sim: krystal


Laelia chuckled to herself after thinking about Xokop’s words. It was almost like her friend was implying she was pregnant, which was impossible because they used protection… well except for that one time when they got excited and did it in the gardening shed but that was only that time. Oh there was also that time they were talking about books and Nate offered to show her how one particular scene in the book worked in real life… 

Otherwise, they always used protection. 

“Pregnant!” Krystal suddenly said, breaking the silence which had developed as Laelia thought about Xo’s words.


“What did pollinator say about reading the human’s minds without their consent!” Xo scolded. 

“But aliens can,” Krystal argued.

Pregnant? Reading minds? Alien? Laelia allowed Miguel to get down and he immediately busied himself playing with the blocks. She looked over to her friend, who held the cue cards in her hand but focused her attention on her. 

“It is true. I sense it in you. Also Taylor had similar symptoms. You have been unwell, correct?” Xokop questioned. Laelia sucked in a large breath in an attempt to calm her rapidly beating heart. She averted her gaze from Xo and instead looked around the room which was filled with cute paintings, wall art, decor and adorable toys. 

Thoughts of confusion swirled around her mind, creating chaos. Laelia finally looked over to her friend then and rested her hand on her heart. 

“You’re an alien?!”