if you don’t believe it.  you deserve to love yourself, and putting this self love into words, as well as associating it with your face/body, will help you come to realize what an amazing person you are!

Virgo: keep a self-love journal.  make sure to keep up with it, and once a day write a single thing you love about yourself.  make sure to include things about your appearance as well as personality.  after you have written your daily entry, say the words you wrote out loud to yourself.  say it as many times as you wish, as many times as it takes for the positive words to bring a smile to your face.  decorate this journal with colors, drawings, stickers, or other decor that makes you feel happy.  go back through the journal when needed.

Libra: do whatever you can to make yourself…you.  maybe you don’t feel comfortable wearing the kind of clothes, makeup, or accessories you like in public yet, so do it at home.  walk around with those new shoes or dye your hair temporarily.  look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate how you truly look like YOU.  perhaps try building up to presenting yourself this way in public, if you feel comfortable.  if you take a step toward feeling more confident and like yourself, whether in public or not, treat yourself to something you love.

Scorpio: do something nice for yourself.  try to think of something that you love doing, or experiencing.  think outside of the box, and make an attempt to do that.  if you can, try sharing it with someone else.  for example, take a friend to that art gallery you’ve been wanting to visit.  have fun, and get excited for this outing.  when you get back, find a piece of paper and write down all the things you did and how much fun you had.  afterwards, take a nap or do something to help you relax, and remember to breathe.  have fun.

Sagittarius: create a self-love jar.  cut up little pieces of paper, and on each piece, write something that you really love about yourself.  take a large mason jar (or whichever size you would like, really) and decorate it with ribbons, paint, stickers, or whatever you like.  choose your favorite colors and things that soothe you to decorate the jar.  place the pieces of paper in the jar, and put it somewhere that you can see it.  every time you’re feeling down or your self-esteem is low, pick out a piece of paper and read it out loud to yourslf.

Capricorn: take a bath.  fill up the tub with water, epson salt, bubble bath, a bath bomb, or whatever you like.  make sure the temperature is how you like it, and then relax.  you may be inclined to think about your worries and insecurities, but instead try to focus on listing off ten or more things that you love about yourself.  try to get as many as you can.  say them out loud if you wish, so that you can hear them, as well.  make sure to wash all of the negative thoughts off of your body during your peaceful bath.

Aquarius: meditate in your free time.  attempt to clear your mind of all thoughts, especially negative ones about yourself.  let those thoughts go, because they do nothing but weigh you down and make you feel heavy.  if you need, focus on your positive traits during your time.  use this medium of relaxation to learn to see yourself in a more serene, peaceful way.  potentially increase your acceptance of yourself and/or your body.  meditation also has many other positive effects, aside from self love, and can work wonders.

Pisces: practice art in place of self-hate, or practice art to celebrate self-love.  when you are feeling particularly bad about yourself, create a piece of art (whether it be a song, a poem, a sculpture, a painting, a drawing, etc) to release those negative feelings.  destroy it after you have made it, if you wish.  when you are feeling good about yourself, celebrate your happiness with a more loving, special piece of art.  with this type of art, you should either keep it to remind yourself how amazing you are or gift it to someone you love.

remember that all of these can be applied to anyone!  just because i classified a certain exercise under a certain sign does not mean it will only work for that sign.  i encourage you to try all of these!  remember to love yourself :)

jensen & jared main panel AHBL8 summary

Q: which characters do u wanna interact with more? jared: sully, sam’s imaginary friend. jensen: lucifer, and john for jdm

Jared thinks if he wasn’t on TV he would have heaps of tattoos.

‘There’s a lot of nudity on that show.’ Jared Padalecki responds to audience suggestion that he & Jensen would be great in Outlander #AHBL8

jensen: i’d want us on the walking dead. jared: again…..their /final/ episode. because we’d kill all of the zombies

Jensen said there will be something “purgatory-esque” before the end of the season. #ahbl8

Jared is super proud of the work he did with soulless Sam. Jensen is really proud of purgatory Dean. This makes me very happy.

Q:what car would you drive? Jared: a Volkswagen Beetle. Jensen: 'The A-Team van’ Jared: 'The Millennium Falcon’ *proceeds the list the specifications*

Jared likes sitting in the pool with his kids ……and sending photos to Jensen. Jensen: 'I’m probably there!’ #ahbl8

Jared: when people tell me I saved their life, I turn around and tell them, no, YOU saved your life. YOU’RE the badass. #AHBL8

Q. What would you do to be alone with yourself? Dirty thoughts. Jensen face is the best thing ever  #ahbl8

Jared: 'Fake Ruby? Yeah! She just had her third kid!’ *smiles* *head in hands* *sobbing*

Jensen’s arguing w jared because he compared spn to star wars amd jensen’s like “we’ve never been to /space/ …….. SEASON 13”

Jared finds many similar personality traits in Sam Winchester and Luke Skywalker #AHBL8

Jensen: they wanted to cast the oddly tall younger brother first, and the handsome one second. #ahbl8

@JensenAckles 'there’s only one Dean. Dean Cain’ #ahbl8


jensen was talking about how he really loved to play alec in dark angel and jared DROPPED HIS MIC and started hardcore 'fangirling’

10 Bookish Problems

1) Having to create a dibs list with your best friend over fictional characters

2) Running out of bookshelf space, but continuing to buy more books

3) Inhaling books at the bookstore and getting strange looks

4) Caressing book covers and getting even stranger looks

5) Developing similar personality traits as the character you are reading about

6) Feeling lost after you finish a really good book

7) Only carrying a purse that is big enough to fit a book inside

8) Spending all of your money on books

9) Laughing, crying, etc. when reading a book in public

10) Getting deep in to fandoms (it’s not a cult…right?)

i just ?? bebe and louis have both been fucked over by the industry ?? and louis choosing to put her on Back To You ?? and shouting out The Way I Are out of all of her songs ?? i just ?? they seem to be able to relate to each other and have similar personality traits as well and if they don’t do promo together i’ll SCREAM because i’m so excited for their promo and seeing them together in interviews ?? YES PLEASE

holbywolfe  asked:

Well how could I not ask for no.42 on the prompts list! Berena and pregnant?!? My little gay heart

Meep! I have to say, this one made me nervous but once I found the right idea, it just came very naturally. So thank you for requesting this one! I hope you like it and I hope everyone else do too.

Prompt: No. 42 “I’m pregnant.”

Little One

Bernie paced back and forth outside the staff bathroom. Her fingers were crossed, her toes crossed, she didn’t really believe in doing it but this was their last go and she wasn’t taking any chances.

“Serena?” She knocked on the door.

“I can’t pee if you keep pestering me,” Serena called through the door.

“Right, sorry,” Bernie stepped back and resumed her pacing.

They had been in this exact position twice before. They had agreed when they began this process that three times was their limit, if it didn’t work for them, then they would look at other options. But Bernie knew how much Serena wanted this, they both wanted it but Serena, she was desperate to experience it all first hand.

The door suddenly opened and Bernie turned to see Serena standing there awkwardly. “How was it?” Bernie smiled, hoping to relieve the tension in the air.

“Like Niagara Falls,” Serena rolled her eyes.

Bernie barked a laugh. “A bit of toilet humour never hurt anyone,” she grinned. “So where is it?” Serena held up the little cup, a tiny white stick clattered around in it. Bernie could see the worry in Serena’s eyes. “Roof?” she suggested and Serena nodded.

They positioned the cup and stick on the top step and sat down below it. Serena kept turning back to check on it.

“That is the good stick,” Bernie said, taking hold of her hand and pulling her around to look out at the sky, the cup behind them out of sight. “Those things take 15 minutes. We still have another 10 to wait.”

“I hate waiting,” Serena sighed.

Bernie leaned down and kissed the top of Serena’s hand. “I know you do.”

They were quiet for a moment until Serena let out a sigh. “I know we said three times and that was it…” Serena began. “But I’m not ready to give up on this yet…”

“Serena,” Bernie sighed. “I don’t want to see you go through this heartache each time it doesn’t work…”

“I’m 36,” Serena gave a dry laugh. “If I were sleeping with a man, I wouldn’t be having this much trouble getting pregnant.”

Bernie knew Serena hadn’t meant it in the way it sounded but her words still stung. “If only I could get you pregnant…” she said softly. “We wouldn’t have to worry about all this.”

“Oh Bernie,” Serena turned slightly, her knees bumping into Bernie’s as she looked at her. “I didn’t… I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just… it should be easy at our age.”

“I know,” Bernie smiled at her. “I just wish I could make this easier for you.”

Serena smiled at her. “You make it easier just by being here, she leaned in and kissed her cheek.

IVF was a complicated process but if it worked, the whole thing would be worth it. They weren’t lacking in funds, they knew they could afford multiple attempts if they needed it. They had agreed on three. At their age, there was a 70% of the IVF succeeding but Bernie had still gone into the process cautiously optimistic. Serena, on the other hand, was positive it would work on the first try. It was hard when it didn’t.

“I hope he or she has hair like yours,” Serena said with a chuckle. Bernie smiled and squeezed Serena’s hand.

When they picked a sperm donor, they had chosen a man who matched Bernie’s physical description and shared similar personality traits and interests. It had been important to Serena for their children to at least look a little like them both. Bernie was touched. “I hope he or she has your dimples,” she turned her head slightly to kiss the spot on Serena’s cheek that dimpled when she smiled. Bernie checked her watch. “It’s time,” she whispered.

Serena stiffened beside her, her fingers tightening around Bernie’s hand. “What happens if it’s a minus?”

Bernie turned and picked up the cup, carefully keeping her hand over the top so that neither could see the result. “Then we talk about it,” Bernie said. She held the cup out for Serena to take. “Come on, what does it say?”

Serena took a long breath before she took the cup. “I’m shaking,” she laughed nervously and Bernie smiled. Serena glanced down at the cup, took the stick out of it and stared for a long moment. Bernie didn’t want to press her, didn’t want to rush her but the suspense was killing her. Serena nodded and lowered her hands, then looked up at the sky, her eyes filling with tears. Bernie’s heart plummeted.

“Serena…” She placed a hand on her back and rubbed circles in what she hoped was a soothing gesture.

Serena took a shaky breath. “I’m pregnant…”

Bernie paused. “You’re…” Her silence caught Serena’s attention and she turned to look at her, a smile pulling at her lips. “Really?”

She held up the stick. “We’re going to be parents.”

The little pink plus sign triggered something in Bernie’s chest, an explosion of emotion that she hadn’t quite been prepared for. All these months she had kept her emotions in check, been prepared for disappointment and carried Serena through the low points. It hasn’t really occurred to her what this moment would be like, what she would feel.

“You’re crying,” Serena said, wiping at the tears that Bernie didn’t realise were dripping from her chin.

“We’re going to be parents,” Bernie turned to her. “We’re having a baby.”

Serena laughed. “There’s going to be a tiny person running around calling you mum,” she said excitedly.

Bernie jumped up from the step and spun around to look at Serena. “We’re going to be parents!” She laughed, her excitement bubbling out of her.

“It’s really happening!” Serena laughed again and jumped up with her. She launched herself at Bernie and Bernie caught her in a hug.

Bernie smiled against Serena’s neck, then pulled back and placed a long lingering kiss on her lips. Serena wiped the tears from her cheeks as Bernie knelt down in front of her, her hand and forehead pressed against Serena’s stomach. “Hello little one,” she whispered. “I can’t wait to meet you.”

Oh my word, I gave myself feelings. I hope you all enjoyed this! It was fun to write. Love to you all and I hope you’re having a wonderful day xxx

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ay e yEAH [insert mark's voice here from Take It] i wanna requeS T GIFLESS REACTIONSSS BUT THERE ARE SO MANY LIKE -nct [any uniteu] reacting that you can rap better than markeu -you're annoying as haechan because you're his cousin/little sister -you can dance to Navillera 2 times faster and so many more like?????? YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE OUT OF THE OPTIONS SO YOU WON'T BE STRESSED <333333 - anon that talks too much

this is going to be gifless like you requested so !! also i chose nct 127 because most of the members are in this unit , if you want another unit do feel free to request again hehe ily

Nct 127’s reaction to you being Haechan’s younger sister

Taeil: When Haechan first introduced you to him , he was polite and really awkward , but as soon as you opened your mouth to speak ,or start making funny jokes/roasts , he knew what was going to come for him - he had to deal with Haechan2.0 .

But surprisingly though, you and Haechan hardly ever tease him , mainly because he’s much older than y'all and he’s so clueless sometimes , you find it hard to make fun of him . But that one time you imitated and teased his owl impression for a whole day straight , he looked so done with you , you eventually apologised and hugged him cheekily .

Johnny: I feel like Johnny would just smile to himself a lot , as he noticed how you’d have similar personality traits with Haechan , and he found it cute that you’d always try to make the others around you laugh .

Being the romantic and sweet guy he is , he wouldn’t mind much if you teased and joked around with him a lot . But if you did it too overboard though , he’d tease you back instantly - making fun of you being shorter than he is , and probably also pat your head after , saying how much you remind him of a kid - which you’d be pouty and whiny about .

Taeyong: As soon as you met him for the first time , “ Ty track !! Ty track !! ” , you high fived Haechan and laughed together with your brother - he facepalmed himself and sighed , knowing that he had to deal with another kid , which he found adorable anyway .

Despite the number of times you played a prank on him though, he’d still help you no matter what , and giving you advice when needed to . Gets annoyed when you greet him with ‘Ty track’ instead of ‘oppa’ but doesn’t show it , because he likes how you’re so carefree and happy all the time , just like Haechan .

Yuta: When you introduced yourself as Haechan’s sister , he immediately replied with a “ Wow donghyuck ah , i didn’t know you had such a pretty sister ” - you knew what his character was like . Both of you eventually got closer and would have little roasts competitions and arguements with one another from time to time , which Haechan sometimes joins in too , which yuta dislikes because all he wants is to talk to you tbh .

“ oppa , stop flirting so much with winwin , he looks so uncomfortable all the time ”

“ shut up , no one’s flirting with who - unless you count me and you ”

“ no one wants to flirt with you ew ”

“ oh i’m sorry i was talking to the BEAUTIFUL lady behind , not you haha ”

Doyoung: Was really excited to meet you , in hopes that you’d be much sweeter and not as annoying as Haechan , but was caught off guard when you and donghyuck played a prank together on him . Was genuinely upset about it and it was not only you apologised and promised to make it up to him that he forgave you .

Nags at you A LOT , and has a frown on his face most of time - not because he dislikes you , but because you’re always disturbing and teasing him , and with Haechan around it’s two times worst . But nonetheless he still treats you like a child sometimes and helps you out a lot , and sometimes you’d catch him smiling and shaking his head at your silly actions .

Jaehyun: Like Johnny , he’d be really chill about it and probably not do much , only laughing and giggling at the jokes you make and how loud you were . At times too , he’d tell Haechan about how he thinks you’re cute , which you eventually found out about because donghyuck cant keep his mouth shut .

Would probably agree with you on playing pranks on the other members , especially on Doyoung because he likes seeing bunny pissed . Loves taking care of you and treating you like a child too , and he probably saved your contact name as “ hyuck’s lovely sister ” or somewhere along those lines .

WinWin: Shookt™ and speechless at first when he realised how you and Haechan were so alike , especially the loudness and happiness , being the mood maker and talker of your first meeting/encounter with each other .

Would just smile to himself quietly and let you do what you want , as he’s used to haechan around , it’s nothing new with you now . But at the same time he’s too cute and pure , you hardly ever make fun/tease him , but instead you’re unconsciously sweet to him most of the time , which of course caught haechan off when he noticed , making him suspect that you had a crush on winwin .

Mark: “ this hyung is so dumb but also great at the same ” - you remember your brother telling you this , and you eventually understood what he meant when you got to know him better . He’s so clueless and naive you feel the need to tease him all the time , which he’d always just sigh and shake his head to after , denying and claiming to what you were teasing about .

Poor Mark now has to deal with both you and Haechan , as y'all constantly tease and joke about him . But since Mark has known donghyuck for the longest time ever , he wasn’t surprised when he noticed that you and haechan were the exact same . At times he’d also smile and laugh to himself , can’t help but agree that you were a funny person .

Haechan: He’d always wanted to introduce you to the members , mainly because he feels that you’d be good friends with them , and also because he wanted to prove to the other members that there was someone just as annoying as he is .

Both of you like just like partners in crime and like to play pranks and tease the other members . But at the end of the day you’re thankful towards him because he gave you the opportunity to meet and make friends with such wonderful people .

Sometimes I think of the development behind Bellarke’s friendship and I’m just kind of blown away by it all. It’s just so unique. Like, it didn’t start out as two people bonding over a common interest or similar mindset or personality trait (as friendships develop most of the time), it was them barely tolerating each other and sharing the mutual understanding that they had to work together in order to survive. And that tolerance and understanding eventually led to trust and faith in the other person. Their shared leadership was what gave way to their friendship- having someone there to share their burdens with was what generated fondness. Personal moments between the two (*cough*Day Trip*cough*)came after all that.

I just think it’s all very interesting and unique. Oh, and well done. All of it is so, SO well done.

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For the "send me a ship" meme: do you have a favorite KH pairing, and if so, why? 😊

Can I cheat and say more than one? Because more than one.

Sokai: Ah yes the obviously canon pair. With unsatisfactory amount of screen time together and when one of the pair is on the sidelines… With such a fate why would I hardcore ship it the way I do? Because of the characters themselves. I shipped this when I first played the game because it was obvious to 7 year old me, but I began to dig into this couple when I replayed the Remixes and noticed more details. The driving force for me is the fact that this couple is that how fond they are for eachother. Every moment the two has for each other just makes me love them more because of how cute and wholesome they are. 

One of my favorite moments is the hug and the endgame for KH2. In the hug, Kairi really puts her heart into that hug because she finally can’t believe that Sora is right before her whom she almost forget even existed. She feels guilty and reassured with this. Sora on the other hand looks guilty because he promised Kairi he’d be back and obviously with Riku… But here he is not with Riku. To add up on it, he made her a wait a year and indirectly “forced” Kairi here in a dangerous place no less to look for him. He’s happy at the sight of her but this reunion wasn’t what Sora wanted for Kairi or deserved. Now flash forward to the end where Sora and Riku finally come back home. In that instance where Sora is running toward Kairi is where the real reunion happened for the both of them. Not only that but here he is, at the islands with Riku. This is their perfect reunion because they know the evil had been defeated (Oh little did they know) and their smiling faces don’t lie about how happy they are to see each other. Now tell me those looks don’t look like love.

Ahhh this is getting long and I kind of lost my train of thought. Basically speaking, their actions and intentions for each other make them a great couple. There is so much you can dig into them and see such support they have for eachother. Sokai is so healthy/cute/amazing and I’m just fangirling at this point. With many more amazing moments for them that it’s hard to describe into words since their actions speak miles.

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Rikushi: Okay now this is a pairing I can put words for… probably. Now this is a pairing that I liked after seeing 358/2 days. Surprise Surprise a rarepair (Because they are sorely lacking in fanart even though they deserve more). After everything Xion goes through, she really falls back on a certain character in the latter half of the game which is Riku. And I don’t mean to say she values Riku higher than her best friends but that in this instance of serious struggle, Xion feels more security along him while she feels more comfortable with her friends. It’s at this point in time where Xion is treated as less of her own person by those around her, even Axel, and not letting her make decisions for her ownself. Riku, on the other hand, is going on a quest to make sure his best friend wakes up and will take any measures to ensure it. But even despite that, he gives Xion time and more importantly, respect to make a hard choice, even as it’s cutting close to Sora’s time. Xion as well, makes sure not to betray Riku’s trust and respect in her for the same reason that she respects his goal and aim. They also have many great parallels and similar personality traits that they’d be compatible. Hell they could understand each other probably more than the person that they aim to save which are Sora and Roxas. An easy strike against this pairing is that Riku is doing this because he’s reminded of Kairi and Sora within her… which is not wrong but also wrong. In the beginning he does view her as that but the finale of 358/2 days is what convinces me that’s no longer the case. It’s the fact that Riku is still able to remember Xion and more importantly he realizes what she has done. He knows she sacrificed herself for herself, Sora, and Roxas who Xion also knows/believes will go back to Sora. With Xion’s, quite literally, dying words for him to stop Roxas, I believe this strengthens his resolve on bringing back Roxas to Sora. As such he embraces the darkness once more. At the very end, Riku sees Xion for her at the very end as her own person with her own wants and wishes. This in my opinion separates the full comparison of Sora and Kairi the whole time.

-breathes out- Okay that was too lengthy, just know that I love this pair a lot and they would be a great couple. Like people give this love and realize what a great pairing this could be.

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You know what? BONUS TIME. I’ll just pop another one in here JUST bECAUSE

RokuNami: Okay where do I go with this couple? Aesthetically HD Pleasing and amazing singing voice actors *cough* okay pairing wise. These two may at first seem like “clones” of Sora and Kairi but they really aren’t and they know that perfectly well for each other. Namine, the moment she stepped into this world, was alone. Not only that but she was controlled as well without having a sense of control for herself. Even in KH2 Namine is still under the control of someone as harsh as DiZ in that small white room. Although she later cherishes Axel and Riku as companions (according to the kh2 novels), Namine knows that she is a witch being kept around walls. And then comes Roxas who perks her curiosity. She sees his memories and relates to him and the feeling of being kept in the dark to which Roxas has suffered intensely from. That is the connection to which Namine feels the “want” to meet Roxas even though she shouldn’t deserve anything since she is a witch as she is constantly been described as. In this, Namine takes more steps for her and also to help Roxas. She also decides that Roxas deserves the truth which is all Roxas ever wanted from the latter half of 358/2 Days. And Namine gave it to him, no sugarcoat at all or bias at all. I believe Roxas greatly senses this within Namine as well and can relate to her in his fleeting summer days. At that point, Roxas knows something is up and that Namine is giving him answers when she really shouldn’t be. It could be fair to say that out of the four he met in the real world(Axel, DiZ, Riku, and Namine) he would choose her first and foremost. These two are honest to god cinnamon rolls and they have similar traits such as being self sacrificing and compassionate. In all honesty, they set out a groundwork for a truly cute (also hurt/comfort) couple. Hopefully we can see more of them in KH3 possibly because they don’t have much screentime. One thing is sure though, they have an unbreakable trust and are super freaking cute and are happy to have each other.

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Pendulum Questions for friendly spirits or your companions! pt .1

This is for everyone that can’t currently talk through telepathy etc. , but you still want to learn more about your companion (also a bit more aimed towards new companions, but of course these questions should help with any companion!) and I’ll probably make a part 2!

(this is going to be a long post!)


  1. Do you come from a large/medium/small family?
  2. Do like [insert food item here]?
  3. Are you a teenager/adult/older?
  4. Do you want to talk with me often?
  5. Would you help me with [insert thing here]?
  6. Would you prefer a smaller/bigger/medium spirit family?
  7. Do we share similar personality traits?
  8. Do you have a spouse/lover?
  9. Am I your first companion?
  10. Have you been with me in a previous life?
  11. Do you have green/hazel/brown/blue/etc. eyes?
  12. Do you have dark/tan/medium/light skin?
  13. Do you have a natural hair color?
  14. Do you have an unnatural hair color?
  15. Are you tall/ short?
  16. Do you like [insert interest here]?


  • drawing
  • writing
  • poetry
  • sports
  • reading
  • talking?
  • gardening
  • playing video games
  • etc

for fun!

  1. Are you a Slytherin/Gryffindor/Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff? 
  2. Do you even like Harry Potter?
  3. Do you like Studio Ghibli Movies?
  4. Are you #singlepringle lol
  5. [parent] or [other parent] (to start drama lol)
  6. Have you ever watched Avatar?
  7. Do you like Disney?
  8. Do you like pineapple on pizza?
  9. Do you like Ghost Hunting shows?
  10. Do you think humans are weird?


aka one way for one answer to one way or another (for example motion for yes= day and motion for no=night!), I’ve found that this or that questions help you learn more about a spirit!

  1. Sunny days or rainy days?
  2. Autumn or Spring?
  3. Winter or Summer?
  4. Coffee or Tea?
  5. Sweet or Sour?
  6. Savory or Sweet?
  7. Head or tails? tails? too bad I win haha….I’ll stop
  8. Introvert or Extrovert
  9. or Ambivert
  10. [some color] or [another color]
  11. Do you prefer short hair or long hair? (they could even swing maybe for medium hair!)
  12. Do you have short air or long hair
  13. Pants or shorts?
  14. Pants or dress? (could mix and match)
  15. Action movies or Romance?
  16. Horror or Mystery?
  17. Comedy or Fantasy? (mix and match)
  18. Animated movies or real movies?
  19. Pendulum or Tarot?
  20. Astral or Physical?
  21. Beach or Mountains?
  22. Forest or City?
  23. Country or City?
  24. Dogs or Cats?
  25. Breakfast to Dinner
  26. Dinner or Lunch
  27. Brunch or Brinner?
  28. Video games or Board games?
  29. Night or Day?
  30. Fire or Water
  31. Earth or Air?
  32. Meadow or Lake?
  33. Incense or Candles?
  34. Books or Movies?
  35. Flying powers or Invisibility?
  36. Fancy clothing or Comfortable clothing?
  37. Silver or Gold?
  38. Tattoos or Piercings?
  39. Light or Heavy scents?
  40. Are you loud or quiet?
  41. Do you prefer the loud or the quiet?
  42. Would you rather be super cold or super hot?
  43. Ice Cream or Snow Cone?
  44. Pop music or Indie
  45. or any other genre or music?
  46. Crazy huge party or Small get together?
  47. Letters or Emails?
  48. Whats worse? Laundry or Washing the Dishes?
  49. Baths or Showers?
  50. Pancake or Waffle?
Personal impressions of the signs
  • Aries: Pranksters, love to talk about love, always singing/listening to music, hyper, dreamers that love to write about what they dream of and share with others
  • Taurus: Homebodies, personality trait similar to a "hard candy with a soft center", a need to be comfortable, intellectual jokesters, homes neatly decorated and maintained
  • Gemini: Scatterbrained, natural born teachers, random knowledge, always up for an adventure, avid readers, personality changes with mood
  • Cancer: Loves to party, then go home & reflect on it, fun but quick to be sad, easily effected by the actions and words of others, always wants to help you if they can
  • Leo: Proud, problem solvers, place friendships very high, not afraid to call you out, work is just as important as play
  • Virgo: Smart, never what you expect, internal battles, orderly on the outside with wild minds, strong work ethic, artistic minds
  • Libra: People pleasers, always talking about something, naive, avid art museum visitors, always "in love" with someone/something, inner turmoil with a smile on their face
  • Scorpio: The person with the sexual innuendos, intense & beautiful eyes, deep and emotional conversations, wants to make you happy but wants to be made equally as happy back, can hurt you with a sentence
  • Sagittarius: Quirky, liked it "before it was cool", friends are very important, adventurous in all aspects of the word
  • Capricorn: Strong, takes none of your nonsense, likes to earn what they have, loyal but has a wild side they'll show when you least expect it,
  • Aquarius: Progressive, can distance themselves easily to their friends' dismay, loves to learn, activists and humanitarians
  • Pisces: Sweet as sugar but can get sad easily, clairvoyant, animal and art lovers, wants to make others happy even if it hurts them in the long run, very expressive