scriptrixdraconum replied to your post: “SimsAge application”:

ooooh what is this?

It’s a project where bloodypenofferelden wants to build the DA universe in the Sims. You can find more information here. The characters already posted are really great and I kind of hope Meri gets picked because I don’t have the Sims and would love to play but would never have the time… so it would be awesome to see her there :3 

And I bow to people who do such big projects ♥

Fate's Mischief

Always the same thoughts I keep cycling back to. Always the same images clouding my mind. Always the same….I can’t stand it. Day by day, it’s the same. I plead for something to change. What a selfish wish I got.

Fate, have you done enough? Your mischief crippled me. That one day you shouldn’t have let me see that. 

I begged over and over again for another chance. I’m hanging on by the end of a thread. Chances are slipping away. 

Will something actually change if I chase for it? 

Report puts Delhi school in the dock

The “deliberate” inaction of Ryan International School authorities that amounts to “gross criminal negligence” led to the death of six-year-old Divyansh Kakrora, the Delhi government has found in its magisterial inquiry into the case. The development comes a day after the arrest of the principal and four other staff of the school located in south Delhi’s Vasant Kunj area, and six days after the class Istudent was found dead in a water tank inside the campus that has triggered widespread outrage. Vasant Vihar SDM Sonal Swaroop has highlighted a number of “glaring lapses” and “serious misconduct” issues in handling of the incident by the school authorities in the inquiry report. The report, that has been submitted to the government, slammed the school authorities for allegedly carrying out a “deliberate campaign of misinformation” to malign the child'simage by “insinuating” him to be a special kid. “This casts all the more aspersion as to why the school emphasises on the child being hyperactive. Hidden motives on part of school management to camouflage the real reason cannot be ruled out,” the report said. “School authorities also failed to perform their duty when body of this kid was spotted. Swimming coach refused to rescue the kid from water tank. All other staff also failed to respond and remained mute spectators. Prajwal Sehrawat, XI class student risked his life and entered the water tank,” it said.