Doggy Lighting is here! Christams gift from me to you guys! I’m sorry for such a late but I have a lot stuff to do and that’s why it takes me so long to finish this. You can download it tomorrow on TSR! 

t’s a set of seven lights. Every single lamp is matching to single object. Here’s the list:
- Light 1 for Pet House Cheap
- Light 2 for pet House Expensive
- Light 3 for Cat Condo
- Light 4 for Cat Jungle Gym
- Light 5 for Murano’s Dog-house
- Light 6 for Lily’s Small Door (Under Stairs Pet House)

- Light 7 for Lily’s Large Door (Under Stairs Pet House)

To put lights on pet houses you need to turn on ‘moveObjects on"!
Have fun with it! :)


Honeymoon Suite 

#Simrissie  (Rykel)

Romantic Tuscan style lot with hot tub and various objects that enable the flirty emotion. 

Lot information:

  • Residential 30x20
  • Beautiful garden - includes statue with flirty aura enabled
  • Patio area with hot tub (upgraded with stereo and aromatherapy), champagne (VIP bucket with flirty aura enabled) and outside dining 
  • Fire pit for romantic interactions such such as cuddling in front of the fire and roasting marshmallows. 
  • Romantic bedroom with complimentary fruit basket, champagne (VIP bucket with flirty aura enabled) and cupid’s bow 
  • Tea/coffee station with biscuits 
  • Walk in closet with complimentary bathrobes
  • Flat screen TV 
  • Romantic bathroom with corner tub and shower - all plumbing upgraded
  • Romantic dining area & breakfast bar with coffee/tea station 
  • Fully equipped kitchen - all appliances upgraded

Download it here 


premise gift ispired because my little boy the 28th of this month (january) celebrates his 4th birthday ^^

Belly Paints in Tattoo / Pregnant trait +25% decay of bladder, hungry, energy


>> other screenshot of cc under the cut <<

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Uhm well, the day after tomorrow I am going for 2 weeks in holiday c: aaand there is a posepack for you, most of them are compatible, enjoy with your fantasy while I will out guys >3<

Don’t be scared, I am here

I hope you like it c:

+ Please don’t re-upload my creations or claim them as your own +

Enjoy ♥

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LOOKBOOK №3 by Mocka


One more “sporty” lookbook, but it rather hip-hop look. Enjoy =)

Hair - Sintiklia

Hat - JS Sims

Chain - Mocka

Rings&Earrings - Leahlillith

Top - MF Sims 

Bottom - Orange Sim

Shoes - Madlen

Thank you for the notifications!

Love you, people ♥



LOOKBOOK №2 by Mocka


When I saw this Zauma’s hair, I imagined this pics!

Hair - Zauma

Dress - [omgxj]

Rings - Severinka

Watch - standart game

Chain - Darko

Shoes - Pixicat

Thank you for the notifications!

Love you, people ♥

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