Name: Aeron Howlett
Age: 23
Why do you want to be a Simicide Girl/Boy/Person: Life is hard when you don’t know who you are. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a community where I can meet extraordinary people who are not afraid of showing the world who they are. I’m fed up with with public opinions of how a person should dress/behave in the society. Everyone has a right to choose and he/she should be proud of making his own choice and not be dependend on anyone else. 


Name: Jebidiah Michaels

Age: 28

Why do you want to be a Simicide Girl/Boy/Person?: 

I used to make my living by modeling, up until I got my first tattoo to commemorate the passing of my wife. After they saw it, the designer wanted nothing to do with me. They told me that I was not ‘acceptable’ and I didn’t fit their image. It was a blow at a time in my life when I needed that security. In time I came to realize that not everyone fits that narrow definition of what an acceptable person should look like. I want to show my son the lesson I have learnt; that it is OK to be unique. People are diverse, and I believe this is an opportunity to show my son that what is 'acceptable’ can only be defined by the individual, not society.


Name: Rila Watanabe

Age: 22 (YA)

Why do you want to be a Simicide Girl?: I work in fashion myself and I’m currently working in a Bridgeport boutique with the opportunity of creating my own line but with a view to having my own boutique in the future because there’s only so much creative freedom a person can get working under someone else. I know this, Simicide Girls, is going to be another creative outlet for me. I’ve done some pretty varied modelling before, at uni mostly, and I enjoyed it a lot. It was another thing to push me out of my comfort zone and make me become surer of myself. While I definitely had a voice before, it helped amplify it and it was at that point people really started to sit up and take notice of what I had to say. Being a Simicide Girl seems, to me, like a natural progression from that.

The really fascinating thing about this kinda stuff is you can create a whole narrative in one picture and that’s what I’d really like to explore. I suppose I see myself as a test subject for later on, when I finally get to do it for my own models wearing the clothes I’ve created.

That’s my main reason but also I’d like to travel about a bit for different shoots. I’m Bridgeport born and bred but me and my parents were always travelling back and forth to visit my grandparents back in Japan so I caught the bug young. Plus there’s a big world out there full of great places to set the scene for that narrative I was talking about! 


Name: Lucia Tulliver
Age: 21
Why do you want to be a SG?: I want to be a Simicide Girl because I love being in my own skin. Most women don’t understand how to love their body for all its quirks and it’s flaws. I embrace mine; I make stupid faces and I let my emotions run free, especially behind a camera. I want to show the world it’s okay to be… you. It’s okay to let the world see you.


Name: Lydia Rosette Nickname : Lyd
Age: YA- 19
Why do I want to be a Simicide Girl? : When I first saw the Simicide Girls I fell in love with it, I’ve done modeling in my past and enjoy it very much. I think it is a good way to express my cocky attitude, and who I truly am. I’m orginally a city girl but I prefer the sea. My cocky attitude comes from mean parents and a lot of bullying in my younger days. I’m here to represent my strength and confidence in myself. My tattoos are unique, my dream catcher being my favorite. I look forward to being in with the girls and now guys.. Let’s add to the gals with cocky attitudes !!


Name: Dani Sparks

Age: 23

Why do you want to be a Simicide Girl/Boy/Person:

Growing up, I was told I couldn’t be much due to my curves and “snout”. But I want t show that you can be beautiful, even if it isn’t always on the outside. I would like to be a simicide girl to show despite your features, we are all the same on the inside.