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Wikipedia says that, according to the Book of Jin, "Let them eat cake" was actually said by Sima Zhong/Emperor Hui in response to reports of starving peasants. (Or more precisely, he was told the peasants had no rice and said "let them eat meat", with similar effect). (1) Is the Book of Jin reliable? (2) Does it really say that Sima Zhong said that?

The Jin Shu isn’t as reliable as the Sanguo Zhi, so it pays to be more skeptical. I’m not sure which parts have the most trouble, though. I’d suggest taking stories about Sima Zhong with a healthy amount of skepticism. His circumstances were unique, after all.

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Who was the better general, Sima Yi or Deng Ai?

I’d still say Sima Yi. Deng Ai had some amazing accomplishments and was certainly top tier, but Sima Yi operated on a whole other level.

NCR: Joan Rivers > Who Are You Wearing?

It was Joan Rivers who changed the fashion & celebrity relationship by being the first person to ask the question “Who are you wearing?” while interviewing celebrities on the red carpet.

This had a profound impact on the partnership between fashion and the film & tv industry. So in turn she had a profound impact on my career. Much of my work as a stylist took place in dressing celebrities for the red carpet. This post is to honour a very funny lady and one who was a game changer. May she rest in peace. ~ Sima


NCR: Sima Says > Life Is Not A Popularity Contest

I receive a lot of questions about boundaries, especially from spiritual seekers of many different faiths, belief systems and religions. There seems to be a confusion that to be “spiritual” means to be an accommodator. Not true.

You know that saying “time heals all wounds”? Well, I don’t believe in that saying. I believe time is a very valuable commodity we must recognize as a gift afforded to us to build ourselves and learn skills that help us understand and integrate experiences. Our wounds are great teachers - yet quite often we never show up to class. Instead we posture and wax ecstatic as though we are healed. No wonder the world is populated with the walking wounded. 

The passing of time spent suffering or pretending like something that bothers you doesn’t bother you - is a waste of time. Life has a way of presenting us with the opportunity to measure our growth. Time can pass and when something that once wounded us is presented in a new experience we really get to know where we are at. Avoidance (people, places, situations) and the passing of time, to me, is not healing. I’m not saying go out and seek the people, places and situations that have wounded you in a way that stunts growth but suggesting an active exploration and the peeling away of our many layers of hurt - to get to the place that is most raw - is healing.  We live in a world that is so uncomfortable with being uncomfortable. We post positive affirmations on social media sites that have no relevance to our lives.

Practice is what brings about change. Practicing new and healthier behaviours, practicing healthier boundaries, practicing telling the truth “even when your voice shakes”. Practicing upholding your ethics and values - in real life when it’s called for - not just as a post on Facebook.

Quite often people mistake being a spiritual seeker to mean we must accommodate all sorts of people and behaviours. It’s actually quite the opposite. Committing to your well-being means knowing who and what to let go of with a loving kindness. Life is not a popularity contest. 

Rumi said ‘the wound is the place where the light enters you". May each of us have the courage to let the light in and know the difference between a door and a door mat.~ Sima


NCR: Echo and the Bunnymen > The Killing Moon

We all have “those songs”. The ones that come on and stop us dead in our tracks and transport us to another time and place or person. This is one of mine. It’s an oldie - but so am I in a pop culture world.

It’s one of the most perfectly crafted and arranged songs I’ve heard. Inviting you into a sonic journey. One of mystery. I admit when I first heard it I was just a young teenager - really had no experience or notion of what the lyrics really meant. But going through life then meeting a real life human who ignites these very lyrics and brings them into reality? Now that is the power of music. Enjoy! ~ Sima