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Tutorial how to create a new mesh clothing for The Sims 4/Урок как создавать новый меш одежды для симс 4


- Blender

- Photoshop

Sims 4 Studio

TS4 CAS/Mesh Tools

If the video is too fast then click the gear icon and reduce speed.

Если видео слишком быстрое тогда нажмите на шестеренку и снизьте скорость.

Download Jumpsuit


Reid: So I kind of got you this. 

Kristy: No way!

Reid: I was going to hide it in the tree trunk but then how was I going to hide it in the tree trunk, you know?

Kristy: How were you going to convince me to look in a tree trunk too. Trees are great but I’m not really a tree hugger or a tree feeler or a tree therapist. 

Reid: Those jobs exist? 

Kristy: I’m sure they do. You’d suit it.

Reid: Oh I should look into- ah anyway, the point is. I got this for you. We’re still teens, I know and I’m an idiot and-

Kristy: You just not academically inclined. You’re not an idiot. 

Reid: Kris, please let me finish.

Kristy: Ah, sorry. 

Reid: So I may not be academically inclined and I obsess over trees, but I hope one day, when I become something that you’d be there with me. I love you and I don’t see myself without you. With this ring, are you willing to let me promise myself to you? 


Snow piled up on the ground! This is a low-poly mesh that you can use to build up a snowy landscape for your sims. (Use the resizing key to scale it up and mix differently sized piles together.) It was cloned from ground-covering ivy and your sims will walk through it. It extends past its small grid footprint on purpose for easier placement. Recommended to use with Simcookie’s snow mod and with snow terrain paint such as these and these

Two meshes (separate), one slightly bumpier and higher than the other, but it’s a small difference. If you only want one I’d recommend the flatter one. Feel free to make edits and recolours of these meshes (general ToU here).

❅♦❄ Download: ❄♦❅ 

Categorised as “rocks” in the build-mode catalogue. Has a custom catalogue icon and “confetti” in the title so it’ll be easier to find (I’m going back and fixing this on my other CC soon!), or just search “snow”. Should be BG compatible, tested in my game, let me know if there are any problems. Happy winter :-D 

Friendly pose 003&004


DOWNLOAD (MediaFire)

Acc phones@inabadromance

(Solo poses should be made to be able to combine … Maybe.)


DOWNLOAD (MediaFire)

(The solo poses are extent only to the last.)

使い方(How to use)

ポーズを使うにはAndrew’sPose Player
Teleport Any Simが必要です。


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