Talia arrived at Madilyn’s house at around 5 pm that day.

Madilyn: welcome to my… kind-of humble abode.

Talia: it’s really nice, Mad! 

Madilyn: mad??/

Talia: oh, do you not like that nickname?? :/

Madilyn: ….i love it! i’ve never had a nickname before!

Talia: not even as a kid???

Madilyn: does “nerd” count.

Talia: …no.

Madilyn: then no, not even as a kid haha. do… you wanna head in? 

Talia: sure thing chicken wing! 

Madilyn brought Talia through the house to show her all of the rooms and then ended on her own room. 

Madilyn: annnnnnnnndddd here’s my room! 


cats and dogs female hairs recolored

took 3-4 hours, one cup of ramen, one ice cream cone, one bowl of goldfish, and one bottle of that blue mountain dew stuff. 

that crusty cat ear one didnt have a dirty blonde swatch forgive me and yes i know its over edited dont send me hate

thumbnails and in @pastry-box saccharine palette

requires cats and dogs;



continuing with my recent obsession over posters (since they’re about all i can do), i reached out to the lovely @flowersilk for permission to convert some of her artwork to the Sims 4 cc. there was so much to choose from, all of it so beautiful, so i narrowed it down to my favorites. the first three screenshots are “ver 1″, the fourth and fifth screenshots are “ver 2″ and the final screenshot is “ver 3″. all of them are BGC! enjoy! :)

please do not:

  • reupload
  • claim this artwork as your own
  • edit the posters at all

ver 1 | ver 2 | ver 3 (SFS, no adfly for all downloads)

posting twice in one night just cuz


so i wanna start this tag where you make one of your original sims into a cat or a dog (as seen above with madeline) i dont think its gonna even become a trend, or go to far. but lets see

i tag @aharris00britney @kotcatmeow @moon-craters @okyio and @mooon-sims because i think all of their sims would look cute asf as pets

anyone else can do this too. seriously, make this a thing or something.

Madilyn learned the girls name is Talia. They talked about their family members and then got on the topic of cats. Madilyn found out Talia is a Cat Lover too! She already wanted Talia to be her best friend.

Madilyn: omg you have to see my cat. my mom has been putting this lion mane hat on him for years.

Talia: hahahaha!! he looks so silly! 

Madilyn: yeah and he’s kind of, like, opposite cross-eyed, too.

Talia: i can’t. i love your cat soo much already. 

Madilyn: what about your cats? any pics of them?

Talia pulled out her phone and showed Madilyn her three cats.

Talia: so, this one is Cupcake, this one is Patches and that one is Turtle.

Madilyn: ….why Turtle?

Talia: oh he’s lazy. like reallllllly lazy. he moves really slow too. he doesn’t even move to eat sometimes. 

Madilyn: omg