Ariana Grande Inspired Collection:

Here’s my second part of my Ariana Grande Collection!

I decided to create this look because of darkosims3 “Break Free” hair, and leahlillith “Sugar Headband”! They’re amazing, probably the two best creators on this community! So be sure to check them out and download all of their cc! :)


Lace Dress: [x]
Lace Bralet: [x]
Bodysuit: [x]
Skirt: [x]
Sugar Headband: [x]
Break Free Hair: [x]

And I just want to thank you guys too, I can’t believe how much followers and support I got in a couple of days that I created this acc, I love receiving your messages making requests and saying that you love my cc, even though it looks like crap^^ I appreciate it a lot! Thank YOU!

Remember, please reblog/like if you download, and remember to tag me if you use it in your sim! I would love to see it! :)

Tobin… The Bitch Is Back♡

Carhartt Beanie - youn-zoey / Glasses, Septum Ring, Chain Necklace - leahlillith / New York Crop - chisimi / Board Shorts - slythersim / Layered Bracelets - karzalee / Apple Watch - straightouttasims / Leggings - alainavesna / Socks - sims4-marigold / Heel Boots - maygamestudio / Cat Walk Poses - flowerchamber


Guess who has made her way to The Gallery!! Yes, I uploaded Miss Serenity Silver to The Gallery because, as promised, I wanted to share her with you guys :) Here’s the CC info for the outfit seen:


Eyes* - SimLeigh (No longer on Tumblr) via Peacemaker-ic
Brows - EA (Recolor by Pixelsimdreams)
Lashes* - Kijiko
Hair - MaySims (Retexture by Bazlou)


Eyeshadow - Mjauduuude
Eyeliner - Plumbobs n Fries
Waterliner* - Pickypikachu
Highlight & Contour - Jom Sims Creations
Lipstick - Screaming Mustard


Nosechain - Leahlillith
Lip Rings - Lady Hayny
Necklace - toksik
Nails - ShakeProductions (FYI: These nails are the ones also used on my other sim, Sinclair Atkins)


Top - Salem2342
Leggings - FashionRoyaltySims
Heels - MadlenSims

*These are items I use often.

The info above is only for the outfit shown in the picture above. If you download her and click on her other outfits, she may be in those default undies since her other outfits contain CC as well. If that’s the case, just throw her in anything your heart desires. She’s yours to do to as you please. You may change her genetics, name, traits, anything!! Maybe in the future I’ll do a lookbook of the rest of her outfits, along with Sinclair. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this sim and if you want to show me what she’s doing in your game, just use the tag #serenitysilver or #demisimmerdown :)

My username on The Gallery is the same as here. Since she does contain CC, you’ll have to go to Advanced and click “Include Custom Content” in order to find Serenity. If you have any questions or just wanna say hi, don’t be shy!! Just send me a little message in my ask :) ENJOY!!



Softness Skin + Marianne Sim Model

  • For both male and female from teen to elder
  • 4 different types of shading in the face
  • Can be worn with all skin colors 
  • Custom thumbnail
  • FEMALE SIM included ( with everything except hair / lashes and clothing or any content created by another creator! ) 


CC for sim:

Hair / Eyelashes 


Monster Collection

This collection was created together with the lovely jaxymonster. She came with the ideas and I created the CC. Her style is very unique and cool and she wanted alot of dark toned shadows and lipsticks / glosses. I added in some neautrals as well.  I really love the dark lip and dark eye.  The model in the photos is the winner in my laster model contest and it is the same model in all of the photos.  Thank you jaxymonster for your collab!

The collection contains:

  • 1 eyeshadow in
  • 1 lipstick
  • 1 lipgloss
  • 1 glowmask