Silynx C4Grip

This vertical foregrip is fuckin magic…

Official Website: Silynx

Cross Machine Tool complete UHP15PDW integrated lower system, with Centurion Arms upper receiver group wearing a Daniel Defense RIS II rail.  Magpul Industries Corp. is in play, the grip is from Silynx Communications Inc., and the Eotech is the 553.  

A couple people have commented the Cross Machine & Tool lower/ stock is expensive, with a full MSRP of $659.  That isn’t cheap, but when was the last time you saw cheap gutter trash leftovers on this page?

The CMT UHP15PDW will no doubt have a lower street price, but let us take a look at what we get here.  First, we are getting a complete ambi lower.  Next we are getting a stock built into the receiver, which is giving us the most solid and low profile option available.  In addition to that, we are getting an actual system, meaning it is designed to work together with our existing uppers.  The design change here is to the buffer, and CMT has implemented a shortened buffer that has been tested to work with a variety of ammo.  Similar systems have run $300-400 just for the stock, and they have still needed to be tweaked to run properly.  

Cheap?  No.  Quality?  Yes.  CDI factor?  The only reason I give this a 9 instead of a 10 is because everyone is able to buy one and it isn’t a limited piece.