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The species announced for Project Octavo thus far! From left to right - Dragons, Quetzals, Griffins, Hippogriffs, Unicorns, Kirins.

Three more hybrids are being created at the moment and more to still yet come. But these will be kept secret until the game is ready.. 

I will have some more exciting things to share soon!

Paint me like one of your French Unicorns, Rocky...

I was tagged by @ice-creamforbreakfast​  for the Sims Cosplay tag! Thank you very much.

This pic is an oldie but I hope still acceptable…Rocky and Eunice cosplaying Jack and Rose from Titanic.


-Use a sim or sims well associated with your blog.
-You are not allowed to change any of your sims features: Hair color, eye color, facial features and shape, or body shape. You can loophole eyes by using contacts and changing hairstyle is acceptable.
-Dress your sim(s) up as a character or characters that they relate to.

I would like to tag @declarations-of-drama @tyrellsimsoficeandfire @thenakedsim @dandylion240 and @boxofsims.

Cheers Possums!!

So I’m in the process of planning a modern save story thing and while I make a lot of sims myself, I’d love it if you could make some sims for me to use as well! This project is a LONG way off, hoping to start it sometime by the end of the year.  I’m going to try exploring different things with this and some things might be a little darker, but I want to give it a try.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Any family given to me must have at least on sim child or teen.  They are the stars of this project. 
  • Let me know which world you picture them living in. (except magnolia promenade and granite falls)
  • Feel free to write up a little bio for the kids or the family in general.
  • CC is welcome, but please only mm hairstyles.  (I love alpha, it just doesn’t love me)
  • Human’s only please.
  • And lastly, I just ask that I be allowed to edit any sims so that they fit my game style.  (ie.  I kinda use mostly large eyes on my sims, so being able to adjust eye size or something simple like that)

I’m making this announcement really early I know, but I want time to be able to decorate their houses to fit their styles but to also make some specific recolors for them, including family photos.

I’m not expecting any families right away, but I will probably reblog this twice a week(timezone reblogs) until I announce that I’m not longer taking anymore. You can send me families as tray files or add them to the gallery with #edensstar,  but please message me on here so I know to take a look if you post to the gallery. 

:)  Happy sim making!


@ninjaofthepurplethings tagged me to do a moodboard and asked if I could do it for Terry or Eunice! With Terry temporarily in lock-down writing his memoirs at Naomi Campbell’s holiday house in St Lucia, I decided to choose Eunice. I think everyone has done this by now but if you have an OC you’re dying to  create a moodboard for, please consider yourself tagged. :) 

Unicorn base is finished!

One more base is revamped!

Europa unicorns aren’t those tender magical spirits from fairy tales. Though graceful for their size, they are war horses capable of wearing a full armor and carrying an armored rider at the same moment. An interesting fact: their single horn is actually two twisted together into one.