sim: louis

Dirty Louis imagine by me :DD

Louis couldn’t help but bite his lip while he watched you sleep a few whimpers and moans left your mouth. It was nothing more than you trying to get comfortable while you slept and Louis knew that but he still couldn’t help but be turned on by the sounds you were making. ”Fuck” he whispered under his breath as he took his member out of his boxers and started slowly pumping his length to the sounds leaving your lips. Soon it wasn’t enough he needed more to touch you to be in you. He looked over at your sleeping figure wondering if he should he decided to go for it too horny to give it any real thought. After slowly removing the covers from your body and gently pulling your panties down to your ankles he spread your folds to get a good view of you. Seeing you aren’t nearly wet enough he decided he should help with that your back arched and a loud whimper escaped your lips as his tounge made contact with your clit but you didn’t stir. After a few licks Louis realized you weren’t waking up so he began to fully eat you out his tounge lapping at your folds and moving everywhere it could. He felt you clench around his tounge and looked up to see you subconsciously gripping the sheets with your back arched this made him smirk knowing even though you weren’t awake you were still semi aware of the pleasure he was giving you. “Sorry baby not yet” Louis chuckled pulling away knowing you were close and came up looking down at your now dripping wet pussy. He slowly slide in two fingers making you squirm “shhh” he whispered and you calmed down still unawaken “god so wet so ready even in her sleep” he mumbled to himself before lining himself up with your entrance slowly sliding the tip in. You whimpered and bucked your hips up “shhh baby I know” he cooed trying to get you to calm down like last time then slowly started moving in and out of you. Louis was still amazed you hadn’t waken through all of this it wasn’t long before you were clenching around his member about to let go Louis pulled out so he could watch your liquids spill from your pussy. Your eyes suddenly snapped open then closed again your lower region consumed with pleasure as you squirted leaving the sheets soaked. You looked at Louis hurt filling your eyes once you caught your breath and realized what happened turning on your side so you wouldn’t have to look at him. There was silence before you felt the weight of the bed shift and hands on your waist you pushed him away and he let out a frustrated groan “c’mon Y/n don’t be like that”. ”Don’t be like that ? Louis you took advantage of me while I was asleep” “and you loved it Y/n you squirted for fuck sakes” he retorted raising his voice. All you had time to do was shake your head in disbelief before Louis had you pulled into him “get off me” you cried struggling to get out of his grip but it was no use. His hand soon made its way down to your clit slowly rubbing circles “stop” you whimpered tears filling your eyes his free hand whipping them away. “C’mon baby you know you can’t stay mad at me I was only trying to make you feel good” “then why didn’t you just wake me? please just stop” you sobbed. Louis just shook his head still moving his finger roughly against your clit “your going to be a good girl and squirt for me again” a moan escaped your lips against your will unable to hold it in from the pleasure he was giving to your throbbing clit. “You know I love you Y/n” he whispered against your ear before peppering your neck with kisses you loved Louis too and as much as you wanted to hate him you simply couldn’t. “I-I love you too Louis” you managed to get out through strangled moans he smirked and slide two fingers in you and you immediately tightened around them because of how close you were. “That’s my girl let it go baby squirt for me show me how good I make you feel” Louis cooed in your ear and it sent you over the edge squirting for the second time that night. “Louis I…” you tried to say but your eyes fluttered closed from exhaustion “get some s