Tat complete! (Why you laughing boi??) I decided to give her a modified version of her armband for her tattoo. Because of the small definition and canvas space her bicep offers, some of the details fuzz out. So here’s a clean image of what her tattoo is: 

Basically it’s got the addition of celestial symbols to correspond with her family–moon for her water tribe heritage, sun for her husband’s partial fire nation blood, and stars for the kiddies.

Now her sleeveless looks will have much more purpose! :) She thanks mister tattoo man for doing a good job.

While this is going on, the toddlers are being juggled around, with Mako in particular trying to make sure they’re all fed and changed and just tended to. He’s very dedicated to it! The problem is…

The poor guy is very hungry and lacking other buffs right now, so the only thing keeping his mood in the yellow instead of the red is his stable relationship, which is cheesy af but it’s true. Once he’s done tending to the kids, Riku’s over with grandma like you saw in the mahjong pics etc. Mako gets to doing what he really NEEDS to do next:

Give Korra her daily, “I love you,” obviously. (Food? Huh? What?) The funny part is that he tells her, and she responds by wanting to take his hand:

And THEN he’s like, “Yo hold on, babe.”

“I gotta eat.” (Lol she’s all laughing at him.)

Casually catching snowflakes.

I decide to start tackling some wishes since I let them run almost completely off autonomous behavior last time, and they need to get those wishes rotating.

So after Mako finishes filling the dog bowl for Naga, I see that Mako and Korra both have wishes to play a game with each other… 

So since playing dominoes at the Halloween party didn’t seem to satisfy the wish, I send them both to do the thing I know will: video gaming!

And that’s the story of how Korra and Mako ended up playing video games at 2 am while five of their kids were still awake. On a school night.

Semi-tangent: they both quickly replaced those wishes for ideas of other ways they want to spend with each other… You can probably guess it.

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Wrapping up the night…

Makos pushing paperwork in the middle of the night, but he can’t be bothered. Meanwhile…

Lin’s date didn’t go so hot. Sorry, Lin! If you want, we can try again next t–

Oh you DO want to with Tahno specifically? Um… Okay? o.O But for now…

Looks like Lin’s coming in to take over for Mako, so he can go home. Thanks, boss♥


And the stupid part is, while this loser is sleeping..

She’s still freakin’ waiting for him–!!

And he plans on sleeping til like 5 in the afternoon, so she’s gonna get so tired that she does that stupid thing where she climbs out of bed just to pass out on the floor, instead of copying him and climbing under the covers.

So one of these two has to have their current action cancelled for the sake of Korra’s sleeping…

I know which one a good number of you would pick so:

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Every year they go to the same resort, so I decided to try something different. @steinbecks​ came up with the good suggestion that they should take an escape to a cabin in the woods. So they are!

Mako’s hungry so he got to work prepping some very late dinner.

For some reason he stopped in the middle of his meal to socialize with her, but I… forgot what he said to her. Whoops! Looks like it was telling her a story?

Then while she lit a fire to keep them warm while they sleep…

He lit a fire to make sure they have something to eat. Yum.