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1) Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

My bed (which is also where I watch tv, browse the internet, eat, paint my nails- I do, like, own a sofa and a dining table and stuff, I just don’t..really…use them?)

2) Bookmark or random piece of paper?

memory (or having a Kindle)

3) Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/a certain amount of pages?

Since I do 90% of my reading while commuting, by necessity I can stop pretty much whenever. 

4) Do you eat or drink while reading?

I prefer to watch shows just cause of the logistics of either scrolling or turning pages while holding cutlery, but sure. The real problem is reading while I walk, I’m definitely going to get hit by traffic/mugged/step in dogshit sooner or later.

5) Music or TV while reading?

It’s not my preference but I will read in the same room as them? 

6) Reading at home or everywhere?

See 3!

7) Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

I’ll read ahead but I don’t skip. 

8) Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I try to keep the spines as smooth as possible. 

9) Do you write in your books?

like an animal? No but srsly, my own books are all at my parents’, so I’m either borrowing or on Kindle. 

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for a moment i thought it was bb ereinion who had the fangs and went “shit did they adopt an orc”

“Lookit his little tusksies,” Fingon cooed, dabbling a hand before the baby’s face. The baby, with impressive coordination for its age, snapped at his fingers and Fingon pulled back with a laugh. 

Maedhros frowned. There were many excellent reasons to give a creature marked by the Enemy a merciful death and nothing more, but Fingon was notoriously difficult to persuade on that count. 

And he had to admit that, orc or no, Fingon was right; it was cute. Small and chubby with alertly glowing eyes and the nubbly beginnings of fangs. “It’s teething,” he said, noting the angry red of its gums and, stepping forwards, dipped his own hand into the crib. 

The baby squawked and lunged, its plump fists closing about his fingers, tiny teeth gnashing against the metal. And then settled, as the chill metal soothed away the soreness.

Fingon wound his arms about Maedhros’ waist, going up on tiptoes so that he could rest his chin upon his shoulder. “You’re going to be such a good father.”

“We’re not keeping him,” Maedhros said knowing this war, like so many others, was already lost. 

I’m way out of my comfort zone, drawing gore (I hate gore >

Fanart inspired by “super great terrible please anyone stop annatar”  fic Selected dialogues from @simaethae (everytime I try something new it’s on your fic sorry )

Basically it’s a torture story (isn’t it the resume of there relationship? XD) but I love this one because Annatar is posing himself as the good cops here instead of torturing celebrimbor Tyelpe himself. So I try to make him a clear bright warm presence  next to suffering tyelpe, ready to offert love and comfort… if only he gives up XD
conviction - simaetha - The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien [Archive of Our Own]
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Annatar sets out to win Celebrimbor’s trust.

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ok not stopping - yep! which imo is how to write a good antagonist, you have to put a lot of thought into their motives and how it looks from their side? like, indis and feanor are both being perfectly reasonable in their own heads, if you wrote a fic where indis’ job was to make feanor unhappy because she was awful then like, female character issues aside, that’s just… lazy, bad writing?

tho i bet “she’s a villain who wants to marry finwe bc she’s immoral and evil, he’s ALREADY MARRIED” is exactly how feanor sees it :) 

Foolish child,” Indis cackled sinisterly. The sleeves of her black gown billowed and flared as she viciously tore Finwe and Miriel’s prenuptial agreement into shreds. 

Feanor cried out in horror. “Father, no! Don’t let this happen! Can’t you see she’s enchanted you?”

But Finwe was too deeply ensorceled, staring back at his son with eyes like glass dulled by the smoke of an inefficiently burning hydrocarbon.

- Excerpt from the journals of Feanor Finwion age 56 ½

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Hi, I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog, and all the tolkien things you post. I'm so glad you seem really into both the silm and lord of the rings! I came here to ask if you could tell a bit about how any other fans have influenced your opinions or made you interested things that you didn't care as much about before? (By the way if you think you've seen this question asked before, you're right, I asked simaethae the same thing too)

omg hi anon! I think I remember seeing that answered ask on my dash too, if I’m thinking of the right one :)

GOD how do I even count these. Uhhhhh, focusing just on ones that made a big impact on creating new opinions or changing my opinions, because like, “making me more interested in things than I was before” is such an interconnected affair that I generally can’t pin down to one person….

@simaethae is hugely responsible for my liking Sauron/Celebrimbor as an actual ship and not just a cruel plot point for Celebrimbor’s arc, for making me consider seriously the ideas that Sauron was actually genuine about his desire to make Middle Earth great and caring about Celebrimbor helping him do it, and honestly just a lot of my interest in Sauron’s motives and his own point of view in general.

@emilyenrose for really pinpointing and clarifying the axis around which the Feanorians’ (especially Maedhros’s) relationship with and view of the Oath and the kinslayings revolves and in particular Maedhros and Maglor’s last horrible conversation and decision. Like I remember being fairly early in my process of succumbing to exploring tolkien fandom and going like *paging through blog #59* “no…no….you are not even touching the….watchamacallit…YES. THAT.” Uh, this isn’t exactly what you were asking about but whatever i wrote this paragraph already. oops.

@thelioninmybed‘s “but….the future refused to change” series of ask-answers about the implacability of the downwards spiral of the First Age made me notice and actually process and acknowledge so many things about the sequence of events in the Silm that I had honestly always unfairly glossed over a lot while coming from a ‘the Silm runs on Murphy’s Law so who cares about the in-universe logistics’ perspective

@crocordile for soooo much lazy-interpretation-killing and refinement (and motivation to properly re-read, and drawing-attention-to-the-significant-things) of multiple elements of The Children of Hurin and especially Turin as a character. And…handing me so much specificity in the form of headcanons and art and concepts about Numenor and the Faithful?

@anghraine for like, not so much changing my mind or introducing me to new viewpoints about the peredhil and about the peredhil’s connection to Numenor precisely, but more like for going “Yo, this is actually super supported by actual canon, moreso than the common fanon assumptions are: observe” about things where I had just been going “lol my own personal vague impressions and flights of fancy are all probably WAY off in left field and have nothing to do with canon but see, like, I can’t help feeling that it would make so much sense if –”

@kareenvorbarra for a number of amazing viewpoint-changing meta posts and headcanons and character analyses of the Edain, especially their roles in the later parts of the First Age, and for specific characters like Beren and Rian? Plus giving me actual concrete individual examples (rather than my own free-floating nascent irritation) about Silm fandom’s tendency to marginalize and minimize the Edain or the Edain’s presence in and impact on particular events and situations and locations and characters. Also responsible (see the Rian post) for one of the most vivid illustrations of the fascinatingness of Sirion and (completely inexplicitly, simply by dint of actually focusing ON Sirion itself, without a whit of critical commentary) indirectly presenting what I consider to be one of the most uncompromisingly devastating rebukes against interpretations that minimize the sheer level of visceral horror and cultural-loss-related consequences inherent in Sirion’s destruction.

@gurguliare and @catchaspark for less a “changed my mind from one opinion to another” than “filled and connected gaps in my mind that I had not even realized were gaps with commentary and opinions that I didn’t even realize I needed” regarding the story of Beren and Luthien. If you’ve even fleetingly thought the narrative glorification of the Leithian was not textually supported by a sufficient ballast of depth and thickness and density of thematic centrality to the rest of the Silm, pls let these two convince you otherwise.

@bamboocounting for a number of conversation-generated Numenor thoughts that I had never thought to think about before!!! And in particular directing me to and understanding my unrealized need for what was undoubtedly the most brain-changing and imagination-diverting entry in the entire HoME – the Notion Club Papers.

@erotetica for this awesome Caranthir meta that I p much just adopted as canon and which fulfilled something I never realized I needed so badly :)

@thearrogantemu for more Valar-related characterization and interpretations I had never considered (or at least consciously considered) before than I can count, but especially this one about Aule.

I am QUITE SURE there are like a billion more, especially for more narrow/specific topics, but iiiddddkkkk. I may reblog this with some additions later because I love fandom appreciation <3

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do you know any good tolkien blogs?

just tolkien or people who blog abt it?

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this will also probably also be updated because i’m a forgetful person lmao

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happily imagining wet angry balrog like a cat being given a bath

“Stop right there. Where do you think you’re going, Molgoth?”

The balrog froze in the doorway, somehow conveying guilt without having any static physical features. It stood there on its three (four… now three again…) legs, billowing slightly.

“You’re going to track ash everywhere,” said Melkor. “If you want to come into my hall you will not do so until you are clean.”

Molgoth made a grating shushing noise with a hint of a whine. Melkor, wearily, diverted a great deal of water from the air and sprayed it at the balrog, washing black ash and probably all sorts of other filth down the steps. It left behind a skeletal form dripping with tar-black slime, shivering at the entrance to the hall.

“I take it back,” said Melkor. “You are incapable of being clean. I’ll receive your report outside.”

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   My fucking god tell me about it hahahahahahaha o/    

EVERY GODDAMN TIME I refresh a front page or get into the car and turn on the radio, seriously

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      I cannot think of a single interpretation that isn’t filthy :s       

You must know that this just makes me want to know all the interpretations that ARE filthy, right? :D

My Hellenic/Hellenistic Traditional Witchcraft Practice

My practice as a Hellenic witch is not defined by a mere worship of the Hellenic gods as a witch, but it is defined by my attempts to recreate the practices of witchcraft depicted in the literature of the Hellenistic period. The central parts of my practice are the worship Hekate, Medea, and Kirke as goddesses of witchcraft, the veneration of folkloric witches from the Hellenistic period in order to link my practice to the practice of witches in the Hellenistic world, and the use of spells and charms in the style of witches of Hellenistic lore adapted to today’s society. These spells take the form of doll magic and sympathetic magic using poppets, written spells like the binding and curse tablets of the Hellenistic period, the use of herbs and magical plants in order to bring about change like the ancient art of pharmakeia, the use of necromantic magic and contacting the dead to carry out my desires, and an adaptation of fire magic expanded from simply the burning of herbs and offerings to also including candle magic.

The process of my Hellenic witchcraft rituals is modeled after the basic procedures of rituals carried out by Medea in the Argonautica. It always begins with the invocation of Hekate and her daughters Medea and Kirke. I then invoke the aid of the witch ancestors of Hellenistic lore such as Erichtho and Simaetha. After the invocations, I place offerings before them to coerce them to help me. Hellenic witchcraft when calling on deities, as shown by the proceedings of Medea’s rituals are dependent on the respectful treatment of deities in spellwork so commonly absent from modern occult traditions pioneered by Crowley and Gardner. As in the semi popular practice of traditional witchcraft, offerings to spirits and deities as well as a respect of them is key to calling upon them to aid you in your spellwork. This is especially important in my practice of traditional Hellenic witchcraft, because the biggest insult to the gods is hubris. It is imperative that as a mortal, however good of a witch one may be, I acknowledge that my power is lesser than the gods and I treat them with respect and provide them with the offerings typical in religious ceremonies.

The deities I worship are at the center of my practice. These deities are Hekate, Medea, and Kirke. Hekate’s worship is the same as her typical worship, just with the emphasized aspect of her as the goddess of witches. Medea and Kirke, however, tend to be honored a bit different than they would normally be. I regard Medea and Kirke, contrary to any documentation, as daughters of Helios and Hekate. I have come to this conclusion through my own relationships with these goddesses and my own analysis of the sources in which they are present. I view them as minor goddesses of witchcraft and my worship of them is central in my witchcraft.

The next beings I worship are not deities, but are the witches of Hellenistic folklore. The most prevalent of these are Erichtho, Simaetha, and Canidia. I used to venerate Medea and Kirke as part of the witch ancestors, but it came to my attention through my relationships with them that they were more than just witches, but deities of witchcraft themselves. I honor these witches in the same way as I would honor my ancestors, hence why I call them the witch ancestors. In fact, their worship actually comes before the worship of my ancestors. My worship of these beings is a little untraditional though and is more representative of other traditions of witchcraft that aren’t necessarily Hellenic. These beings have been very vocally present in my practice and have provided me with a lot of help and I have come to see how truly powerful they are. Through my veneration of these Hellenistic witches, I have been able to tie my practice back to the practice present in their time.

I honor these beings on each full moon. I have provided the full ritual I use to do so here. I also have a ritual in which I honor Hekate alone on the dark moon in connection with the Deipnon but it is not related to my observance of the Deipnon is style of ritual or purpose of ritual.

The offerings I give to these beings are traditional offerings such as wine, honey, milk, and incense. As of now, though, I only call on these deities and spirits in my Hellenic witchcraft practice because they are associated with witchcraft. I do not include the other gods I worship in my witchcraft as of now simply because it does not feel right to me. This can differ for other people.

This is by no means a full explanation of my Hellenic traditional witchcraft practice. It is also not me telling people how to practice. I merely felt the need to share my beliefs and practices in order to inspire others and provide more insight into how I practice. You can also find my reading list for my Hellenic Witchcraft practice here.

anyway I’d like to campaign for the Bilbo Baggins tag to be changed to Bilbo Baggins | Bilba Labingi, since you never know when you’re going to get some new readers on AO3 who are coming to Hobbit fandom from reading the untranslated Red Book of Westmarch

Invocation to the Witch Ancestors of Hellenistic Lore

Oh great witches of old, whose legends and names continue to penetrate the minds of all. Great women of magic whose gifts are accessed by the witches of today to work their spells and rites, hear my calls.

Erichtho, Thessalian woman, dreaded by all, come to my aid. Conjuror of the dead and feared leader of the witches of Thessaly, I invoke thee!

Medea, fabled witch of many drugs whose power is legend among us, come to my aid. Poisoner and healer, great daughter and priestess of Hekate, I invoke thee!

Kirke, great daughter of Hekate whose name is known by many, enchantress of lore and you who have been called goddess, nymph, and witch alike, come to my aid. Great sorceress whose skill in drugs and poisons is surpassed by none but the lady Hekate herself, I invoke thee!

Simaetha of legend, you who bound the errant Delphis back to thy side, come to my aid. You whose skill in binding and erotic magic is known by so many, I invoke thee!

Daughters of Hekate all, by the name of your three-formed mistress, I compel thee to come to me and provide me with your aid in my works of witchcraft. Fabled witches who I honor above all the shades of the departed, I invoke thee. Come upon your fellow witch and give aid to my spells!

I was tagged by both @simaethae​ and @kinsoliloquy, which makes me feel like I have Two Groups Of Friends, EvenI

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading? I don’t havvvve a home as such but it’s fine I read at my computer

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper? When I did read physical books I used trash as bookmarks

3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/a certain amount of pages? Yeah I can’t stop in the middle of a chapter. When I used to read long physical books I’d set limits like “I’ll stop at the next chapter after 50 pages”

4. Do you eat or drink while reading? Mhm

5. Music or TV while reading? Noooo my auditory processing disorder

6. Reading at home or everywhere? Ah when I was young I was the kind of kid who would read going down the stairs. Now I’m always either at home or at work. Sometimes I read at airports.

7. Do you read ahead or even skip pages? Time is already nonlinear enough, I don’t need fake book time to be more nonlinear

8. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new? I was suuuper anal about having my books look pristine

9. Do you write in your books? Most books I read aren’t worth it. I really wanted to annotate Pale Fire at some point but I might Never Read A Physical Book Again because I have a weird complex about it