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Heya! How’s it been? Man, I was about to ditch Sims for a while (dying community U_U, lack of inspiration, me slowly loosing my eyesight to my computer shenanigans, and moving on with other interests in general), but I checked and damn, 20,000+ downloads! Y’all are wild! So I’m gonna pack my exhausted self and chuck on for y’all- thus as if it’s my last! (hope y’all like the cheeky k-pop reference there)

Also hope you dont mind the new preview style and the lack of a chair, lol. I was trying something new… and major thanks to the custom content master @baufive for saving my noob channel mistakes, again!

So cheers, and let’s hope to many more! :) 



Shorts and crop top set new meshes by me. Everything recolorable except the flowers. Please don’t edit/convert/reupload/etc. And let me know if there are any problems in game to fix!

For Sims 3
Download Crop Top
Download Shorts

*right click open in new tab if link doesn’t work first time :)

Thanks to:

@chof-pixls for the base sim
@mimisapje for all her problem solving help!

My first clothes cc mesh! This patterned off shoulder romper!
This is my first mesh so let me know if there are any problems in game if you use!

Completely recolorable in 3 areas: main fabric, pattern, waist/shoulder bands

Mesh and pattern 100% by me Please do not reupload, convert or edit in any way

Download for Sims 3

Sorry about my ugly sim

(Need Simmers) Mental Health Awareness Poster!

Hey, everyone, as World Mental Health Day is approaching (10th October)  I am creating a mental health awareness campaign and I need some simmers help.

I suffer with mental health and a lot of people I know on here do as well and also irl,  I wanted to create a mental health awareness poster with as many simselfs as possible in the backgrounds.

I will publish a poster related to the campaign every Friday.

 if any of you want to be apart of this campaign to raise awareness of mental health. 

Send me a png file of your simself posing (full body) wearing the MHAC Hoodies

download here (xx)

Take a screenshot with no background or a green screen (jpg) and send it to over messages on tumblr and I will include you and tag you in the posters.

Sims must be ALPHA and HQ

I need everyone to reblog the posters so they can get around and do their job. I will release more information on them later on in the week.