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Thank you for letting me answer this publicly *u*! I sometimes get similar asks, so here’s a post to help you get started on your strange pastel aliensmurf.

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For creators of cute pastel clothing, check the Resources page in my blog ^u^. I also recommend wearing a skin overlay on top of the colorful skin, to soften the default EA one. Making your own forehead tattoo is awesome too. I’m often too lazy to make my own xD


01. It depends on the person, honestly. But for me, my top 3 favourite stuff packs are Cool Kitchen Stuff, Movie Hangout Stuff and Backyard Stuff. The worst ones for me personally are probably Luxury Party Stuff and Perfect Patio Stuff. Everything else is just kind of mediocre or average. But don’t take my word for it! Everyone likes different things in their games, and it all depends on how you like to play your game. For example, I’m not a huge fan of Get Together, mostly because I don’t play with clubs and my sims rarely go to parties, but some people love it! It’s all about perspective and play-styles.

02. I have one but don’t use it.

03. I don’t currently, but I was thinking about repurposing BOXOFPIXELS to be a cc finds blog.

04. The blushes I use are on my RESOURCE PAGE.

05. HIGH WAISTED SKIRT by CRAZYCUPCAKEFR (this is one of my favourite skirts!)


07. When I edit screenshots, I have a layer of selective colour that makes the reds in a photo more vibrant. Usually that affects the blushes I use.



anonymous asked:

≈ : Do you use an HQ Mod?
nope, my graphics are actually the worst (i mean i was even mocked on simsecret for my shitty pixelated pics lol) and i don’t think my computer could handle and hq mod for any game :-(


Four letter word
But I don’t have the guts to say it
Smile til it hurts
Lets not make it complicated
We’ve got a story
But I’m about to change the ending
You’re perfect for me
You’re more than just a friend so we can just stop pretending now
I gotta let you know somehow

simtress  asked:

§, †, »,♫

§: Do you use cheats?
i do, but not on my main sim’s household because then i feel like the game doesn’t have a point !!

†: Do you kill sims on purpose?
yeah…………………………… but only when they’re being like, really annoying

» : What was your first sim’s name?
i don’t remember my first ts1 sim’s name, but what i DO remember is that my first ts2 sim was called narcisa :-)

♫: Worst mistake that has ever happened in your game?
like a glitch or something i regret doing? i don’t know, nothing out of this world has ever happened in my game :-(


“What is it you wanted to speak of Sasuke?”

“There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“Is that so?”

He nodded and after taking a short breath encouraged himself to continue.

“It’s about…Naruto.

"Yes, go on.”

“As you know, he moved in a few months ago after being evicted from his apartment.”

“Yes I recall.”

“Well I…We’re…”


Shock appeared on his face as his cheeks became flushed.

“How…How did you know?”

He chuckled slightly.

“Sasuke please. You’re about the most homosexual being there is. Everyone knew you were gay practically by the time you came out of mother’s womb. It’s about time the blonde won you over.”

“I see.”


“Quite beautiful isn’t it honey?”

Smiles and nods a bit.

“So Naruto, it’s been a few months since you found yourself a roommate. How has it been going?

Can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

"Dad it’s great! Well I mean Sasuke’s an asshole sometimes but that’s just normal Sasuke.”

“Naruto don’t say such things. That boy is a sweetheart, after all he’s let you stay in his home. And watch your words young man!”

Chuckles a bit.

“Sorry mom. I should have said he’s an idiot. Actually now that you mentioned him…”

“Something on your mind, Naruto?”

“Yeah, actually. Sasuke and I started dating a few months ago.”

They both smile as he finished his sentence.

“He finally warmed up to you huh?”

Laughs a bit and smiles.

“Yeah, he did. You guys aren’t mad are you…about it being a guy?”

Chuckles and shakes his head while putting his arm on his shoulder.

Smiles and hugs him.

“Why would we be mad? We have a beautiful son who chose a wonderful man. We couldn’t be any happier.”

Congrats, kiddo.