HallowSims CC

Looks like Hallowsims adfly account got reported too… I’ve talked with Caesar and he gave me a SFS folder link with all their downloads just for you!

If you need something specific, go to the link, click “CTRL+F” and write what you are looking for, and it should take you there! It’s a pretty big list but it’s everything they ever shared :)

You can download all their CC here : [SIMFILESHARE]

Claudia Martinez | sim download

so it’s happening, i’m sharing my baby!! I have played with her since she was a chubby tot! and she grew up to be such a humble, beautiful, caring yet stubborn sim haha!

food is her passion and she works as a master chef in san myshuno! (you can read more about her story in the description when you’ve downloaded her.) ^-^


  • please don’t re-upload.♡
  • give me credit if you use her as a base sim.♡
  • please tag me so I can see her in your game! ♡


How To Install?

Extract the archive, then put the 5 files into your Tray folder.

Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Tray.

if you want to start fresh (no career, skills etc) you can simply make a twin ya know


download (simfileshare)



MAXIS MATCH MALE CC // how is he so hot??

CC USED: // hair // shirt  // beard // jeans (bowling stuff) // shoes (city living) //

Any questions/suggestions? Ask here!