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Italy: Nutella, Football, and a Raging Job Crisis (Alternatively: I Need Your Help)

This is mostly a recreational blog, but today I am posting something personal. Please, have the patience to read this, maybe you’ll find you can help me in some way - whether it’s through empathy, an idea, a reblog, or perhaps even a job opportunity.

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         GasterTale #002
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… whoops! This took way longer than it should had.
I’m really, really storry for this absurd delay, literally everything happened in these months. It will be my priority to do my best and avoid other gaps like this again! D:
I’m both organized and calmer now, so now let’s freaking do this, shall we? >:3
Let’s GO!!

Undertale and its characters belong to Toby Fox.
Gastertale’s AU and story is written and drawn by Silvia Scianatico.
If you like this comic and wish to show it to more people, please reblog it, don’t repost it! Also please don’t use anything from the comic without my permission.
Really nice thank you. <3


It’s Valentines Day! Bring out the Roses n Chocolate!

Here’s a lil thingie I did with @honey-squid‘s Silvia and @splatdash‘s Bo.

  I’ll propably never get my hands away from those two ;P

I wanted to do something similiar to THIS Thing from last year.

Was real fun doing it even tho I was unsure If I should even try to finish it cause of the time. But I wanted MORE FLUFF so I just went with it ^^

That is all, I hope everyone of you had a nice day c:

anonymous asked:

I just finished the first four chapters of fools gold and i love it. It's nice to see all these fandom names in your fic, i laughed a lot, can you tell me who are the people behind those? I didn't recognise all of them.

First, thank you, it’s great to have a nice review!!! <3 About the names, I was going to list them all in the last chapter but since you asked, here’s the list! (some of them have yet to make an appearance).

These are all people I love/admire/talk to/have been amazing to me, in no particular order:

Clara @maybeasalways, Océane @lousthighs, Blandine @nottooldforthisship, Hélène @hellnrocksstuff , Gina @twopoppies , Lisa @a-writerwrites , Mac @realitybetterthanfiction , Lissie @phd-mama , Anitra @allwaswell16, Liz @cuethetommo, Cynthia @myownsparknow  , Lacey @taggiecb, Shelly @cherrystreet,  Shai @greenfeelings,  Silvia @melmanpur , Dan @iamlittleblackdress, Gabi @tellmethisisnotlove, Jana @littlechilllarrie,  Mag @myinnerfangilr, Sus @lululawrence, Tabby @suddenclarityharry, Brittany @haloeverlasting, India @indiaalphawhiskey , Jacky @dimpled-halo , KK @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee , Shar @tommosgun 

Sims Questions & Answers

I was tagged by @sgisims ! Thank you Silvia ! ♥


1. What is your sim’s favorite food? Ratatouille.
2. What is your sim’s favorite color? Black, or dark blue.
3. What is your sim’s zodiac sign? Aries.
4. Does your sim believe in “love at first sight”? No. He’s quite pessimistic so he doesn’t believe in that sort of things.
5. What is your sim’s sexuality? Bisexual.
6. Is your Sim a cat or dog person? (or both?) He’s more of a dog person (but he’s really fond of cats too).
7. Adding to the previous question, if your sim were to have a cat and/or dog, what kind/breed(s) would it be? He doesn’t care about breeds. He would take the more pityful mutt or stray cat ever.
8. Does your Sim have a best friend? He’s close to his sister. He doesn’t call her that much, but he loves her more than anything.
9. Does your Sim have a favorite life stage? Definitely not his past.
10. What is your sim’s ethnicity? He’s mostly Slav with a hint of American gene.

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GasterTale’s page 2 is almost ready!!
Sorry for the immense gap between page 1 and page 2, literally everything happened in these months. I’ll do my best to be faster in the future! :D
Thank you for your patience in the meantime. <3 The page should be up tonight! :D  || ∿ Silvia


So @sneakyninjacat tagged me a few days ago but I’ve found time to respond just now. Thank you for the tag, let’s  see the questions :))

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
1: Wallet
2: Book
3: Phone
4: PREP (Derma protective cream)
5: Fan (sometimes you can’t survive outside without it)

5 things you’ll find in my room: 
1: Husband
2: Bottles of water
3: Books
4: Pencils everywhere
5: Drawings everywhere

5 things I’m currently into:
1: Obiyuki 
2: LP (she’s a goddess, I could listen to her all day all night)
3: Acquarello pencils
4: Knowing my new fandom-family and do the Pepe Silvia thing :D
5: Ballet

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
1: Go to Capri, Paris, Japan.
2: Meet Sorata :D (ok, no, this is a current thing I want to do :D )
3: Work in theatre as decorator
4: Sing in an acapella band :D
5: Learn digital drawing :)

5 things that make me happy:
1: His name is Cosimo, the most beautiful human being, it’s cool I married him
2: When the new chapter of AnS comes out and we talk about it. When we talk in general. :))
3: When people love my art and they comment it :)
4: Clean clothes’ profume
5: Falling asleep when it’s raining outside. :)

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ER Appreciation Week ➜  [3/7]  favorite scene
↳  9.8: “First Snowfall” 

Dad: I can’t seem to walk out of this room. What time is it? 

Elizabeth: It’s almost 5.

Dad: I’d be getting home about now. Silvia would probably pick up a pizza or some Chinese because she got busy with the boys after school and didn’t have time to cook. Toby would have a picture that he drew that he’d want me to look at. And Matt would want me to test him on his math.

Elizabeth: You made the right decision. The only one you could.

Dad: We woke up this morning everything was white. They were so happy. We all got to stay home.

Elizabeth: It may not seem like it, but I know what you’re feeling. I understand what you’re feeling.

Dad: I’m sorry, doctor, but you don’t know what I’m feeling. You don’t have any idea. I don’t even know.

Elizabeth: My husband, his name was Mark. He died–  My God, I was about to say last year. It was only six months ago. I tried to pretend once Mark was gone, that I could pull myself up, continue like normal. But it doesn’t work like that. You see, you can’t run away from it. It’s like this big, relentless wave that you have to ride. But in riding it, somehow you hold on to what you’ve lost, and you find a way to go on without shutting off. It’s not easy, but you do it. I know someday soon when you look into your child’s eyes all you will see are the beautiful things that live on in him.

Dad: He needs to be okay. I need him to be okay.

Elizabeth: He will be. He will be.

I was tagged by @theredpelican (thank youuuu) and I think I’ve already done this tag recently but idc

rules: answer thirty questions, then tag 10 blogs you would like to know better

1. nicknames: the potato god
2. gender: female
3. star sign: libra
4. height: 5′3′’ I think
5. current time:
9:58 am
6. birthday: 5th of October
7. favorite bands: Bastille!!! and recently I’ve kind of got into Little Mix
8. favorite solo artists: Lorde, Kesha and dodie
9. song stuck in my head: this one
10. last movie watched: I’ve been watchin Tangled a lot lately
11. last show watched: Doctor Who
12. when did i create my blog: September 2011
13. what do i post: idk
14. last thing i googled: I googled the floor plan of the student hall I’m moving into next week lmao
15. do you have other blogs: yeah but I don’t really use them
17. why did you choose your url: I’m Clara Oswald and also I belong in a fairytale ok
18. following: 126
19. followers: 1,261
20. favorite color: red
21. average hours of sleep: 8
22. lucky number: it used to be 2 but now i also like 1
23. instruments: i play the guitar badly. like,,, I’m really terrible
24. what am i wearing: black and white striped nightie
25. how many blankets i sleep with: currently 1
26. dream job: i want to do musical theatre
27. dream trip: são tomé e príncipe
28. favorite food: pasta
29. nationality: portuguese
30. favorite song now: ‘Midnight Radio’ from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but lately I’ve been really into ‘Spaceship’ by Kesha

i’m tagging @goldmalec and @snoozy-succulent

blvckbirdx  asked:

Meme 1: ⚜, ☯, ✉

Have you ever met anyone from RP in real life?

Conozco a Silvia y a Carol desde hace muchos años (ayy demasiados *???*), pero salvo ellas que ya las conocía previamente… pues no ;A;

Tell us all about your favorite muse you’ve ever written and why they meant so much to you.

Respondida :)

Say something nice about someone you follow!

Me encanta como escribes, Angie, y cómo le das el alma a tus personajes srdtfygjhghg <3<3 I LOVE U.

A Call to Cartoon Fandoms.

If you appreciate any good cartoon, be it Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, Star v.s, My Little Pony, Rick & Morty, Regular Show, you name it– this post is for you. Because even if this isn’t your personal favourite show, I think the animated fandoms could form an alliance to help out our WOY friends.

You might’ve heard, but this show about an orange space peanut travelling the universe and helping anyone in need is getting prematurely cancelled by Disney. This isn’t like Gravity Falls, where the crew decided or at least could agree it was time to end. In fact, Craig McCracken and the WOY team pitched more involved stories for season 3 of the show, but were denied out right.

Fact is, the team is resigned to their fate, but would love to continue.

The part of this that stings for me is that this show started just like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe– imagine if those shows were cancelled right before they could actually get into the story. That’s what this is. I mean, who knows just how involved the story arc really is, but after everything they’ve done in this show, they deserve the chance to try.

The fans are desperately trying to gain support for their petition as well as trying every means of contact to get Disney to see there’s still interest.

If you haven’t seen much of this show personally, that’s okay. You don’t have to to support another great cartoon. If you are ever interested, an episode called My Fair Hatey is pretty much the total package for this show, and will give you a good idea as to what the fuss is about.

With that said, I thought I’d make a small list of reasons why we should all help support the show.

1. Craig McWho?

This guy’s been around a while. Whether you grew up with Foster’s Home in the 2000s or PPG in the 90s, he probably had a hand in your childhood. He created all these great shows, and worked on a number of others including Dexter’s Lab, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Chowder, and Regular Show, just to name a few.

Bronies might know him as Lauren Faust’s husband– the wonderful cartoonist responsible for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Fun fact: McCracken here designed the costumes for the Wonderbolts!

All this to say McCracken is sort of a veteran of the industry now, and I think it’s fair to say he’s earned his flannel. I feel like Disney should know this guy and his team aren’t giving them anything but quality.

2. The Animation

Watch any episode of this show and you’ll find some stellar animation. Even in a lot of the stills you can see the movement because this is a show that puts a lot of care into every move. The colours and character designs just make it that much more visually satisfying.

Give a few youtube clips a look and tell me you don’t see what I’m talking about. It’s fluid, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you will find those thick outlines pretty nostalgic. Back in the day it was the style, at least for the most part, from Johnny Bravo to Dexter’s Lab to Codename: Kids Next Door. 90s kids and 00s kids alike can find show Wander would fit right in.

3. The Spirit

Maybe other fans could sum it up better, but I think the most crucial thing to understand about Wander Over Yonder comes from an episode called The Wanders. Essentially, Wander’s personality is fractured into a whole bunch of pieces, and Silvia (blue horse looking one) puts him back together piece by piece.

“The helper seeks to help because he knows what it is to be helpless.”

Wander’s indomitable drive to help anyone who needs it is what’s really key to all this. His upbeat spirit defines the tone for the show and his most important relationships going forward.

There’s something incredibly endearing about that, as well as intriguing. Wander’s past will forever remain a mystery if things stay the way they are. Bottom line is, whether the or not the petition will really make the difference, we can help each other out. Wander Over Yonder has a decently sized fandom, but not as big as some of the other ones, and certainly not as big as all of us combined.

I should also mention there are no fees to this and you don’t even have to put your real name if you don’t want to

You can sign here if you’re willing to help.

They Met at the Photo-Op Booth is a J2 fic with fan!Jared and celebrity!Jensen. 

Jared Padalecki is from a small town in Texas, has just graduated high school, and works at the only bookstore in town. He saves up six paychecks to buy a ticket to a convention three hours away, where he’s got a photo-op with actor Jensen Ackles. Jared expects thirty seconds of embarrassment only to find Jensen’s number slipped into his pocket. 

It’s a sweet and fluffy fic with Texan flair and Miami promises. You can read it here

This gorgeous artwork was done by Silvia. Visit her Tumblr here. She is so incredibly talented and I’m absolutely thrilled to post this. If you have read the fic you’ll know this scene and she captured it perfectly. The detail in this is wonderful. Please support our fandom artists. Leave her a note and give her some love. <3 

notenoughgatorade  asked:

3 - zimbits, jack to bitty?

silvia i cry

3. I just told you I liked you but now I’m shy and say “never mind, forget it” and why are you looking at me like that?

The argument was about pie, maybe. About Bitty’s constant monopoly over the oven, or about how it’s obvious that Bitty misses figure skating the way a hooked fish misses the water, or about Beyoncé.

It doesn’t matter how it started, even though Jack sort of wishes he remembered so he could draw a map for future reference; he never wants to get from that starting point to this destination again. He’ll throw up mental road blocks and eliminate entire swaths of subjects for conversation to avoid going down this road.

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