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Today there’s something I want to share with you all. And this is a really important thing to me. This is how I see Simblr.

Simblr is in perpetual evolution. Simmers come and leave and sometimes they come back and sometimes they leave again and it goes on and on and on.

Simblr is diverse.
Sometimes it’s toxic, sometimes it’s benefic. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad. Sometimes it’s poetic, sometimes it’s crude. Sometimes it’s colorful, sometimes it’s dark. Sometimes it’s cartoon like, sometimes it’s realistic.

It can be ts1, ts2, ts3, ts4.

But there’s one thing that never changed and never will.

Simblr is all about you.

Yes, you, you the simmer behind your screen. You’re what Simblr is made of. But more than anything Simblr is what you make of it.

You have every right to be here. Wether you prefere to share sims, story, buildings, sceneries, legacy, challenge, custom content, edits.
If your anxious, genuinely happy, depressed, a mother, a father, a 10 years old, a 90 years old, a man, a woman, or none of this, transexual, asexual, homosexual , bisexual , pansexual, heterosexual, white, black, brown, yellow, green, blue, red, chubby, skinny, tall, small, American , African, Latino, European , Asian, Russian, Norwegian, friendly, introverted, autiste, sick, handicapped : you have every right to be here. It can be under the spotlight or in your own corner of the internet but you have your space.

And you create things.
You. Freaking. Create. Things.

And this is marvelous.

~Greenie’s crafty corner~

After I tried finding that one amazing tutorial I wanted to share with someone, after having to search thousands of years to find it, I actually came up with an idea to create something similair to a CC finds blog…

Yep a Tutorial blog! :D Because I’m a walking tutorial archive who needed to get her own ‘bookcase’ to store all those tutorials in a great organised environment :P

So, it has some tutorials on it already but not much. But there’s something I wanna try out as well, which is… *drumrolls*

You can submit your own tutorials! :D

I mean, we all know how much time it takes to create a tutorial and finding out that only 6 people might have read it. Even thought it has some clever stuff in it. So feel free to click the submit button (after reading the ‘read me’ of course. To submit your tutorial. I’ll check your tutorial and see if it’s worth posting :D

What can I submit?:

  • CC related tutorials
  • Photoshop (simblr-ish) tutorials
  • Tiptorials/tiptutorials
  • Gameplay tutorials (and Nraas-ish stuff included)
  • Building tips/sims tips (like how to improve your buildings/sims and stuff)

Of course I’ll keep it updated as well! But feel free to share some tutorials if you feel like sharing them! Do keep in mind that not all tags are working at the moment since I haven’t reblogged anything that fits in those categories yet. 

~You can visit it here~

RIP precious retro spacey bowling alley I built in Evergreen Landing and forgot to save and the game crashed upon exiting the lot (my first experience with this, hm…)

I have another lot that I built a while ago that I tried to send some people to that had a similar retro vibe and the game basically never loaded the lot again after I built it. I am starting to think that I’ve got some CC problems. bleh.


VtMB - Asylum Full Set


Set include:

  1. + VtMB_Voerman_SET (objects from Voerman room made by kitki)
  2. + VtMB - Asylum_set (objects by VKG from VtMB and also auxiliary objects by luna and Gosik)
  3. + Asylum_LOT (lot file: please put it in \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library)

*extracted-edited-converted by VKG

You need also metro from VtMB - World SET and traffic light from VtMB - Street SET

Don’t forget abot VtMB - Wall_SET and VtMB_Covering_floor_Set

If you want to say thanks to creator, please, support my blog:


VtMB - World SET


  1. + SewerageSubway_DEFAULT (replace original Subway from LateNight)
  2. + SM_pier_sign_CAW
  3. + traffic_light_CAW (functional)
  4. + CH_gate_CAW (Chinese gate for lot <<here)
  5. + vkg - bridgeTuscan_Dark (recolor of  bridgeTuscan for VtMB World)
  6. + vtmb-road (7*dds for world roads)

Set include objects for CAW, but you can find them also in Debug slot of Buy Mode.

*extracted-edited-converted by VKG 

If you want to say thanks to creator, please, support my blog:

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1 month work (because of breaks) the town is complete however i have to put three random homes next to the protags, i might put three houses from the galley with the hashtag #helloneighbor, if you want your house shown here just ask me i find it uses the #SINLO or #helloneighbor (i think the helloneighbor is easier)in the bio on sims. Pictures of each buildings and insides soon. i dont think i will put them in gallery since some do contain cc (cough the school has loads)

Sims belongs to EA Hello neighbor belongs to Tinybuild

Today has been the least stressful for this week of simming xD

I posted early for once. Took a nap. I have plenty of time to do other things now. Like creating sims for Faith, buildings, and I could try to get pictures for tomorrow.