holyshitholyshit imma post the last one before i go grab some lunch and i’ll answer all the adorable asks you’ve sent me once i’m back–but ohgod you guyyys your response to all my art is making me feel so warm an fuzzy inside ughhhh

“Sei consapevole, vero, che hai fatto quello che una donna non dovrebbe mai fare?” Non c’è rimprovero, solo timore, lo so, amica mia. Sorrido e rispondo, “si”, poi abbasso lo sguardo e sottovoce dico, “infatti è stato bellissimo”.

O felix culpa

(foto: falpao, Parco Villa SIlvia, Cesena)

Life is Precious: Current Cast Roll Call

These are the OCs for out original story that my big brother and I have designed. This will serve as a good reference for them. Fallon and Fina look the best!! 

Currently, we have blogs for Mira ( mirathemessenger ), Silvia ( ladyofarcen ), Arion ( foretokenfang ), Vince ( vincethewanderer ), and Fina ( thesableseraph )

I hope you like them! For a better look: [x]