Güzel simalar,sahici olma yolundaki maskeler.
Kendimizi aynada tanımama çabası.
Gecenin yorgunluğunu ve ağırlığını henüz gözaltılarımızdan atamamışken,neden gülümsüyoruz ki aynada kendimize ?
Kimi kandırıyoruz ?
Kendimiz hariç herkesi.
Toplumsal farklılaşmanın önüne geçen “yalancı mutluluk maskesi"ni takıp yürüdüğümüz o yollar,gün gelince bize hesap sormayacak mı sanıyoruz ?
Elle tutulur hiçbir şeyim yok derken,etrafımızda olup biten katliama neden bakmıyoruz ?
Teker teker katledilip,öldürülüyoruz.
Maskeleri çıkaralım

i feel overwatch could use a ‘help!’ command (simalar to tf2s) ? like i know theres ‘group up’ but obviously you dont need ur entire team to come to your aid. just in situations like where ur a rein and ur shield is giving out but youre being harrassed by 3 enemy offensives, or ur mercy and the genji just wont leave you alone and it alerts your team to your position like when you call out and itll come up in chat
“ Username (Mercy) Needs help! ”

okay okay okay!!! SO im in a mood, and its time to drop some text to cristen this new blog

possible ways rick and stan met that I rlly like:

  • they were both running simalar scams/dealing outfits in the same area and decided ‘I need to have a ‘talk’ with the ass hat thats in my territory’, they eventually decide to combine efforts 
  • both of them were throwing games of pool or cards or w/e at the same bar and one of them challanged the other to a bet and it because the most intense game in that bars history
  • rick w/ the flesh curtains playing a gig at some dive and he decides ‘I need that greaser looking guy to buy me a drink’ aand just sidles up to stan like ‘so when are ou going to offer to buy me a drink’. stan wasnt even there for the music and wasnt even that into it, he just happened to be at that bar
  • stan doing door to door salesman shit and he knocks on ricks apartment or w/e and tries to sell him some ‘high tech’ kitchen shit or vacume or something and rick fucking takes it apart while going on and on about what a piece of shit it is and how its closer to caveman tech than high tech
  • rick being real big into a local lgbtq+ scene and seeing stan somewhere and instantly recognizing a fellow trans dude (lmao fight me) and dragging him to this meeting of weird lil alternative folks at a hole in the wall bar and stan is just like sooooo thrown off gaurd and slightly weirded out but also like ‘holy shit I have never even known any one like this and its kind of awesome’.