1,2,3,4,5 Aaaahhhhh <3 You just made me so happy! Thank you so much, I miss you all moooore xoxo

Of course it’s not much too ask! Here we gooo

7 Thank you so much! Attackhug ^_^

8 No it doesn’t stop the family, I just play with story progression turned off. Click on the house you want to play and then select  Nraas- Master Controller and Make Active :)

9,10,12 Meeeeep I love you guys Thank you! And back to you of course (:

11 Yes I think so (: It might have a few things from expansions buuut the items will just replace with base game stuff

13 Ello! Brave, Rebellious, Neat and Clumsy ^_^

Sorry for the late replies! 


Daisy: So Its nice to be home huh, apart from missing Kai. It feels kind of good.
Dax: Sure, sure.
Daisy: Guess where I’m going tomorrow?
Dax: ….
Daisy: I’m going to audition for a test shoot at SimBunny magazine!
Dax: *cough, choke, splutter* YOUR DOING NOTHING OF THE SORT!!!

Aw, Daisy, ignore him. I have your action queued and as soon as you stand up your heading over to pixelpixies photo studio to do your shoot.