Is not nearly as polish as it could be, but i made it for myself and i wasn’t planning on releasing it, but i cant help myself lol. I added 4 more recolors just to add variety, in the usual patterns i like.

5 recolors
All in one .package
Stand alone item
New mesh
Base Game Compatible

If you guys like it i can maybe make her other outfit? the yellow shirt is super cute too! dont ask me to make the suit she wears in the upside down ‘cause i have no idea how to make THAT :P




Here it is!

So i’m gonna keep this short lls. There are:
20 selfie’s:
13 while standing
7 while sitting
2/7 w/ cigarette

These are my first poses so they aren’t perfect, but they’re doin it :) 

You’ll need: 

Andrew’s Pose Player

Teleporter Mod

Pose Placement:

You can place the teleporter mod anywhere you want, the Sim will replace the teleporter mod! 
For the sitting poses, just place the teleporter on the chair and the Sim will replace the teleporter mod as well! :)

Download PosePack! 

- Don’t Claim as your own before I beat Yo ass!

- Feel free to tag #vallysdesignsims4 So that I can see how u guys be slayin them poses :)

- If there are any problems please let me know

Enjoy!! Xx

Credits to all the CC creators for the amazing CC y’all put out here for us to use !

Je Te Vois: An Overwatch conversion of Widowmaker’s visor by Valhallan

* Comes in 3 swatches: the standard one (black and red), as well as the colours from Widowmaker’s Epic skins (Patina (gold and purple) and Frozen (white and teal))
* Found under Hats
* For all genders, aged teen - elder
* All LODs replaced, custom specular and bump map
* Custom thumbnails
* Preview is animated for fun, the visor is not actually animated in-game

Credits: Blizzard for the original mesh, extracted from the game Overwatch. Widowmaker’s model extracted by Sticklove on DeviantArt. I did, however, seperate this visor from the original model, edit all of the textures and the model to make them fit into the Sims 4.

TOU: Please do not re-upload or repost without my permission, and do not claim as your own. You are free to recolor and retexture, but do not include the mesh, please! If you use it in your game, you can tag me with my name ‘valhallansim’, I would love to see what you guys do with it! 

Simfileshare (, thank you so much for supporting me!) | Mediafire (no


Alexandre Vauthier Collection

Alexandre Vauthier is the first designer I decided to work on for my return to haute couture. I love his work, and I hope you do too. You’re getting 14 pieces (everything from these ten looks, minus shoes and accessories etc.) Please make sure you have all of the meshes specified below, or this collection will not work.


1. Dress 1 and Dress 2 by the amazing @beocreations

2. Dress and Top by the flawless @sentate

3.  Pants by the King of chic @hautfashionsims4

4. Blouse by the queen @sims4-marigold

5. Skirt by the lovely @manueapinny

6. Mara Hoffman Harem Pants by Judie at All About Style

7. Dress by the lovely @preslavabg

8. Dress by my girl, @alainavesna


I hope you enjoy this collection - let me know in the replies if you do, and be sure to @ the account or tag #sims-boutique if you use these pieces!


7 K Artworks - Pixar Theme - sets 1&2

Modern artworks of Pixar’s best movies : Toy Story & Monsters Inc !

There is no reason that our Sim kid don’t know about those two classics. Have you realize there is already a generation out there ( probably also playing The Sims ) that grew up with Pixar’s movies ? Ugh … suddenly feeling old.

2 x 7 Wall framed and 2 x 7 Leaning framed of various artworks of Toy Story and Monsters Inc. that would fit any style.

Frames are black and shades of blue. Texture of wood.

This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a brand new mesh 🙂

Made with Sims4Studio and S4PE
Date of Release : July 29th 2016
Size : 3,4mb per sets
Expansions : Base Game
Contains : 4 combined package
Category : Buy > Decorations > Paintings / Sculptures
Price : 350§

download here