It starts to rain and Asami heads inside, where she intercepts Iroh to “flatter” him and then hold hands. And I just want to know…

Did I just not notice they make this crazy angry face when their hands are being held before, or is it just the position of Jinora and Iroh’s eyebrows specifically that makes it look so funny? “I’m only holding your hand ‘cause you’re MAKING ME.”

Also the babysitters switched shifts and the new one’s just casually putting their private moment on snapchat or whatever nbd

Anyway, the hotdogs are gone so the only viable other option is obviously ice cream for Iroh. Breakfast of champions.

The game’s lighting suddnly “snaps” to morning like a lightswitch, and Zuko decides to invite Asami to listen to his scary, spooky ghost story.

“And then the credits began to roll…




alright last one for a little bit, i really REALLY like the way she came out. I think her makeup is spot on and as SOON as I saw this hair from a cc blog I was like “holy shit this looks just like Asami’s hair” so I knew i had to make her.

Some Korrasami coming in a lil bit.

rachiella3  asked:

After luna/louis inevitably breaks up (because piper/louis needs to happen...I say this while genuinely enjoying their relationship and piper's angst 😂) you should make sim!asami a sim!korra and they can live happily ever after

bro… that was the very first thing I did when I got the sims

Korra and Asami are now very happy ghosts with a gaggle of grandchildren running around <3

Catching Up

Zuko’s out of jail, but he got fired. Which is fine, because he’s supposed to be retired and keeps signing up for a job whenever I leave him alone, so forget it.

Also is Fire Blood is showing.

Zukito wants to play with Runi.

And Asami wants to buy a toy oven so her kids can feed themselves for once. But they only have §900 and too many bills, so they’ll have to wait. In fact…

I have sold all the following items from their house:

  • The piano
  • The massage chair
  • The china cabinet
  • The two egyptiany plants in the sala… wait that’s not the word in English it’ll come to me
  • The espresso machine
  • The food processor
  • A few curtains I missed
  • Some extra lights in their ensuite bathroom
  • Some art pieces
  • Asami’s shoe collection
  • Izumi’s vanity
  • Some flowers in Izumi’s room
  • One of the babies’ walkers
  • Those doric columns arbitrarily sitting in their entry way

Now they have more money:



OK here’s a five minute video compilation I threw together for you guys. Mostly features the kids being cute and stuff. Don’t watch if you’re already on the verge of a sugar high from Krew babies or you could go into a coma.