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Shipyard and some medieval stuff.

Ready for a bit mor Funfet Valley? Well, you’re getting it anyway. 

First, a bit more port and ships:

And what do you need to build those? A shipyard of course!

I often try the OMPS resizers on random deco objects, it has spawned interesting ideas sometimes. In this case, that broken boat suddenly is a half finished hull!

Yes, they should be working on it, but as you can see, they have other projects (and the workforce is not that interested!)

Next door to this theorical hub of activity…

The Olde Fishmarket!

We’re getting in the older part of Funfet Valley, the one that hasn’t changed much since medieval times.

And no, you didn’t miss an episode: Sunseth Valley is Caw ready, more or less, but I already did a medieval World, so I skipped it to go 18th century. I guess the “leftover houses” get build first.

Since this is the old part of town, there are some more:

The castle, for starters… Or, more truthfully, the Keep, since it has five buildings.

This is on the big roman villa emplacement in Sol Valle, just in case anyone wondered.

The keep has a couple servants cottages:

The main castle:

I build a complete medieval castle, saved it, and then promptly demolished half of it to rebuild in a more Renaissance style, as it has been done in countless places.

Enclosed garden/courtyard at the back, with medicinal plants:

The keep Chapel/ Orchard:

And the guards barracks:

I have a few more of those to complete the (almost) older part of town, and then it’s back to your regular Rococo program!

Provided I don’t switch to another shiny, that is. Lol!


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anonymous asked:

hi hi, I just wanted to send this to say I'm super duper excited to see all the sims you made for the sim requests. your sim style is my absolute favourite out of anyone's I've ever seen, so I can't wait to populate my sims world with your adorable sims<3 love you and your blog so much:))


Non-BL/GL games with LGBT marriage

Sims Series

Fallout Series (except the first one and  Fallout 3)

Fable Series

Fire Emblem Fates Conquest/Birthright/Revelations

Conquest path has Niles for the Male Avatar.

Birthright path has Rhajat for the Female Avatar.

Revelations path has both Niles and Rhajat.

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The Viking Village For Sims 3 (Beta) Download Available

Requires the following expansions: Supernatural, Seasons, Pets, World Adventures

Requires the following STORE CONTENT: Dragon Valley

To download and read more, click below.

Ever dreamed of being a norse hero living his life on the ocean and then back home at the village lead by the fierce norse women? This might be the Sims 3 world for you then!

  • Medium world (Based off Sunset valley map)
  • Roadless (Perfect for medieval and historical play)
  • Loading time is fast
  • No lag while testing
  • BETA version - Please do give feedback on needed community lots etc. or report any errors
  • Unpopulated and unfurnished


This is a beta version, so it is not entirely “finished” throughout. If you have suggestions for improvements, I would be more than happy to get them. Because there sure is room for some ;-)

It’s a “mini” world meaning that there isn’t a whole lot of objects and lots in it which alows a smoother game play.

Oh and the distant terrain looks a bit off, but I hope you can overlook it :-)

Download (Simfileshare)

IMPORTANT: You must install Dragon Valley in order for the world to show up properly.

TOU: Please Do not upload to other sites, redo or claim as your own! Thank you.

Please tag the world #sims3vikings so I can see it in your games! Makes me want to make more worlds :D

Credits & a big thank you to the following creators

@murfeelee for the viking ships!


Testing @nilxis‘s gorgeous new world Uranesia.

This beautiful gorgeous world is beautiful (and also gorgeous!) and even more so in 4k and with my “Prettier Pixels, More Frames” ReShade preset. Which, by the way, is turning out to be suitable for every world and environment - just as I hoped. 



Dear passengers, for your safety and comfort, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the Captain turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign. This will indicate that we have parked at the gate and that it is safe for you to move about.

DOWNLOAD your ticket to Saturenorn here and prepare to enter our spaceport. It’s 8 o'clock in the morning local time. Temperature is 57F, the day will be bright and sunny. Welcome to Saturenorn!