Three actresses showed up for the screen test audition - Gwen Ariz, Dierdre Renn and Kailead Navarro.

Kailead didn’t even make it to the camera; apparently she is a bit uncomfortable around vampires and Vincent’s antics didn’t help matters.

Dierdre slipped comfortably into the role, but clearly it was Gwen that had the magic chemistry with lead actor Mitchell so there we have it, our leading lady will be Gwen Ariz.

Big thanks to Ariz at Ariz, Larz and Cholez Sims for the creation and sharing of such lovely sims as Gwen.


A few more outtakes from a scene in my upcoming machinima Goodnight Moon. These special guests are Moira Bid (agent - SimGuru Hydra) and Zuckford Emerholder (agent Gissence of SUMM Sim)  It took me at least 10 takes to get this scene to coordinate perfectly. Sheesh, some actors just can’t cooperate together.