#473 - Simaethula Jumping Spider

Small (Simaethula means ‘small Simaetha’) but very robust, somewhat flattened jumping spiders, with small rear eyes, and frequently metallic.

Rob Whyte, who corrected my ID,  has further info from a Polish expert on Saltacid spiders

Marek Zabka says Simaethula and Simaetha should probably never have been split, and the characters for separating Simaethula are rather weak, including the posterior lateral eyes being further back on the head than those of Simaetha. To really know one must revise all known and unknown Simaethula and the problem is they are rather small, with simple genitalia which doesn’t vary much between notional species, so it has to wait till a DNA lab and operator wants to spend about a year.

Coolbellup, Perth

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and it doesn’t get much better when you explain to what it actually refers…

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It should so obviously be Silvergifting but that wouldn’t be quite terrible enough. Why are all these shipping portmanteaus so terrible anyway? Probably we’re just getting the fandom we deserve

WHY ISN’T IT SILVERGIFTING that makes so much more sense. Okay I know I’ve campaigned ironically for ship name changes but now I am deadly serious. Silvergifting 2k16.