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Lmao sorry for the spam but I’m gonna be unveiling a bunch of edits I never posted

Here is a very old edit of lil Sash



I made a little vidya tut after seeing @heavensims’ post about wishing there were non-CC shutters for windows wider than 1 tile, which got me thinking about ways to achieve a similar effect, and subsequently came up with this.

It’s pretty tedious and they’ll still be visible when the walls are down, but if you don’t mind either of those things then yay, non-CC shutters for you!

anonymous asked:

what are some of your favorite shirts ????

wow this has been here forever whoops

im gonna do male and female because you didn’t specify

For females

  1. Nina Top by mysteriousdane
  2. Basic T-Shirt by rusty-sims
  3. Untucked Loose Tank Top by pixelunivairse 
  4. Tucked-In Tee by mylssimblr
  5. Sweet Thing by kismet-sims

1. Bomber Jacket by simsontherope
2. Steal Your Sweater by lumialoversims
3. Basic Long Sleeve T-Shirt by rusty-sims
4. Pullover Hoodie by witch-hammers
5. Apollo Hoodie by cupidjuice


J   A   Y    :    C   A   S   U   A   L

Glasses       @by2ol                          Here

Earring         @by2ol                          Here

Top-Shirt      @by2ol                         Here

Jeans           @ooobsooo <3           Here

Ring              @by2ol                        Here

Nails             @pralinesims            Here

Shoes          @madlensims           Here

Pose             @by2ol                       Here

  • Thanks to all the three amazing CC makers :) 

rosymaplemoth  asked:

Your icon is magnificent ivi so many memories of raising little princesses! Are you excited about PM3 being translated?

Yes, I’m extremely excited for Princess Maker 3′s translation (and have been doing a little countdown to the release date)! I’ve been extremely curious about Princess Maker 3 and what was improved from Princess Maker 2. I was very pleasantly surprised by how soon the release date is. Good thing I got Refine to tide me over until then.

Party Member Gaming Headcanons!

Akira: Depends on the amount of money he has.  Usually opts for retro (it’s cheaper and leaves more room for buying weapons, guns, etc) Likes strategy games, stealth games (Loooooves the early metal gears) and any kind of simulators. Has a soft spot for old dating sims; Princess Maker is another favorite of his, caring for a little princess and ensuring she’ll be a fair and just ruler. He’s also a fan of Batman- Cake Knight in this universe- (since he’s one of the most popular examples of vigilante justice, even though he sometimes works alongside the police) and most Batman-themed games.

Ryuji: His taste can be divided into two- your average Dudebro Games ™ like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Battlefield, lots of shooters, then beat-em-ups/fighting games, like God of War, Lollipop Chainsaw, Street Fighter, and Akihabara Strip (one of his favorites.) Loves games with a kickass, capable, and attractive female protagonist. Money’s a bit tight in his house due to his single mom, but he’s a sweet guy and doesn’t need the most modern consoles or setup to have a good time, and especially doesn’t want to be a brat to his mom and ask for things he knows they can’t afford.  He’s usually a generation or two behind on most releases but he keeps up with gaming news and loves the medium.

Ann: She’s into open world games that let her customize her character and the story to her heart’s content (Minecraft, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Skyrim, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) She likes trying on different looks and personalities for her character, coming up with a little story for them depending on how she felt that day. It changes fairly often. Ann has a bias for Nintendo- games usually kept her company while her parents were on business, and she revisits the older Mario games when things get especially bleak and dull. She’s also got an affinity for the Style Savvy games. When she’s amped up, she’ll play a game for her to vent her anger- like Mad World or No More Heroes. Can play games in either English or Japanese.

Morgana: Has no thumbs, and  consequently, cannot play video games. Does enjoy watching Akira play more action-packed games, mosty Metal Gear. Although, he wonders why Akira plays them at all- Isn’t their life as Phantom Thieves interesting enough?

Yusuke: Doesn’t care much for video games as a medium, until he catches Futaba playing an artsier game. He wouldn’t actually play the game, though, he’d opt for just exploring the world and examining the textures on everything.  If he had the money for a console, he’d rather spend it on food or art supplies. He prefers to watch rather than play himself. Games that have looks he’d love to drink in ae- Anything by Team Ico (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian,) Breath of the Wild, Skyward Sword, Okami, and Journey.

Makoto: Usually doesn’t have time for games or other leisure activities, between Phantom Thieves business and her duties as an honor student and Phantom Thief. Does like a few games Ryuji and Ann introduced to her- they give her a high on rebellion. When playing GTA, though, she trie to obey traffic laws. Which is pretty difficult considering the controlls.

Futaba: Will play almost anything. Video games were one of her windows to the outside world, even if they were fantasy. A few favorites would be the Souls games, Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls games,  MMO’s (like WoW) and MMO inspired games (Like the original Xenoblade CHronicles.) Likes a title with lots of meat and replayability. And glitches. She loves silly glitches that keep her laughing for hours on end. She also loves terrible games, and breaking them to see how they work, like Sonic 06, Superman 64, the shitpost classics. She’s dabbled in trying to make a few games but doesn’t have an artistic bone in her body and doesn’t want to trust artists for giving her assets.

Haru: Loves cutesy Nintendo titles, especially if they have a gardening or farming mechanic. One of her favorite series’ of all time is Harvest Moon- the characters all look adorable, and she can live out a simple farmer’s life and peddle flowers, and even take care of cute lil animals! She also loves Animal Crossing, making the prettiest posssible town she can, and keeping her town happy. Has played Rune Factory, and enjoyed it, though not as much as Harvest Moon.

Goro: Usually doesn’t have time for games, like Makoto, between his life as a detective, Phantom Thief, AND a student. However, he did find a series on his phone that he grew to love during long train rides- the Ace Attorney games. The silly moments brightened his darker days, and the more serious moments reminded him of why he was doing everything in the first place. Relates pretty heavily to Edgeworth.