Doggy Lighting is here! Christams gift from me to you guys! I’m sorry for such a late but I have a lot stuff to do and that’s why it takes me so long to finish this. You can download it tomorrow on TSR! 

t’s a set of seven lights. Every single lamp is matching to single object. Here’s the list:
- Light 1 for Pet House Cheap
- Light 2 for pet House Expensive
- Light 3 for Cat Condo
- Light 4 for Cat Jungle Gym
- Light 5 for Murano’s Dog-house
- Light 6 for Lily’s Small Door (Under Stairs Pet House)

- Light 7 for Lily’s Large Door (Under Stairs Pet House)

To put lights on pet houses you need to turn on ‘moveObjects on"!
Have fun with it! :)


White Asylum is bright bedroom for those who like peace. It’s also perfecr for woman of buisnesswho like to work in bed. Here you can feel energy of white color which is perfcet fro woman in pregnat. White color calm your nerves. You need tp lay really comfy and feel it. White Asylum is for those who wants to have their own place.
Set contains:
- Bed
- Wardrobe
- Bed Bench
- Floor Mirror
- Enat Table
- Table Lamp
- Canopy.

Please don’t clone my meshes!