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Doing direct links from mediafire. Bypass the ad-screen.

I keep hearing people saying they got viruses or malware from mediafire. Personally it hasn’t happened to me but ad-block always blocked ads and recently something updated and is also blocking the tab that opened when you clicked download.

Anyway this isn’t the point of this tutorial. I host my downloads on mediafire and only recently have I begun to also use dropbox. I wasn’t sure if to stop using mediafire or not but then I realized I could just give you guys the direct link and you wouldn’t see the webpage with the ads or anything. Here’s how:

Go to the page of your download and right-click on the download button.  There click the option that says ‘Copy Link Location’ or whatever the equivalent is on your browser. I’m using firefox in this example.

Now you will have a link that goes directly to your package/zip/etc. Here’s an example of what happens when you put that link in the address bar:

It’s just going to start the download.  Voilá!

Credits: I’d like to thank berrysweetboutique because thanks to her downloads I figured out this could be done.

Note. I do something similar with my dropbox downloads (when you click on them it’s also an automatic thing). If anyone is interested I could make a tutorial of that.

Can someone help me get the sims2 base game and maybe expansion packs ?

I know there was a deal with EA for the sims2 packs but I missed the release . And now I really want it ): If someone could find me a base game for download that would be cool. I do have Apartment life and University already . I have been seeing a lot of nice TS2 posts and now I really want it 😀

Can Anybody Help?

My 100 Baby Cotton Save has messed up. Peony is like gone. She won’t age up, She’s stuck in a costume from the chest and now she’s not showing up in the portrait when you choose which file to play. Can anyone help? I was really loking forward to her aging up soon and I don’t wanna have to just force kill her. Even resetsim is working (on testingcheats and on Nraas)

I merged some packages yesterday, could that be the reason?


If you can see, there is a black shape over Nile’s eyes - this is usually extended when eyelashes are altered. I know this because this line appears on every sim in my game, especially ones I make in cas. However, it is not always with all clothes. Even base game clothes - but not all of them. 

Does anyone know what it is? I noticed it a while back, but I’m getting pretty annoyed with it now, it prevents me from using certain cc, poses etc. 

can anyone help?

so, i’m back. 

i just re-installed the game after 8 months. i’m going through a kinda difficult time and need the distraction again, yknow?

anyway! i’m excited to get back involved with the community, and if anyone could link me to cool stuff i’ve missed, i’d appreciate it.



Random question

Okay, so I have a question. You know how your sims get that pitch black skin whenever you uninstall a skin they use? Is there any specific way to get rid of it? Like can I just put another skin on, or do I have to do something else to make it look right?

Or not..

Sims is being an absolute butt! I click play and it just goes black. I’m considering uninstalling and reinstalling everything or getting rid of a few expansions i’m not using at the moment because I literally just want to play and I’m getting annoyed that I can’t.

Anyone know what’s causing it to go black before I go insane and uninstall everything??

PLEASE READ (Game issues): So, I could seriously use some help. Please x.x

The last couple of months have been a pain in the rear when it came to playing the Sims. Why? I, along with some other simmers, have been having the awful time of having our game freeze at start-up. What do I mean by that? Well, the screen freezes right at the EA logo and the music cuts. just stays there till I have to force-quit using the task manager. 

Frankly, the only thing that I noticed making a difference was my mods folder. See, I used the dashboard tool and I checked my files. I took out conflicting files THAT WORKED FINE before. So, I don’t have any bad or corrupt files in my mods folder, or my launcher stuff (sims3packs). But when I do take out my mods folder, the game runs. Is it possible there’s something going on with framework?

I ended up remaking my mods folder and the same stuff happened. I’m honestly lost now and it’s just too much when I have a legacy to work on.

I know someone had this issue before, but I wasn’t able to fix it. And I know that someone else is having this issue at the moment as well. So, please, if anyone knows what to do or anywhere I could look (I’ve searched google and I can’t find anything that related to me enough to fix it) I, and others, would really appreciate it.

I did think of some reasons, like system stuff, but I honestly am not sure why this would be the case.My game runs well aside from the recent and very bizarre start-up freezing.

Um, if this helps, I have a Dell Inspiron 620 desktop computer with 6 GB of installed RAM and a Nvidia Geforce GT 530 graphics card.

Anyway, I’m on the verge of just reinstalling everything, but that literally takes all day, so if anyone has any suggestions other than reinstalling….please don’t be afraid to pass this along or reply x.x

I would really appreciate it!

Thank you <_> <3


Everytime I play the game sort of reset it self. Relationships are at zero, weather stone and time portal regenerate and it’s all just a mess. I thought it was because I kept switching households but even when I go back to the libertys it does it. Anyone know what’s happening?