Hurricane Ophelia

Hello! I’m just here to tell you that I’m in the red warning zone of Hurricane Ophelia so I want to notify you about a danger of me being killed by a random thing flying into my body and wish good luck to people in (Cork, Kerry, Mayo, Galway and Clare). Here are some random facts on Hurricane Ophelia.

  • It will arrive in Ireland, coast of Co. Cork at around 7-9 a.m tomorrow 16th October. 
  • It is considered to be a hurricane of category 3 which means that I am fucked. 
  • Co. Cork, Kerry, Mayo, Galway and Clare are located in the place of red warning, all the other parts of country are having an orange weather warning. 
  • Electricity and water are going to be power cut probably so please, get everything you need for yourselves to stay alive until the end of it.
  • The winds are going to reach up to 130km/hr
  • When the hurricane is going to hit Ireland, it won’t be considered a hurricane anymore. It will be classified as a post tropical storm.

I’m going to be in the red warning zone so I perhaps won’t be online for a few days. Please, stay safe. 

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