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In the meanwhile I’ve been setting up this wonderful Dutch world called Lowlands. It’s a real gem and it’s so much fun to go through a Sim’s world and actually feel at home lol.
I disabled the use of cars so here’s hoping that townies will use the bikes I set up the town’s homes with. (I wish I could insert the sound of the carillons I’m hearing right now through the open window)
Anyways, I gave some of your sims a home and a family and Dutchified their names. :D
In this pic you can see Belinda and Anneke. Two policewomen (or firefighter I haven’t decided yet) with their kids Saskia and Thijs and their dog Dutch. Belinda is one of my own sims and is with me for quite a long time. Anneke was made by @monsternoirsims and was called Miley in a former life lol. :))
They live in the Zaanse huisjes in Lowlands. Hope I’ll be able to play them for a bit today. Have a beautiful Sunday!


Avaline is pretty disappointed, though, that she’s not had any late night visitors since she confronted the lurking shadow in her room a long while ago.

She now cannot sleep at night because of her obsession with discovering things about the Sims world that no one else might have seen before, so her situation has not gotten any better!

And she can’t stop thinking about that young man she met in Forgotten Hollow. He looked so normal…is that how all vampires look? So many questions and not enough time to get the answers!

Non-BL/GL games with LGBT marriage

Sims Series

Fallout Series (except the first one and  Fallout 3)

Fable Series

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest/Birthright/Revelations

Conquest path has Niles for the Male Avatar.

Birthright path has Rhajat for the Female Avatar.

Revelations path has both Niles and Rhajat.

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Mohave Desert CAW files

This world is based on the high desert area in California, Nevada, and Arizona. It’s a blank slate for you to build any type of world you want. Feel free to change anything you want, and share it as you please, just give me credit for the base:). Enjoy!


Martoele Lowlands by martoele (The Sims 3)

Complete and populated world

Creator Notes
I used a Medium large flat map.
There are 69 lots: 39 community lots - 7 lots with households - 13 lots without households - 10 residential lots where I haven’t built anything on and as well some community lots that are completely empty.
All the community lots for the job seekers are included. Most of them are the rabbit holes from EA. There are only 5 or 6 rabbit hole rugs by Cazarupt-TSR (
Pay close attention to the expansion packs you need to see this world correctly.