sim ftw

Does no one in the tag know that this translates to “Have Pride In The Sims 4”? That’s so cool! They’re openly showing all the sexualities here! I mean, they’ve always been part of the Sims but usually not in renders or videos (I only remember Sims 3 Uni’s trailer openly showing it a lot) so this is cool! Orange Tank Guy and the dude next to him are so cute together already…so is Yellow shirt lady, her girlfriend, and her child…and that blonde chick at the end…omg this is so awesome…

Ok, so this time I’m gonna make the “follow forever” post. I don’t always reblog or like stuff I enjoy. Sometimes I follow someone’s legacy for months and don’t click a single thing, just because most of the themes do not support one-click “likes”. You can see yourself here - but don’t be surprised. I often just watch people’s simblrs like a creep :>

So, a list of those who I admire and things that I like about them:

arasika-industries - lovely Berry sims, and she’s a very friendly person!

melanijann or alittlesimlish - very nice person, and we share opinions on some things.  

nightofthelivingbonehilda or moxycrimefighter - again, our views on many things are very similar and I just love her and her sims’ style!

titosims or titosims4 - I think we never talked, but I think her sims are both beautiful and adorable. And mysterious, just look at her Calistemon sim! 

mspoodle1 - again, I’m not sure if we ever talked, but what I like the most is the interior/exterior design. 

yuichen - I’m not really into TS4, but I like to see what she does in Oasis Springs :)

simsgonebye - well made images, not just some random gameplay screenshots. I like that! Also, her sims are always fashionable ;)

kurasoberina - best. skins. ever.

maryannsims2 - I like to sometimes look at TS2 screenshots, and her suit my style well.

melanieselestasims -dark, goth stories all the way!

tumblinrob - now mostly reblogging, but I like his Newmans - Rob is a hottie! :D

aikea-guinea - first simblr and first sim content creator I’ve found years ago when I was looking for “alternative sims 2 clothes”. Lots of great stuff & sims.

blondechaos - handsome & pretty sims. Her Tori and Axel are probably my favourites.

And many other simmers including:

art-sims (lady Gaga all the way!) || brntwaffles (dat eyes!) || beaverhausenx (best retextures) || berrysweetshoppe (probably most popular berry blog) || beautifulplumbobs (so colorful and cheerful!) || fairsteadsims (check her drawings too!) || halloweenscones (I just LOVE sims with interesting, non-pudding faces) || exorcisim (hq pics of pretty sims) || javapixels (I liked her TS2 legacy) || koolhira (beautiful sims) || leahlillith (nice alternative stuff) || leithdrew (bunch of hot sim babes!) || mistyinthebluebox (Doctor Who sims <3) || napoleonfrost (very creative and skilled at sim-making) || simsinluxury (sims of color ftw!) || pixelatedzombies (made a retexture for me <3) || moonskin93 (dark stuff!) || sectumsimpra (her url is not a typo) || tudorsims (yes. tudor sims.) || urbanhypesims (poses and handsome sims!) || lolabourbonsims (I used to listen to Murderdolls, ya know) || wiktoriavonfrege (her sense of humour is enough to like her)