okay okay okay!!! SO im in a mood, and its time to drop some text to cristen this new blog

possible ways rick and stan met that I rlly like:

  • they were both running simalar scams/dealing outfits in the same area and decided ‘I need to have a ‘talk’ with the ass hat thats in my territory’, they eventually decide to combine efforts 
  • both of them were throwing games of pool or cards or w/e at the same bar and one of them challanged the other to a bet and it because the most intense game in that bars history
  • rick w/ the flesh curtains playing a gig at some dive and he decides ‘I need that greaser looking guy to buy me a drink’ aand just sidles up to stan like ‘so when are ou going to offer to buy me a drink’. stan wasnt even there for the music and wasnt even that into it, he just happened to be at that bar
  • stan doing door to door salesman shit and he knocks on ricks apartment or w/e and tries to sell him some ‘high tech’ kitchen shit or vacume or something and rick fucking takes it apart while going on and on about what a piece of shit it is and how its closer to caveman tech than high tech
  • rick being real big into a local lgbtq+ scene and seeing stan somewhere and instantly recognizing a fellow trans dude (lmao fight me) and dragging him to this meeting of weird lil alternative folks at a hole in the wall bar and stan is just like sooooo thrown off gaurd and slightly weirded out but also like ‘holy shit I have never even known any one like this and its kind of awesome’.

“ bahçemizin halinden,
baharımı kıyasla.
zambaklar verem olmuş,
kırmızı güller yasta.
eller yüzler simalar
resimler aynı değil
baharlar bile degişmiş
artık her şey bir başka.. ” #hayyam (İstanbul Üniversitesi)

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gerçeğin hayalden en bariz farkı
uzağa atarsın yakına düşer
öyle günler öyle simalar var ki
unutmak istersin aklına düşer.
—  Abdurrahim Karakoç