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ASOIAF meme: 1/5 relationships ♦ Sansa and Bran

She was a Stark of Winterfell, a noble lady, and someday she would be a queen.

Bran was going to be a knight himself someday, one of the Kingsguard.

January 1st, 2017

Darkness covers the globe, a shadow stretching across the midday sky and shrouds every continent, ocean and state.

A single flying saucer descends from the enormous shadow, landing in the middle of central Tokyo, inciting panic and fascination from the populous. Similar ships land in cities all over the world soon after. The Armies of all nations have their weapons aimed at the mysterious invaders as they await further movement.

Suddenly, the ships light all at once, as they all project a single image. The image is quickly televised and broadcast throughout the entire world on every media platform.

On the grand hall of the mothership, an alien entity crawls center stage, its undefined shape confusing to the eyes of humans who stare at it with awe.

It speaks in an alien tongue, and its words get translated into over a thousand human languages.

“This last planetary cycle was a test. And you all failed.”

The Armstrong Whitworth AW.681, also designated the Whitworth Gloster 681 or Hawker Siddeley HS.681 - due to industry mergers - was a pretty unique transport design from Britain’s 1960s aviation industry. Fulfilling a similar short takeoff and landing specification as Lockheed’s C-130, Armstrong Whitworth produced a solid contender in the AW.681, featuring vectored thrust nozzles, boundary layer control, blown flaps, leading edges and ailerons.

Then they took things a little further, trading the four Rolls-Royce RB.142 Medway engines for four Bristol Siddeley Pegasus turbofans, to obtain VTOL capability. These were the engines which went on to power the Harrier. It would have been an interesting sight. Thanks to the swept shoulder-mounted wings and high T-tail, it would have also resembled today’s C-17 and A400M.

The entire project was scrapped in 1964 when the moment’s Labour Government announced a defence spending review, opting instead to buy the American Lockheed C-130. As a result the company closed it’s Coventry factory, making 5000 workers redundant.

meet Handy’s cyborg captain and fearless leader, Peo!

she had a large portion of her left side blown apart in a mechanical accident, including her hand, lower leg, eye, and a number of teeth and bones. so she built herself robotic replacements (including an eye with rotating lenses, each with a different function, controlled by the touchscreen on her head)

I’m pretty happy with how the crew is coming along! :D

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Another Kingdom Hearts Week

Day 2: Favorite original world

Twilight Town

“Despite its subtle atmosphere, Twilight Town is one of the largest worlds known. It is located in between light and darkness, similar to the Land of Departure, Castle Oblivion, Traverse Town and The World That Never Was. As its name implies, this world’s sun is always in the same position in the sky, never rising nor setting.”

Here’s some doodlin of the other planets!
Jupiter is essentially a massive, slow moving storm..thing.
There’s a sort of moving city around it, that harvests gases n stuff out of it.
Walking deeper into Jupiter has a similar effect to landing in a gas giant. I.e., go too far and it’ll crush ya the city around it has to be very aware of its movements or it’ll roll right over them

Uranus is pretty self explanatory. Creepy sideways planet

Neptune is an ass. It’s basically an orb of water surrounded by a perpetual chill and flesh rending winds
Tends to stay over the ocean, and it’s General gravity and weather kinda fucks with things a bit

Pluto can only be seen at a set distance, no matter how close it physically is to you.
It could be touching ur hand but it would still appear to be like 10 feet away. It’s design is..still in flux rn

Pokémon Sun and Moon - October 2016 Leaks!

There will be 145 new Pokémon and 6 Ultra Beasts - Total 151 Pokemon

  • Previous starters will be handed out in the game
  • An egg containing an entirely new Pokémon, similar to Togepi, will be handed out.  
  • Type: Null’s dex mentions about it being created by a person from a faraway land. Project similar to Mewtwo.
  • SUN & MOON Fossils: a bacteria fossil that is believed to be the oldest organism, and a plant fossil that is based off ferns.
  • There’s also going to be a Saber tooth tiger and a frilled Dinosaur Pokemon
  • There is going to be a toucan Pokémon
  • Drampa has 2 pre-evolutions
  • Pre-evolution of Passimian and couple of others

Jangmo-o’s final evolution is (Dragon/Steel)

Starters:  The Chinese Leak starter evos are true and are exclusive to Sun.

Sun Forms: Rowlet Types are Grass/Flying, and Popplio becomes a Water/Fairy and Litten Fire/Dark.  

Moon Forms: Moon Rowlet is a Wizard (Grass/Psychic), Moon Popplio is a beast (Water/Fighting) and Moon Litten gets a scorpion tail (Fire/Poison)

@megapokemonxy is getting Pokémon Moon!


Frog Switch

Released: May 28, 2016
Type: Prop
Game: Wario Land 4

What a cute frog! Like most frogs, this frog statue activates a warp vortex when the head piece is pushed down. It also triggers a time bomb and makes Frog Blocks switch their state. I gave the blue parts a texture like lapis lazuli to make it feel like more of an ancient artifact. The bomb inside the switch was given a rough body for the same reason. I even tried to figure out how the switch mechanism could be built with ancient technology, which is why it has support rods instead of just magically floating. The Frog Blocks were thrown in as an added bonus, with the “off” state being inspired by similar blocks in Wario Land: Shake It! / The Shake Dimension.

I was singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight at work today and I thought about Simba and Nala’s Romantic Play Fight to Suggestive Tumble scene and then I thought about the movie Antz and it’s odd suggestive quirks build in for the adults in the audience and I got to thinking about HTTYD 2 and when Toothless knocks Hiccup and Astrid over and how they landed and that Dreamworks wasted an opportunity there.

I want to see Toothless knock Hiccup and Astrid over in RTTE and have Hiccup land on her, similar to how she lands on him in HTTYD 1, only instead of fear or anger like HTTYD 1, they linger in that position for a moment looking at each other, maybe blushing, maybe flustered, maybe thinking about kissing each other.

Maybe they could even almost kiss but be interrupted in some comic manner by the gang?

I know that’s tropey but it is a trope I want to see.


Ariana dreamed a captivating dream about the barren colony of Fishburg. Among the empty landscape she heard a tale of discovery, adventure, resilience, and loss, and became inspired by a captain with a seemingly impossible goal to restore the land - similar to her own. 

“If the captain ever needs my assistance, I’d be glad to offer it. The land is alive. Barely… but it is. They can do this.”

I have a feeling this town will linger long into her waking hours.

town by @terraformacnl 


Freelance Advice! Self Promotion and Starting Your Own Brand

I was just sent an email that was asking me about how I got started as a freelance designer/illustrator/animator/x, and I think I’m just going to paste my answer here in case anyone gets something out of it.


Illustration is a career path I’ve always been obsessed with– in terms of work experience, the first job out of school I got was a paid internship at MIT creating a game from start to finish over the summer. From there I scoured Boston for similar jobs and finally landed on a game studio that hired me. Since then, all of my jobs have been through knowing a colleague who knows a director who knows someone else who needs an illustrator. Never take your network for granted!

I attended a design school that focused on self-marketing and I know there’s a lot of crossover in each department on how to get started. 

In my senior year I took a class that focused on portfolio building that was incredibly helpful. We: 

1. Trimmed and enhanced our bodies of work to create both an online and physical portfolio that best represented our artistic strengths and voices. 

2. Designed business cards (I recommend for sharp and well-priced cards!) and mailers (I’m not sure if graphic designers necessarily send out mailers, I think that might be more under the fine artist category).

3. Drafted up invoices and contracts for future use (which was just a matter of searching the internet for a standard freelance designer invoice/contract and recreating it in InDesign, tailored to our needs).

4. As an assignment, we reached out to 5 professional artists whose work we admired and asked them for a critique of our site. That one was nerve-wracking, but I was pleasantly surprised that some of my art heroes got right back to me with valuable suggestions.

I’d recommend spending a good chunk of time on all of these points. Having this as a foundation is incredibly helpful, and spending a few days re-tuning your site and resume every few months will have you fully prepared for any jobs that come at you. People will know you as someone who takes their work seriously, which is the best professional reputation you can have. 

Things that I’ve learned since graduating: DON’T miss out on online promotion! Creating a LinkedIn profile, starting a blog, a Twitter account, and having a Facebook page specifically for your work are all great ways to gain traction and get your name out there. People are always looking for designers and passing around links. You’d be surprised at the amount of work you can get through being the friend of a sister of someone’s cousin who happens to be launching a start up and needs a new website and logo.

I’ve found Twitter and Tumblr to be especially helpful for 1. Posting updates when you make new work and 2. Talking about yourself. Personally I’m kind of an over-sharer, but I’ve made a lot of professional connections just through being positive and chatting about stuff I enjoy.


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Ruins of an ancient civilization were recently discovered underwater within the borders of the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists have yet to determine the origins of the ruins and have not discovered any links to any similar structures left on land by past cultures.

What’s most interesting about this discovery is the structures’ similarity to the ruins in ancient Egypt. After an extensive radar search of the ocean floor several pyramids have been pinpointed that were almost identical in structure to those in Giza, but significantly larger. Also, instead of comprising of stone like the Egyptian and Aztec pyramids, these ones are made out of a glass-like material, which has been speculated to aid some sort of an energy harnessing by the ancient culture that constructed them.

Is this evidence of a ancient alien race perhaps?

Mianite AU/Prompt | Message in a Puddle

AU Description

Mianite and Ruxomar are parallel to each other, and everything done in the World of Mianite(that changes the original landscaping) is done to the Realm of Ruxomar.


Spark and Mot explore the World of Mianite for clues on how to restore that world’s Dianite. They eventually find a piece of land similar to Dagrun’s landscaping before it was built, and Mot decides to experiment on contacting Dagrun.

Eventually, Mot gets tired of his fruitless experiments and writes on a nearby mud puddle his nostalgia for returning to his own world.

Meanwhile, CaptainSparklez is working on his teleportation gates and making them work, when he notices the nearby mud puddle ripple with words. He reads the letters and decides to reply.

Mot is shocked to find that someone had replied. He rushes to respond, and eventually they get to know each other and what has happened since the alternates’ departure. Soon, Sparklez falls for Mot and Mot for Sparklez, but they literally can’t see each other because of their disposition.


Scenes from Take That’s song “Shine” Live at Progress Tour and Robbie Williams music video for “You Know me”

  • Some of the lyrics from the song “You know me” makes me think Robbie was answering to the lyrics of “Shine” (song dedicated to him by the rest of Take That members when he was having a hard time on his personal life)
  • The fact that  on  “You know me “ music video , Robbie was dressed as a bunny  living in a hole is represented on Take That’s  “Shine” performance and also, the rest of the members go to this strange land (similar to the one on Robbie’s music video) to meet him and reunite as a band .
  • I love it ♥

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Can I have some Australia x America headcanons?

After they started dating it took America forever to learn all of Australia’s slang words, he still doesn’t get all of them.

Because of their similar climates, Australia and America always agree on air conditioning/heater usage.

Australia doesn’t really play videogames and it took America forever to convince him to come inside and play and then to teach him how

Since they’re both similar in size (land area) they don’t have a set top and bottom and tend to switch quite often.

Australia, although in awe of the size and colour of the cities doesn’t fancy America’s busy states and prefers the more outback ones.

Neither of them are that fantastic at cooking but when they do they cook together as its more fun.

- Awesome