After drawing one of @pastel-sims sims I decided I wanted to draw some more, so here’s my water elf Elisa. It’s not the best (especially the nose oh dog that nose is terrible) but I still kinda like it.

I desperately need a bigger scanner so I can color this.

If anyone else wants me to draw this sims just send me a few pics of them and I’ll do it. :3

Due to popular demand, I release to you, Cody Wyatt! 

Do with him what you will, make him lord of all, kill him in a dungeon, or give him his happily ever after! Mention me in any pictures you post that include him so I can see what he’s up to in your game! :D

He’s up on the gallery, my name is simaroosims or you can download his tray files below. As far as I’m aware I took all of the CC off him! 



Green House

  • This is my first house I made for download.
  • Price: 56.587
  • Size: 20x20
  • Bedroom: 1 | Bathroom: 1
  • Request: All the packs. No CC.


  • If you use, give me credits.
  • Do not repost/reupload without my permission.
  • You can change whatever do you want in decoration, etc.

Available to download on my gallery: Bubblgm-Sim ♦

Today i felt like doing a kind of different look book so here’s a SWIM SUIT look book!



swimsuit 1


swimsuit 2




swimsuit 3

The Miraculous System

You know… nothing shows your love for a show than making an entire planetary system dedicated to it.

This is the Miraculous system, home to planets named after characters on the TV show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.  I made it on Universe Sandbox Squared, a really awesome SPACE SIMULATION AND CREATION game, which you can download on Steam (it is Early Access with a few bugs, but they take a lot of feedback).  I used a lot of known planets as bases and edited their materials to make planets into what I think represent the characters.  Colors were attempted to match, but it never really worked out, so instead I just decided if the planets looked like they would be the faves of their namesakes  The star was our Sun, renamed Miraculous, so I knew what kind of radiance I was dealing with  so I didn’t set multiple planets on fire.  Let me share my favorites with you!

This here is the Ladybug planet, which has a little moon named Tikki!  The planet is mostly water.  It looks very refreshing, and kind of like Marinette’s eyes.  Tikki is also mostly water and is very tiny.

Here’s the planet Cat Noir, and its tiny green moon Plagg.  Plagg managed to turn green because it’s made mostly of organic material, while Cat is mostly made up of iron.

Heeeeere’s Hawkmoth, and its moon Butterfly (cuz I totes believe he’s using a corrupted kwami).  They are both ice and are at the end of the system because he is evil and cold.  And it is cold in space.  So they are ice.

This is a picture of most of the system.  A giant asteroid belt that I like to call the Akuma Belt (heheh) circles around all of the villians.  Cat Noir and Ladybug are far enough away that they don’t get hit, but if a stray asteroid did come their way, Cat Noir would probably get hit since its orbit is farther away from Miraculous than Ladybug’s.  Fitting.

These last two are of the Mister Pigeon planet, which has a really cool asteroid ring around that is constantly fluctuating!  It’s really pretty to watch!

So yeah, there’s my Miraculous System.  There’s more planets that I could show buuuut… I think I’ll hold off on showing the rest up close.  Maybe if this gets some notes I might show the rest.  Anyway, hope you liked my nerdiness!  Have a wonderful day, miraculers!


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Kylie Lip Kit V2

I remade the first colors and added the 3 new ones, now they should fit all lip types & I also made them more matte since the last ones had a lot of shine on them!


Kylie Lip Kit #1: [ MEDIAFIRE ]
- True Brown K;
- Dolce K;
- Candy K;

Kylie Lip Kit #2: [ MEDIAFIRE ]
- Koko K;
- Posie K;
- Mary Jo K;

If you use please tag #simpliciaty in your pics!
Thank you ♥


Cute Bow Hair For Children 

  • I saw you guys liked, so I decide to upload for children now! ♥
  • Come with 9 EA colors.
  • Female children.


  • If you use, give me credits.
  • Do not repost without my permission.
  • Can be recolored (please give me credit and don’t include my mesh).  


  • If you have trouble with the download, send me an ask.
  • Tag me if you post a picture with my cc, I’ll be really happy to see.
  • Made with Sims 4 Studio, Photoshop and Blender.
  • Like/reblog if you use.
  • Click here if you want the adult version.