Yubin Higa

  • Type: Young Adult, Female
  • Traits:  Creative, Outgoing, Perfectionist
  • CC-free

Yubin has a unique style, and up until recently been running a popular fashion vlog. Now she wants to create her own signature clothing  line.

Search “Yubin Higa ”, ju1ka (ID) or #Jools.

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Dallas Cambell

She was raised in South Carolina; she never agreed with any southern morals except for being family oriented. This lead to her running away with her girlfriend to New York City at sixteen ;she never saw her family again after she left yet her relationship fell apart soon after so she was left on the streets for a while. She was proud that she is bisexual and loves when a person knows what they love and does it matter what; she never hid it either which caused her to leave as her family strongly disagreed and even sent her to gay camps; they were even constantly criticizing her personality for her being a romantic though they didn’t mind her family oriented perfectionist ways. Even though she wasn’t well off she still wanted to live her dream of starting a clothing store. For a while she had to live poorly until she finally had enough to buy a small store. Her clothing line soon was the best-selling then she was able to buy more and expand her line like she always wanted. Now she is a wealthy woman living in a penthouse in the best part of the city.

Thank you to animefangirl63 for your elaborate story. Thank you to booster-sims for entering as well and since only two people participated, I’ll do something for you as well(:

She is no longer available!