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Video Games

Week Ending December 12th, 2016

  1. Overwatch
  2. Pokémon Sun and Moon
  3. Mystic Messenger
  4. Final Fantasy XV  +2
  5. Undertale  −1
  6. The Sims 4  −1
  7. Kingdom Hearts  +4
  8. The Last of Us
  9. The Last Guardian
  10. Five Nights at Freddy’s
  11. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator  −2
  12. Death Stranding
  13. League of Legends  −5
  14. Animal Crossing: New Leaf  −7
  15. Mass Effect
  16. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  17. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  −7
  18. Pokémon GO  −6
  19. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location
  20. The Sims 3  −3

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.


Oahu Skin _ Ethnic _ Set

A smooth texture Ethnic skin overlay for your female sims.^^

  • Location: Skin Details
  • Gender: Female only
  • Age: All

Download Sim File Share

Editing Program Used: Gimp, Photofiltre, Photoshop,Notepad

Disclaimer: Credits to : Sintiklia Sims (Eyes), Kikijo (Eyelashes), PralineSims(Brows), TrillykeI (clothing), etc…


Every time I create something new, I try to extend the distance between the heart of my houses and the edge of what can supposedly be shown outside of them. So that’s why I completely furnished the lot on the left with a basketball court. I know I still build the same type of houses but I like industrial style a lot.

Amazing fake buildings by @blackmojitos
Most of the stuff comes from Around the Sims4,
MXIMS, Tingelingelater (collums/pipes), Mio-Sims,
RachelsSimStuff (arches), Maximss (fake doors),
Veranka (wall plants), ConceptDesign97 (trees),
Sanoysims, Viikiita (for some recolors), ….

Please ask for more specific items!

289 Paragon Drive

Hey everyone! This build is a little different. It’s a sort of ‘makeover’ for Crick Cabana that came with The Sims 4 base game located in Willow Creek. You can’t deny that the original build was a little dark and bland. I wanted to give it the desperate face lift it needed.

The home is 2 bedroom, 1 bath built on a 20x15 lot. It costs roughly $45.000.It requires all game, expansion, and stuff packs.

You can find it on the gallery under my name: Linkoran. Make sure you have the ‘include custom content’ option toggled. 


The sims 4 - MMD dance : Perfume’s Global Site dance (by Roundog)


How use (you need the pose player)
1. Select 3 sims in your choice
2. In the buydmode, Take a sofa to 3 seats
3. Make your sims to sit in this sofa then delete the sofa in the buydmode
4. With the pose player, select the pose (for each of the sims) in the pose pack by Roundog depending on the location of sims (left, center, right)
5. Play now and enjoy !!


Welcome to the Top Ten!

Those that still remain, congrats! The road to Harper’s heart gets more challenging from here!

In order in the pictures above, we have Dirk Stallone by mandrakesims​; Dalton McDermott by mckatsims​; Sage Pryor by pxelbox​; Plum-Drop Sunglaze by jaxxis​; Franconia Springfield by francothecitysimmer​; Poseidon Drift by simflora​; Aiden Moore by simtimate​; Lilac Daydream by smallsimmer​; Jasmine Andrews by blobsandberries​; and Zachary Holland by simofthecentury

As a special top-ten treat, 5 sims will get a location photoshoot and a date with Harper. How they win: Superlatives. Viewers will nominate sims for certain categories, and then a vote will be held.

The categories are: 
Most Adorable
Most Likable
Best Dressed
Best Personality
Most Fun to Watch

To nominate, send me an ask (off anon only to prevent cheating) of who you want to nominate for what category. You may nominate your own sim, but no person can nominate the same sim for all categories. A sim may end up in multiple categories if nominated by separate people, but may only win in one category. In the event a sim wins multiple categories, the one where they had the most votes will be the one they win. The runner up will win the other category. ALL NOMINATIONS REMAIN PRIVATE.