Güzel simalar,sahici olma yolundaki maskeler.
Kendimizi aynada tanımama çabası.
Gecenin yorgunluğunu ve ağırlığını henüz gözaltılarımızdan atamamışken,neden gülümsüyoruz ki aynada kendimize ?
Kimi kandırıyoruz ?
Kendimiz hariç herkesi.
Toplumsal farklılaşmanın önüne geçen “yalancı mutluluk maskesi"ni takıp yürüdüğümüz o yollar,gün gelince bize hesap sormayacak mı sanıyoruz ?
Elle tutulur hiçbir şeyim yok derken,etrafımızda olup biten katliama neden bakmıyoruz ?
Teker teker katledilip,öldürülüyoruz.
Maskeleri çıkaralım

Gerçeğin hayalden en bariz farkı
uzağa atarsın yakına düşer.
Öyle günler, öyle simalar var ki
unutmak istersin aklına düşer..

Abdürrahim Karakoç

Bahçemin halinden
baharımı kıyasla.
Zambaklar verem olmuş,
kırmızı güller yasta.
Eller, yüzler, simalar
resimler aynı değil;
baharlar bile değişmiş, 
artık her şey bir başka.

| Ömer Hayyam •

Ey kardeşlerim !

Kurbansız zafer olmaz. Mantıklarla, söz oyunlarıyla, aldatmacalarla, dalalet ehli kimselerin yanlarında yer almakla, takiyye ve istihbarat birimlerine gülümser simalar göstermekle İslam davasında zafere ulaşılmaz.

—  Şehid Abdullah Azzam
Yüksək binaların arasında alçaq insanların tələsən addımlar.
Şablon simalar.
İçəridə hər insanı qəpik kimi görən avtobus şoferi.
Üzü tanınmasın deyə yaylıq bağlıyan süpürgəçi xala.
Bahalı maşınlarda özündənrazı simalar.
Maşınında ümidsiz, ac yatmış taksi sürücüsü.
Əlində bulku olan azyaşlı uşaqlar.
Yanındakı valideynlər.
Maskalı insanlar.
Bəzi maskalara makiyaj da gözəl yaraşır.
Ucuz siqaretlər yaşlı damaqlarda.
Bakının yorulmuş simaları haqda.

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Due to me studying Mesoamerica in my Spanish class, I see some scary simalarities between Aztec & Spain. Speciffically with how they treated their "colonies"(for Aztec they were more like states) Spain treated all of his colonies, except rich ones like Mexico & PR, like shit. Aztec treated ALL of his "colonies" like shit, manly Tlaxcala. Hell, Aztec would have killed Tlaxcala given the chance! That's why Tlaxcala rebelled, and helped Spain in his conquests. Because Aztec was a peice of shit

Me: that is interesting since the two never really knew of each other’s existence 


Physical effect:  Tremors/ shaking hands or even clenching, gripping, clutching to keep from shaking….

I got to thinking about this yesterday after another ‘shaking event’ I had and how tired I was later after I got safely home, and my muscles relaxed and stopped shaking.

I’ve heard that after an epileptic siezure, the person is very tired. The rapid contract and release of the muscles over works them?

If this is a simalar effect on me, well… I feel less of a wus.

I’ve taken a huge risk, (or maybe a step forward in trying to trust).  There are a select few staff members at my son’s school that I have admitted my depression/anxiety to. They felt guilty or that they were taking advanatge of me because I can sew and have some free time to help out here and there. But I finally admitted to them (because THEY looked so upset) that these small, behind the scenes, once/twice a year events is actually very good for me. I’m having a hard time getting and even looking for a job. (Is it God’s will?) So volunteering is good for my mental health and keeps me some what active in society.

I won’t do PTA and that drama of politics. I won’t do on-stage. I won’t do large scale things/ long term responsibilities.

But, band director needs the closet cleaned: check.  Need someone to help in the kitchen for the fundraiser, check. Take the kids’ projects turn them into pillows, oh yeah! Take the recycling in and bring back the $ for the PTA, sure.

I just… pray that opening myself up, won’t turn round and bite me in the trust once again. I might not survive if I get betrayed once again.

okay okay okay!!! SO im in a mood, and its time to drop some text to cristen this new blog

possible ways rick and stan met that I rlly like:

  • they were both running simalar scams/dealing outfits in the same area and decided ‘I need to have a ‘talk’ with the ass hat thats in my territory’, they eventually decide to combine efforts 
  • both of them were throwing games of pool or cards or w/e at the same bar and one of them challanged the other to a bet and it because the most intense game in that bars history
  • rick w/ the flesh curtains playing a gig at some dive and he decides ‘I need that greaser looking guy to buy me a drink’ aand just sidles up to stan like ‘so when are ou going to offer to buy me a drink’. stan wasnt even there for the music and wasnt even that into it, he just happened to be at that bar
  • stan doing door to door salesman shit and he knocks on ricks apartment or w/e and tries to sell him some ‘high tech’ kitchen shit or vacume or something and rick fucking takes it apart while going on and on about what a piece of shit it is and how its closer to caveman tech than high tech
  • rick being real big into a local lgbtq+ scene and seeing stan somewhere and instantly recognizing a fellow trans dude (lmao fight me) and dragging him to this meeting of weird lil alternative folks at a hole in the wall bar and stan is just like sooooo thrown off gaurd and slightly weirded out but also like ‘holy shit I have never even known any one like this and its kind of awesome’.

His blog is very cutesy. There’s a lot of pastel, pictures of different sweets, skies, and the occasional text post. He sometimes posts a selfie or two, and he has many followers. You’re very confused as to why he has more followers than you, considering he’s only had this blog for a month. I mean, he has like 10,000 followers. His url is starred-sweet.

There’s way too many shitposts. His blog has a lot of memes, textposts, and random pictures of him photobombing the other gods selfies/pics. Often, he’ll tag the others in posts, and in the tags, he’ll comment, “lol its u”. He also
posts really bad edits and drawings that were probably made on MS Paint. Oh, but he once in a while reblogs pictures of fish. Ikky’s url is th3pr4nkst3r.

In his blog there’s a lot of personal post fawning over you, cartoons,and gorgeous landscapes. Sometimes his posts contain him being confused as to why everyone hates geminis. Sweet Dui’s post are in all lower case with a lot of exclamation marks and excitement. The other Dui types in also types in a similar manner, but his posts are more agressive. His url is mirrorxd.

Well, to be honest, the only reason he has one is because Ikky made him. He does use it to throw shade at the others. and to rant at them. You won’t believe how many posts he’s tagged the King in, telling him to “get me the hell away from these fools please let me back up in the heavens dad”. His url is scorpy-is-a-dorky. (Ikky originally chose it, and he doesn’t know how to change it.

Leon’s blog, is, well…Mature. He’ll reblog pics of lingerie that he thinks would look good on you, sex toys, and a lot of pictures of the two of you.It’s a little embarrassing, but he enjoys it, so you’ve been tolerating it for now. Usually when he reblogs something dirty, he’ll write something among the lines, “Why don’t we try this out later~” in the tags. His url is lionafterdark.

Huedhaut doesn’t really go on his blog much, but his blog usually contains pictures of you, stars, and a lot of sappy posts about how much he adores you. He will sometimes reblog pictures of alcohol he finds pretty, and textposts he finds relatable. He normally reblogs from your blog in general. Huedhaut’s url is mystic-memories.

The King:
The King has many zodiac posts in his blog, group pictures, and a many gradients. He gets tagged by Ikky and Scorpio so much, that he has considered blocking them. He has a lot of his own zodiac posts, and people wonder why they’re so accurate. ((They’re really just things that the zodiac gods themselves have done.)) His url is royally-respectable.

Mc’s blog is very simalar to Hue’s and Teorus. She posts a lot about astrology, pictures of stars, gradients/pastels, and dresses she finds very pretty. She does reblog a lot of Ikky’s MsPaint edits/drawings, and some of Scorpio’s rants out of irony. She also has a few textposts on her blog as well. Her url is dying-destiny.

Well here is Dominic My first Fan child I ever made but he is the child of Fell!Palette X Goth This took me forever but yeah!

Age: 8 almost 9
Height: 4'5
His eye with the odd star in it is blind in that eye
Has a birth mark like goth’s which Goth had gotten from geno.
He has a simalar hat to Fell!Palette’s
Has brown pants to rolled up to look like shorts
wears black boots with white laces
His scarf at the end has a blue fire like design at the end
He actually is not really violent and compares more to Goth in a way then Fell!Palette as he really only uses violence if it’s the only thing left to do
His sweater is kinda to big on him
he is often is called Domi or Dom-Dom for nickname wise
has a odd liking for fire
Fell Palette belongs to @angexci
And Goth belongs to @nekophysinpile

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What do you think of the pairing Deikona? (To me they would look like a super cute pair) The Artist and the Angel; seems to have a good ring to it :)

Deidara has a total art boner for the origami lady that uses 600 billion paper bombs to attempt to kill Madara. Please. 

In a filler moment he made an explosive butterfly from his clay, so I like to think they bond over artistic things and Dei might have a bit of a crush on her. Sasori, Deidara and Konan are probably best friends and Konan enjoys spending time with both of them, until they start fighting about art, and she leaves. I always imagine them to have a dynamic like two art students trying to get teacher’s attention that they both have a crush on.

But I kind of headcannon all the members have a little crush on her in their own way. Like Even ones you wouldn’t expect… And it’s even hinted at to be a cannon thing from any Akatsuki member who’s had an interaction with her. Deidara never has in the anime, but we can infer a lot by judging how many of the Akatsuki members respect her.

Subject A: Sasori.

1. Called her a work of art and wanted to turn her body into a puppet. Which is how Sasori expresses beauty. (Half of the Akatsuki express they’re interest in eachother by going: “Hey I want to kill you….. *gets ass kicked* nevermind we cool and BFF now” )

2. Got his ass handed to him and fully respects her to join the Akatsuki. He didn’t seem that too pissed about it either.

3. In his body language, he examines her jutsu as a work of art and finds her an interesting subject.

Subject B: Kakuzu

For those unfamiliar with the recent filler, a bit of backstory.

1. Kakuzu has killed all his previous partners before, teaming up with Itachi and Konan on a mission to track a recent Ex Nin from Yugakure and eliminate him. (OH GEE I WONDER WHO) 

2. Kakuzu is a bit annoyed Konan is here. He just thinks she’s here to drive a wedge between him and Itachi so he won’t kill the guy. (Itachi is very sincere and Kakuzu mistakes Itachi’s genuine-ness for sarcasm. Hense why Itachi annoys him) 

3. Konan told Kakuzu that she was only here because she is a sensory ninja and the ONLY one in Akatsuki. She also says that the other Akatsuki weren’t cut out to be decoys.

4. Kakuzu expresses concern that Konan might be risked as a decoy. A decoy is usually something used to lure a prey out of hiding or a distraction. He expresses CONCERN that Konan could get hurt. (since they just found a sacrifice of Hidan’s and shows what he’s capable of) 

5. Konan does not object to Kakuzu wanting to fight Hidan, even though she was the first Akatsuki to come into contact with him. (They aren’t looking to recruit him, mind you. They’ve come to kill him) 

Subject C: Itachi.

1. Itachi was chosen for the same mission I mentioned earlier and he makes a frown when Konan suggests to be a decoy. They both don’t like that plan. Itachi expresses concern for her as well.

2. Itachi and Konan are both able to analyze Hidan’s abilities together, and the two seem on very good terms.

3. It’s very obvious Itachi is a character who’s need for love died a long time ago. But it is obvious from this look he has a sense of duty to protect Konan. And Itachi always protects those he cares about. *COUGHSASUKECOUGH* 

4. Both Itachi and Kakuzu let her go with her plan anyways. She’s the Lady boss and can take care of herself.

Subject D: Hidan

Probably the most interesting case. (not saying that cus shipping. I’ll contain my SQUEE-ness and speak from what I saw. like even if a tumblr user reads this and doesn’t know who I am.. uhhh look at my icon. I doubt it’ll change in the future…) 

1. Hidan is very adamant, not to join Akatsuki. He has Jashinism, his own law, his own agendas as long as he needs to kill he doesn’t need anyone else.

2. Konan approached him and Hidan tried to convert her, and talked about his religion to her. Although, a very brief summary. “You can kill with no consequences!” Konan said: “I see.” she didn’t berate or belittle his beliefs in anyway. So of course, Hidan wants to sacrifice her because he wants to sacrifice anyone who doesn’t join his religion.

3. After Hidan killed Kakuzu. (once) Itachi and Konan intervened. They never intended to ask Hidan to be a member of Akatsuki. But Konan was the one who stopped the fight and saw him as a benefit to them. She is the one that spoke to him, and offered him to join. Of course, Hidan refuses.

4. Hidan goes on to explain he has his own sets of rules and doesn’t want to be weighed down by any organization at all, and has his own goals in mind. Konan then told Hidan that the Akatsuki will help his goals come true. This peeks his curiosity. 

5. Konan further explains to Hidan of the Akatsuki’s goals and ambitions. Which are very simalar to his. Earlier Hidan made a dumb joke “You guys in a band or something” (For those wondering. Yes, this was a joke of Hidan’s. He was taunting them and not taking them as a serious threat. I’m sure he can tell they’re powerful shinobi and he mocks them)  then Konan tells Hidan after the fight: “We are a band of killers”  Hidan smiles to her… he appreciated her returning his joke, and then his face narrows. He actually considers her offer, because she was nice, respected his religion, spoke on his level, and Akatsuki’s goals to him sounded like they made sense

6. Boom. In next scene, Hidan joins Akatsuki because he thought Kakuzu not dying from his ritual was interesting, and that the cards Konan was lying on the table seemed promising. He understand and respected her goals and joined because Konan showed respect to him when Kakuzu didn’t. 

Subject E: Madara (yes I know I said MADARA and not Tobi or Obito.) 

1. First of all. This is Madara’s voice. She fought Madara. Madara’s will entered Obito when he died and has been possessing him ever sense. Everything the body does is a combination of Madara’s and Obito’s wills merged as one. The more dominant voice is the one who speaks. I remember @rcris123 had a detailed analysis about who the masked man is. But he is Madara here. 

2. I can’t find the specific screenshot because I have the incorrect subtitles. But Madara says to her: “Since you are a dear and former comrade I will tell you about myself” And it is not a subtitle error. In the Official licensed English dub he calls her “dear and former comrade.”  He calls her dear. Precious to him. So he reveals most of all his secrets to her before he puts her under genjutsu and she tells the location of Nagato’s body.

3. What can we infer from this? He saw her as a comrade. While Konan from the start has saw Madara as a worthless scum. Someone who hijacked what Akatsuki used to stand for and corrupted Nagato’s mind. The first time they meet she death glares him. And before this fight, she has been plotting his demise this day. She prepared an entire ocean of bombs to eliminate the guy. That takes a lot of dedication and work to destroy someone you truly hate.

4. Despite Madara knowing this. He still calls her a dear comrade. He respected her as a shinobi. AND THIS IS MADARA we are talking about. 

So from all these cannon interactions I think all the members respect her in their own unique ways. 

Konan is the lady boss of her own harem of manchildren. And I like to think All of the members Like or crush on her in their own way