sim that is kei but not actually

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I wanna love the art president but I'm still a little low key salty he looks a bit like yasha ( my yan sim character ) just with red hair and green eyes lol but It's kinda funny actually

um ACTUALLY both of yall are copying me because i have red hair and green eyes and you’ll both be hearing from my lawyers


Art by mihke  this fanart is a commission. 

If you play the game and seiyuu lover, you guys must be know what does it mean hehehe

For those who don’t know, In case if you guys wondering, this is actually a Seiyuu joke. Midorikawa Hikaru play as Kei Hazuki from Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side and Nakai Kazuya play as Shiba Katsumi in Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2 (Tokimemo is dating-sim otome game)

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • My wallet
  • My phone
  • Some tissues
  • chapstick
  • my keys

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • A cage with 3 screaming birbs
  • chapstick
  • too many plushs of Pkmn and cute pillows and my MLP OC Vermillion plush
  • bird poop
  • grass (like, actuall grass. the kind birds eat. lol)

5 things I’m currently into:

  • Backstage Pass (it’s a Dating Sim)
  • Rick and Morty
  • Zelda Breath of the Wild
  • Samurai Jack
  • Corpse Party

5 things on my to-do list:

  • Morty Falls
  • The amazing Spider-Stan
  • Comic involving my OC Fiona
  • Nanny AU Comics and ref sheets for the Smith family.

5 things people may not know about me:

  • I am german, born and raised.
  • I’m kinda chubby
  • I’m always tired
  • I can eat a whole pizza in one go. I CAN ALSO EAT A CHOCOLAT EBAR IN ONE GO? what is wrong with ppl who’re all “it’s too much sweet I can’t deal”

5 good personality traits:

  • Respectful
  • Excited
  • Playful
  • Creative
  • Honest

I taaaag:





terra: ok family i have called this meeting to announce that we are moving!
charly: WHAT!?!? i dont know all of the local kids yet!
terra: caleb tell her where we’re moving
caleb: we’re still gonna be in this district actually, theres a house right on the other side of where we live now! so you’ll still be able to meet all the kids
charly: oh good oh thank god…but what about ash??
terra: oh shit honey what about ash….he can’t have that apartment key anymore


Sage practicing some magic at his altar.

I actually tried to not over edit, key word “tried” lol. Anyways I have so many pictures I haven’t put up because I was going to use them for RP, but good lord it takes so much effort to pose the sims how I wanna.

So I’ll just randomly post the pics on this blog every now and then xD

*acting like I already don’t do dat*


after seeing the apartment trailer i’m really just more excited about this expansion pack. it’s the first pack that feels big and fully developed and flourished. we’re getting actual apartments that each feel unique and completely different than one another. i’m obsessed with the fact that low end apartments have special gameplay that you won’t find in a high end apartment, and vice versa. it seems like we’re finally getting features that feel fresh and new, all while adding that endless, non repetitive feeling gameplay. this is the first expansion pack that i’m actually excited for, and really gives me *hope* for the future of the sims 4.

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i'm so in love with your creations!! thank you so much for sharing them with us, especially those videos! i have a few questions though,, i was wondering how you're able to add objects to shelves/counters and etc without them snapping into place? and also how do you rotate objects freely? are there certain mods that you're using? :0 thanks in advance!

Hi there!
Most clutter don’t actually fit on the shelves so you have to use the cheat bb.moveobjects on and then you push 9 to raise the object from the ground (and 0 to move it down again). So technically you’re not putting the object on the shelf, you’re just lifting it so it looks like it’s on top. And you can free rotate objects by pushing the alt key and moving the mouse.

Here’s a good tutorial from The Sim Supply that shows you some build mode tricks, probably better explained than me:

Now that video is old and he says you have to press crtl to raise the objects but you don’t have to if you have your game camera settings as “The Sims 3”. TSS has a bunch of really useful tutorials and I recommend to check them out :)


Hi! :) It’s pretty easy if you’re willing to fiddle with the lighting. During the daytime hours, when you place lights outside they’re already “turned on”, but they don’t actually give off any light. The trick is to toggle the day/night button (or use the L key) twice while in build or buy mode, which then triggers them to light up. If you place any new lights after you’ve done that you’ll need to do it again, and most of the time you’ll have to change their intensity to get your sims to look good. At night it’s a bit easier since you don’t need to fool with any of that to get them to light up, but I’ve also found that for one hour at dawn and one hour at dusk nothing gets the buy debug lights to work outside.

Hope that helps! If you need any further clarification let me know. :)


Beneath The Waves; Characters
This is Randy & Miranda - A human couple soon to be married. Randy is the son of a fisherman and helps his father out at sea, usually at night and Miranda is a deep sea diver who may or may not end up touching a cursed relic that’s over 6000 years old while scuba diving.

Struggling to use tumblr on a PC. I’m all moved into the dorms now and I literally feel like I’m in sims 2 university lol!! Its okay actually! The campus has security. We have electronic passes to get through doors and stuff. So cool having my own keys too. Thanks for those who tagged me in the handwriting challenge <3 but I may end up doing It super late… Oh and the rooms have en suite bathrooms and, there’s wi-fi, heating, air conditiony stuff! Awesome. My friends just down the hall too and I have my PC laptop now with sims 3 and sims 2. l’m going to focus during my first week, I’ve made 4 new characters for ‘Beneath The Waves.’ and I only need to make one more character before I can start taking shots for the story. :) I’ll probably just reblog mermaid related content till I have time to start part 1. I’ll surf my dash whenever on my phone. I haven’t worked out how to do replies on this laptop yet but thank you to those for the nice  comments and for wishing me well! <3


Okay, now what am I doing?

*laughs* For the twentieth time, the first red button is to jump and the joystick helps you move.

And you can do so much better?

I grew up on this game.

Of course you did.

Now you want to dodge the-



Nope, I was trying to end this game, therefore I succeed!



You know, most try the opposite, yes?

I’m not like-

No, you’re not, because you’re-