Echos hairstyle for the Sims 4

When I first saw this curly hairstyle in the Kids Room pack, I was so happy to have a curly hair texture I could use ! And here is the result, after converting it for adults and working a bit on the volumes. I hope you like it ! Available for teen to elder, hat compatible, base game compatible, with the 18 base colors. 

You can also use it on female sims, by unchecking Feminine in the clothing preference filter. :D

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Download : SimFileShare

I can’t upload my file on Mediafire for the moment it seems. But does someone really need this link ?

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Savidal - Les Bains

In the last months, I received a number of messages asking me for more screen of this lot. The exterior part is based on Larifari2009’s ancient ruins (you can find it on the gallery), so I can’t really share it. And I also used a lot of custom contents !  :o

So fell free to use these screens as an inspiration if you want to recreate this place. ;)


My saves got deleted so I had to make Thomas a new flat (and remade him too) and I started doing this which is decorated in a new style that I like to call I-have-no-f-idea-of-what-I’m-doing-someone-please-send-help. Anyways I’m using these apartments by @blackmojitos.

Thanks to all the CC creators <3 @dreamteamsims @mxims @blackmojitos @bellaisadellima @ichosim @slox @sanoysims @aroundthesims @onyxsims @meinkatz @lindseyxsims @mio-sims @homelivingsims @nullspacenancy @chisimi @anbs @msteaqueen @inabadromance @rachelssimstuff @beverlyhillssims.

Acne Clover Boots Recolors - Sims 4

You NEED the mesh by @puresims for my recolors to show up! Find it HERE

Download Recolors (NO adfly): Mediafire II Sims Workshop

Standalone Recolors, Custom Thumbnail

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Blud. Don’t Let Me Get Old Skool.. 

Heeeyy bews. I’m downtown waiting on my sister to finish a commercial she’s doing for Nike or Adidas. I forget. Anywho, one of my fans spotted me and asked if I could take some photos for her fashion blog. 

These are the results. I like em. She also gave a hook up for some free tickets to AfroPunk in August!

By the time we got done, I was hungry af and went for a Strawberry Lemonade at McDonald’s since I don’t really eat their food and me and sis was going for sushi once her shoot was finished. 

Have a good day bebe’s <33


Janiri: No, I am not interested in few pieces. I want to buy five full crates of the apples.
Seller: F-five full crates?! Of course, Ma'am! Would You like the ones from west Seas or-
Janiri: No, no. I want galaxian apples. Can You get me five crates by this evening?
Seller: Of course, Ma'am.
Janiri: Perfect. Men will came at dusk with gold and to take the crates.


Fortune Teller: Would You like to come for a prophecy to change Your life?
Janiri: Hm? Ah yes, “prophecy”. No, thank You, I can set sails for my own future.
Fortune Teller: If You say so. A pity, I thought I saw The Pearl in the vision, Captain.


Amaris Dress

  • New item
  • Comes in 8 color/print combinations
  • All LOD’s 
  • Please don’t claim as your own/re-upload and if you decide to use it, feel free to tag me #mxfsims or @mxfsims so I can check it out ^^

DOWNLOAD > simfileshare


Credit to: @hallowsims, @madlensims, @pralinesims, @sims4-marigold and all other creators I used content from <3


A: Auntie Letty, are you sleeping?
C: What, when, where, who? Ah, that’s you… yes, I mean no… What time is it?
A: I don’t know… Daddy said not to wake you up… I was playing with Wally, but I’m hungry…
C: Me too… Where’s your father?
A: Daddy’s working…
C: Well, we’re fucked…
A: What is ‘fucked’?
C: It means royally screwed… You don’t know that one too, do you?
A: *shakes head*
C: Well, it is something you say when you get in a bad situation… and since your daddy isn’t home, it looks like we both stuck here starving…
A: Maybe there’s food in the kitchen? Daddy always finds something there when I say I’m hungry…
C: Do you know how to cook?
A: *shakes head*
C: Yeah, me too… Alright, how about we go out to eat somewhere? If only I can figure how to dress you up…
A: I can by myself! I’m a big girl!
C: Yeah, yeah… I say that too and then get stuck in a goddamn half-zipped dress… Well, I suppose there’s no harm in trying, huh?