sim buildings


Ok so, I don’t really have time to play but i popped into my game to edit the building and see if i could come up with a color i liked. Then i tried some others and the result is… i don’t know what to choose because i like them all.
So give me your opinions!
1. Dark blue/ gray with black trim
2. Dark purple/gray and dark gray trim
3. Dark green with natural brown trim

The roofing would likely stay the same color regardless.


Building Challenge - Week Four

I wanted to try building a working apartment for so long :O Always in love with the feel of industrial looking New York-ish buildings. Three stories with a laundromat and parking space. My game has been extremely laggy when building so i only furnished one of the apartments ;v; I think its time for a CC clean up ;____;

kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?
hmm.. things being built. I love watching things progress from nothing to something - said this in my doodle diary thing but I think its so cool. I love watching sims buildings, art time lapses, cakes being decorated, intricate makeup transformations, etc.