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Okay I’m starting to get a bit fed up with this. My phone is blaring up every two minutes and that’s almost always a good thing because that way I know when people send me messages or they reblog my stuff so I don’t mind. But now, I don’t know if something has happened in the naruto fandom, but there has been a hell of a lot of people that sent me double edged anon asks (and others are just plain hateful) practically scolding me because I DARED to draw borusara as adults with kids of their own. (one in particular said that I should be ASHAMED of what I was doing. As if I was some kind of child molester for drawing them like this ha ha ha…..) I’m not gonna go into the people that reblog the art and proceed to rant on it about how much they deslike it. God you guys. Just. Don’t. Reblog. My. Shit. If. You. Don’t. Like. It.

I even felt inclined to delete the art-posts I just made, but I know that tumblr is not entirely made up of dumb people and some of my followers are just too precious to me so I think I’ll just have to log out and forget about this for a while.


Hit the jackpot on a delivery at work today. Saw this shop next to the body shop I was delivering parts too and saw this. Even met the owner who was a former master tech at my dealership before I started working. Two S13’s both with Silvia fronts, both with SR20’s, S14 with am RB25, MkIII Supra Turbo getting restored and prepped for a 1JZ swap. Another S13 hatch shell being prepared for a build, and the best for last, 240Z on the lift getting fully restored and featuring some T3 suspension parts as well as getting prepped for an RB25 swap which going to be twin turbo’d with top mount twin turbos like tue old HKS drag car. He showed me the materials he was going to use to fabricate the exhaust manifolds.

The owner was super nice, would’ve talked longer but had to go back to work.

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Silvia stood in front of Max’s home. She gulped before knocking gently. It had been three years since she saw any of her friends. The girl had grown even more thin, and only grew another inch or so. Her hair now reached the small of her back and she had visible scars on her pale skin.

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There's no such thing as a "best onevia" because they're all fucking shit. Onevia owners should stop being cheap bastardized and go out and buy the PROPER silvia front end for their cars. You people are just as bad as faggots that think Sil80's are cool.