Hair @adedarma / Necklace - Rings @simpliciaty / Top @elliesimple /
Pants @hfs-sims4 / Earrings @missfortunesims / Nails @pralinesims

Eyeshadow - Face Shine @simshallow / Lips @serenity-cc /
Eyeliner @twinksimstress

Hello guys! How y'all doing? So this is my first halloween gift (a bit early) ever, and it’s so cool! I really hope you enjoy it, it is a special thing for me it’s my main family, most of it actually but I’m happy to share part of them with you, hope y'all have a happy halloween in advance (◡‿◡✿)

  • DOWNLOAD (it’s included 12 .sim files and pictures.)
  • Sliders.
  • How to install: Place the .sim file in documents > electronic arts > the sims 3 > saved sims


  • Please don’t re-upload.
  • Don’t claim them as your own.
  • Tag me if you want me to see it.

Repost Decided to do a bit of editing on the base game sleep shirt night top (that’s literally the top’s name shown on ss) ;u; anyway, hope you guys like it, I also switched up the catalog section so It can be worn either as an outfit or top but be warned -that as a top, some of the bottom might look funny on it. cheers! ♡

My download link

Thank you and feel free to tag @qvoix when you use them, I’ll love to see what you’ve done! You can find my other CCs here  TOU < beepboop!


Love games [Part 1]

Scarlett hated to be bored. It was daunting and almost heartbreaking. She, the queen of all things taken and beloved treasure of the king of crime, swinging on the hoop with her head upside down (Scarlett was hoping that doing that will magically shift ideas into her head) all alone with nothing to do and no one to entertain her. She didn’t hear from Mikaela for days ever since the dinner with the Joker and the Joker himself was busy with some evil-genius plan that took most of his time.
Though this morning he at least stayed at the main room, his papers scattered all over the floor while he was sipping on his whiskey and marking something with a pencil. He looked so smart and handsome doing that, his green hair sleeked back carelessly after the morning shower, that focused look in his eyes… Ah how much she wished it would be focused on her instead.
She tried all of her best tricks and moves to draw his attention, but it didn’t work. Finally she swung the hoop harder, just enough to hit her head into the nearby pillar. He groaned with annoyance and looked up. Bingo. Though the head hurt pretty bad.
“Scarlett-starlet, nightmare of daddy’s wretched mind… get down. Now.”
She giggled, shaking her head. She will probably end up with a huge bruise across her face later, but for the sake of his attention she could deal with much worse.
“Get. Down.” - He repeated, his impatience growing.
She loved pissing him off. There was something special about it. Perhaps it made her feel like she was in control, or perhaps she simply found him hot when he was angry. She never dwelt too much on her reasons.
“Listen, doll. You get down or I’m gonna shoot you down.”
“You’ll miss!”
She teased. It was a pretty dangerous game. It’s not like he never shot her before, but it took the right mood and setting, he didn’t seem that angry so she decided to test her luck and kept on swinging as he picked up his gun and fired a shot. The bullet hitting one of the old decorations behind her.
“See! You missed.”
“It was a warning shot.” - He grated his teeth, setting the papers aside - “I’m gonna hurt you really bad if you won’t listen.”
“Mmm… go ahead.”

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been posting much lately (especially Sims-related). I’m going through some stuff IRL and when time/mood allows, I work a little here or there on various things so nothing really gets done in a timely manner, hence I don’t have much to show for it.

I thought I’d let you know that I’m gonna (well I suppose I already began to) revisit my old Cat Wall Art set. Here’s what I have so far.