While Korra’s making the arrangements, she’s notified that the kids need permission to go another field trip to the Police Department which is an obvious yes. ‘Cause I mean… “friendly reminder” that even though their cop dad does not have the “family oriented” trait, they’ve pretty got him wrapped around ALL of their fingers:

There’s no way he’s gonna stop taking them to work. Also it works out, because they kinda like him too:


Thx for the paycheck you two 🤑

Also let’s contrast the state of this FOURTEEN sim household against the FOUR sims household we just left behind. They were practically falling apart taking care of themselves, so naturally this one should be a total mess:

Na, man. And the one child who’s not totally peachy:

Is just stressed out because he’s not that into school and also he has to be at school while sick. So (pat pat) he’ll be okay soon.


And finally the party starts, and everyone starts putting their costumes on. I swap out the MK family’s for my Voltron lineup: Paladins, Allura and even Baby Space Mice. Bolin’s family was invited to the party but haven’t shown up just yet, and he and Nuktuk are supposed to round the group out with Coran and Hunk gear.

Korra’s looking a little down, because she and Opal haven’t kept in touch even though they live just a fence-hop away from each other and are sisters in law:

Also her tiara keeps coming off. It makes her a sad Altean. Also


So with that out of the way, Runi decides she’s tired (she has had a long day), and as much as we would love to spend more time with her, she wants to go to bed. So she goes to ask… Grandma! Which she’s been doing a lot lately, and it looks like they’re actually bonding:

Cuute. Anyway Grandma decides to read the PERFECT story for a brilliant little almost-six-year-old?

A COOK BOOK obviously. It ends up kind of a good thing, even if it’s ridiculous:

She’s already building up cooking skills (it incorrectly states it’s from the oven–it’s from the book). She’s gonna rock college and adulthood.


And where is Korra? Well, she had a wish to take Naga for a walk. So I put her to it, and she finally put on some pants and a bra, because that’s what’s socially acceptable in public, before heading to the park with her favorite fur-friend.

In the meantime, someone put Riku in the walker and he keeps trying to walk through the windows in the play room. Surprise–glass is a solid, youngling. And then just as Aruna’s finishing up her ballet class:

She’s got a chance to have a recital! So obviously I’m gonna have her audition. So she’s STILL at school. But that’s because she’s a busy baby bird, and doing neat things. :D


The guests start lining up outside and filing in slowly (I wonder why they bottleneck so hardcore at celebrity gates?), but Jinora and Kai change into their wedding clothes and then immediately head upstairs. Jinora waves “Hi” to her mom as she disappears.

Pema got a makeover apparently? Maybe she visited the salon.

Okay, you two: you get to take care of ALL OF THESE KIDS while Mako and Korra are off. Fortunately half of them can now basically take care of themselves but still…

Will you survive, Lin?

Christinajoanne/ishipmakorra's (sideblog) submission to content.

My fic was inspired by this post, and your comment attached to the post. (  Other elements was just inspired by watching many of the posts; and watching the characteristics of the sim!makorra family has. (Aruna crawling alot, Mako always being with Aruna, Makorra being lovey-dovey even when they are with their children etc.) I hope you enjoy! :)


“Korra,” Mako grumbled, his eyebrows knitting together in a frustrated annoyance, “I wanted to feed him.”

She felt his breath forced from his chest as he watched his wife turn around to face him; her hair down from it’s usual pigtails, a quirky and cheeky grin nipping at the corners of her mouth. She poised her lips up in a daring challenge, “Too bad, Atka wants his mommy.” 

Mako’s nose flared out in vexation, the smoke blowing through the holes, “Come on, Korra! Let me just have a quick turn. You’ve been hogging him!”

He ushered his arms underneath the child in attempts to pull him from his mother’s grasp, only for her to twist away, and stick her tongue out at him. 

Korra buried her face into her son’s stomach and blew a raspberry; her own smile growing on her face as she watched the baby give a happy giggle and hold a strong hug against his mother’s face. She settled herself onto the rug in front of the fireplace as she continued feeding Atka with his bottle. 

The Avatar heard a heart-sunken sigh leave her husband’s lips, his hands frozen mid-air as he looked down to find his daughter pulling at his pant leg, softly sobbing, wanting her father’s attention.

He smiled to himself tenderly, his love always obvious along the rays and specks of his yellow, amber eyes, “Come here, Runi,” he murmured, wrapping her tight in his arms as he lifted her close to his chest.

She had been crawling for some time now, and it always warmed his heart when Aruna asked for his attention. “I’m sorry,” he murmured along the thin lines of her hair, “Did  Runi get mad because everyone was paying attention to Atka?” 

The toddler nestled herself closer to her father as she nodded slowly, wiping her nose and eyes against his shirt. “I’m sorry, turtleduck.” He sprinkled her face with light kisses, “I love you, yes I do. I love my Runi-bear very, very much.”

Mako sat next to Korra on the rug, both their children nuzzled against their bodies. The firebender caressed the skin of his son’s face, his eyes tender and gentle with each of his strokes. 

Korra watched in mesmerizement; her gaze glowering to her husband’s handsome features, and then focusing to the lips that was talking baby talk with their daughter. 

“I,” Mako mouthed, asking his daughter to carefully match her father’s letters. 

“Yes, that’s right, Runi.” He pointed to himself, “I.”

Aruna pointed to her father slowly. “Love,” he murmured in a grin. 

He waited till his daughter gurgled and formed a word that sounded like, “low.”

He chuckled as he pointed to her, “You.”

Mako took her finger as he used it to bring it to his chest, “I love.”

He pushed his hand against her cheek, “You.” 

He wiped the tears against the rims of her eyes as he scattered kisses against the giggling girl’s cheek, “Daddy loves Aruna, very, very much.” 

He heard a tiny sob next to him, his eyebrows raising in amusement as he came face to face with his wide-eyed, bawling, wife, “Just take him, Mako,” Korra begged as she attempted to hand over Atka. “I’m sorry, I kept you from him. Let’s trade, come on, let’s do this. You’re such a great father.” 

Mako chuckled, pushing himself closer, until his palm rested against his wife’s hip. “Come here,” he murmured, ushering closer, as he pecked a kiss to the corner of her eye. 

“How about this?” He scooted Aruna into his wife’s arms, as he stood up and lowered himself, his chest nestled behind her. 

Spreading his legs paralleled with her, he rested his hands along her hip and shoulders. 

“Lay on me,” he whispered, his breath, forcing her heart to race as she lowered her head to his shoulder, his arms wrapping themselves around his wife’s much more smaller body.

“This way,” he whispered against the crown of her head, looking down to watch as his children yawned and snuggled into their mother’s plump and soft chest, “This way, we’re all together.”

“Mm,” she murmured in agreement, turning her head, silently asking for a kiss. 

He smiled down as he lowered his mouth against her’s.

When she pulled back, she playfully slapped his cheek.

“What’s going on in that handsome little head of yours?” she asked, referring to the wide grin plastered on his face, the jewels of his eyes sparkling with each second he held his family in his arms. 

Mako shrugged, “I’m guess I’m just wondering to myself, ‘How did I get so lucky?’”