“So, you mean to tell me that they’re allowing you to continue to teach at the college?” Ein looked out over the water through squinted eyes.

“Not for long,” Wren looked down at his lap. “The spring semester is coming up and, while I had classes scheduled, I was given the choice to either resign…or be fired and have it put down on every official paper that will ever follow my name.”

“So, change your name,” Ein shrugged.

Wren laughed. “I’ve missed you,” he nudged her with his shoulder.

“Likewise,” she said with a sigh. “So your wife…?”

“Ah, right,” Wren sat back on his hands and thought for a moment. “I told her just before the school found out. Not because I felt guilty—I mean, I did, don’t think me a jerk—but because she deserved to know. We both agreed that a divorce was what was best for the both of us. I think in reality, the marriage was just not meant to be. You know?”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Ein said. She chewed on her cheek, looking for something else to say. Why was it so awkward to be talking to him now? Maybe it was the lies and secrets that made their relationship so interesting. Was that a bad thing?”

“And what about you? What have you been up to?”


The Director of the IVF clinic, Dr. Sutton, welcomes Sonia and Roy like old friends and ushers them into her elegant, sun-filled office. She smiles at them with crinkly blue eyes magnified behind black-rimmed glasses, and there’s no doubt in Roy’s mind that she’s already creaming her panties at the thought of the §12 000 cheque that she’ll be extracting from him before their appointment is over. Sonia smiles weakly and knots her fingers together in her lap. 

Dr. Sutton: Sonia and Roy! It’s always lovely to see you. How are you both? Haven’t we been enjoying the most wonderful Indian summer this year? 

She continues to make small talk while she scrolls down her computer screen. Then she leans back in her chair and smiles at them again in turn.  

Dr. Sutton: Your test results have all come back. Sonia? One of yours was very interesting indeed. I’d like to do another blood-test, if that’s okay with you-

Sonia: Really? Well, that’s fine, of course. Do all the tests you want. But are you saying there’s something wrong with me? We always thought it was Roy’s sperm that was the problem-

Dr. Sutton: Actually, there doesn’t seem to be any problem with either of you. 

Roy: Dr. Sutton, I’m not sure we follow-

Dr. Ward: Sonia’s test results indicate that she’s pregnant. 

Sonia: I’m sorry? What


“It’s casual, you know? We both have needs. Raven has other people that satisfy hers, of course, but I’m just…doing my own thing, I suppose,” Josiah explained as they crossed the street.

Ein shivered next to him. It was impossibly cold out. She should’ve brought a jacket, or maybe she should’ve worn pants. “Satisfying sexual needs is one thing, but emotional needs? Completely different.”

“Here,” Josiah stopped and shrugged his blazer off. He draped it over Ein’s shoulders and stuffed his hands in his pockets. “I don’t know, though. I do fine on my own. Maybe I’m just not ready for someone to satisfy my emotional needs. I’m only twenty, it’s not a big deal right now.”

Ein nodded. “This is my house,” she stopped in front of the large brick duplex. The other half was completely dark, but hers was lit up. She turned to Josiah and opened her mouth to wish him a good night.

“A gentleman always walks a lady up to the door,” Josiah  cocked an eyebrow up at her. “Did you think me rude?”

Ein laughed and walked up the path to her porch. She stood next to him by the door. “Oh, have this back,” she handed him his jacket and took her shoes from him.

His sea green eyes searched her face as if trying to find something to do while he thought of words to say. “It was very nice to get to know you tonight.”

“Likewise,” Ein smiled up at him.

“It would be a shame if I let you go without a kiss, however. I mean—if you’d like. I don’t want to be some dick, you know? Uh—”

Ein laughed.